This Monday, August 31 – New (Re)Gen 2 guest announcement!

We told you there would be more guest announcements — and we’re getting ready to drop another this Monday! Join Oni, James, and Kara on our Google Hangout this Monday, August 31, at 7 PM Eastern time to find out who the new guest is. We’ll also be answering questions, letting you know how planning is going, and possibly chatting a bit about this past Intervention.

RSVP here and come back this Monday to join our hangout. See you there!


More Guests for 2016: Wendy Padbury, Dominic Glynn, and the return of Deborah Watling!

If you saw us at Shore Leave this weekend, you might have peeped that we had a couple unannounced guests on our flyers at the table. So for those of you who didn’t see us at the Hunt Valley, here are three more people joining us for year 2!


First off, we’re very pleased to have Deborah Watling joining us for a second year! She was a great addition to our very first round of guests, and we’re so happy to be able to welcome her back for 2016.


Secondly, and in a similar vein, we will be welcoming another Second Doctor companion — Wendy Padbury, who played Zoe Heriot. Yes, this means what you think it means: we have three Second Doctor companions with us for 2016!


Finally (for now), we’ll also have composer Dominic Glynn with us next year! Dominic arranged the Doctor Who theme song for Season 23, as well as composing music for several serials, including “Dragonfire” and “Survival.” Dominic will also be giving a concert as part of our evening entertainment!

Stay tuned for more guest and programming announcements — and if you can, join us in Rockville, MD this weekend for Intervention, our sister event showcasing online creativity and teaching you how to kickstart your own creative projects. We’ll be having a ReGenerators party Friday night!


Trailer for Sixth Doctor’s ‘Last Adventure’ now available!

(Re)Gen 1 attendees may recall hearing that Colin Baker will be featured in a special Big Finish story called The Last Adventure, giving the Sixth Doctor a big sendoff and tying up loose ends that were not addressed during his ‘regeneration’ on the show proper.

Now, Big Finish has released the trailer. Give it a listen!

Colin stated (tongue-in-cheek, of course) that without a ‘proper’ regeneration, all of the Doctors after him are ‘impostors,’ with the current Twelfth Doctor coming in at #6 (and adding that ‘they always get it right with Six,’ expounding positively on the similarities between his Doctor and Capaldi’s). But it looks like this will give Ol’ Sixie the sendoff many fans have been hoping for, with promises of appearances of characters from the show itself and various Big Finish companions.

Don’t worry, though — The Last Adventure isn’t literally Colin’s last adventure as the Doctor. So keep those Big Finish subscriptions warmed up!


More new and returning guests for 2016: Colin Baker, Terry Molloy, Robert Shearman, and Pixel Who!

If you missed our Google Hangout last night, never fear — you can catch up on guest announcements right here!

cbaker tmolloy

Last night, we announced the return of two of our first-year guests, Sixth Doctor Colin Baker and Terry Molloy (Davros). We’re so excited to have them joining us again in Hunt Valley for our second year!

(Re)Generation Who PixelWho Profile Picture

You may have seen Pixel Who’s table at (Re)Gen this year and picked up some of their adorable pixel art. For 2016, Nathan Skreslet and Ly Cao will be joining us as guests to talk about their work in the Doctor Who universe, including their contributions to the Doctor Who Legacy storyline ‘Bigger on the Inside.’


And finally, New series and Big Finish writer Robert Shearman is our most recent writer guest! Shearman wrote the 6th Doctor audio adventure ‘Jubilee’ (which he went on to adapt into the 9th Doctor episode ‘Dalek’), along with many others.

Information on all our guests can be found on the Guest page. More will be announced over the coming months!


Our next G+ hangout — tonight at 7 PM!

Ready for more timey-wimey talk? How about some more guest announcements? We can do that for you!

Tonight at 7 PM Eastern, we’ll be holding another G+ Hangout. Join Oni, Hark, and Kara for more con news, live Q&A, and guest announcements. Yes, that was ‘announcements,’ plural.

Click here for the Hangout link and RSVP, then come back at 7 PM to watch! If you can’t make it, don’t worry — we’ll be posting our big announcements here on the blog as usual. See you there!

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