(Re)Generation Who Registration Now Open, First Guest Announced

Registration is now open for (Re)Generation Who 4, and is available on the website here: https://regenerationwho.com/registration/register-for-the-event/ for our dates of March 23-25th 2018 at The Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace hotel.

Hotel Reservations and Parking details will be coming soon.

In addition we’re happy to announce our first confirmed guest for the event: The 5th Doctor, Peter Davison


Peter will be at the event all three days and will be available for Autographs, Photo Ops, panel appearances, and will also have his new book “Is There Life Outside The Box?: An Actor Despairs” for sale.

We suggest registering now if you want to get into our Special Events for this year, they sell out quickly. We also have a limited number of VIP level 4 (“Preferred Seating”) spots as well.


Onward to (Re)Generation Who 4

If you didn’t catch it yet, we’ve announced our dates for (Re)Generation Who 4: March 23-25th 2018. It will take place in the same hotel as (Re)Generation Who 3, which is the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace located at 202 E Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21202. (check out the Location page on our site for full details)

Registration will be opening on Friday April 21st at noon–so queue up and get ready at add any special events or other elements to your registration early–since they tend to sell out within a few days at most.

Returning this year will be our “Tea With The Doctor” Meet and Greet event with our actor guests, and our “Coffee With The Creators” meet and greet event with our creator guests (writers and the other people that help make the show and universe of the series).

You can also pre-order your con T-shirt, VIP packages, and special limited edition items.


ReGeneration Who 3 Guest Cancellation

ReGeneration Who 3 - Jenna Coleman Guest Cancellation

We regret to announce that due to schedule conflicts with shooting on Victoria, Jenna Coleman has just informed us that she will not be attending ReGeneration Who 3.

While we understand that you may have only wanted a photo op/autograph with Jenna, but remember we have 10 other phenomenal guests from all over Doctor Who’s timeline, such as Neve McIntosh (Madame Vastra), Catrin Stewart (Jenny Flint), Ingrid Oliver (Osgood), Sylvester McCoy (7th Doctor), Katy Manning (3rd Doctor’s companion Jo Grant), Richard Franklin (UNIT’s Captain Mike Yates), Terry Molloy (5th – 7th Doctor’s Davros), and Peter Purves (1st Doctor’s Companion Steven Taylor).

We have also made some revisions to both our program and photo ops schedule to reflect this change. Due to gaps created by this cancelation, we have created some new photo opportunities such as:

  • Third Doctor (Katy Manning, Richard Franklin): Saturday 11:20 AM & Sunday 10 AM
  • Friends of the Doctor (Peter Purves, Katy Manning, Ingrid Oliver, Neve McIntosh, and Catrin Stewart): Saturday 10:20 AM & Sunday 10:20 AM
  • UNIT United: Past and Present (Katy Manning, Richard Franklin, Ingrid Oliver): additional time added on Sunday 1 PM


For those of you who purchase the “Women of New Who” photo op, your money has been fully refunded. However, you may re-purchase the updated photo op with Neve McIntosh (Madame Vastra), Catrin Stewart (Jenny Flint), and Ingrid Oliver (Osgood).

Due to the last minute cancellation, these photo ops will be available for purchasing at the ReGeneration Who 3 Photo Ops table during the convention.

For those of you who purchased autographs or photo ops with Jenna, we have sent an email to you with updated in formation on how this impacts your purchases.

Please email contact@regenerationwho.com if you have any questions.


COSPLAY BADGES: Check Out This Year’s Exclusive Designs!

As with last year, this year we’re offering a variety of exclusive “cosplay badges” featuring names and art of characters from across the Whoniverse! If you’re a cosplayer and want something special in exchange for helping us make our events as awesome as possible, these badges are the perfect finishing touch for your costume!

This year, we’ve gone the extra mile to make these badges both beautiful and memorable: three artists have donated their time and effort to bring you gorgeous full-color art of the various characters! Previews of all badges are below.

Badges with a RED dot are by our con chair herself, Oni Hartstein! You can see more examples of her art over on her blog, Onezumiverse.

Badges with a GREEN dot are by Kelsey Wailes, the designer of last year’s VIP shirts/art and the creator of Doctor Kawaii. Check out her Etsy!

Badges with a BLUE dot are by Ginger Hoesly, the designer of our regular con shirts and this year’s print. Check out her Etsy!

Both Ginger and Kelsey have had their Doctor Who art shown on BBC America in the Doctor’s Notes specials, as well as in Fan Show videos and events all across the country!

(Note: dots are for reference only and will not appear on the completed badges.)

Additionally, this year’s badges are professionally printed in full colour on 12 mil plastic! These badges are gorgeous and made to last; you’re buying a piece of memorabilia you can hang on to, display… maybe even get autographed at the event!

Badges are $150 each; only one of each badge is available. You can add a badge to your membership on our registration page!

We will also have a few of these badges on sale at our merch table at the event… but since numbers are limited, be sure to grab the one you want as soon as possible!









(Re)Generation Who: A Guide for New Attendees

Here at (Re)Generation Who, we do our best to make our events fun and easy to get around – whether you’re a con veteran, a first-timer, or bringing your kids (or parents!) to their first geeky event. But what can you expect to do at the con, and how should you go about it? Let us lead you!

See your favorite actors and creators in Main Programming

First Time at ReGeneration Who 3 Favorite Actors Blog Post Image

Main Programming is where all the big-ticket stuff goes down. That’s where we interview our headliner guests, bring them together for panel presentations, and run moderated Q&A sessions. In the past, that’s where attendees have seen everything from our Companions panel to the Best Dalek Panel EVER! (both of which will be back this year). Most of our one-on-one interviews end with a Q&A, so get your questions ready! Continue Reading »

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