Room block at 75% capacity!


(Re)Gen 3 is going to be big, and rooms are going fast! We just received news that our room block is currently 75% full! If you want to be right in the middle of all the action, you’ll want to grab a room as soon as possible!

Visit our location guide for instructions on how to get your room at the special con rate, as well as info on cost-effective parking packages.

And if you haven’t registered yet, be sure to now — because we have some big news coming up before long!

Kara Dennison is a writer, editor, illustrator, and presenter from Newport News, Virginia. She works as a blogger and interviewer for Onezumi Events, and as a news writer for Crunchyroll. Her work can be seen in “Associates of Sherlock Holmes” from Titan Books, various “Doctor Who” spinoffs from Obverse Books, and the light novel series “Owl’s Flower,” which she co-created with illustrator Ginger Hoesly. She works from a converted NASA lab, which she shares with four guinea pigs and a bass guitar.

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