2017 GUEST ANNOUNCEMENTS: Ingrid Oliver, Paul Magrs, George Mann, and more!

Thanks to all the awesome people who showed up for our live announcement! We apologize for the technical difficulties and appreciate your patience.

For now, though, it’s time to tell everyone about the seven guests we announced tonight!



First, we’re very excited to be welcoming actress and comedienne Ingrid Oliver to the event in 2017! Ingrid quickly became a fan favourite in Day of the Doctor, and has returned throughout the Twelfth Doctor’s run as Osgood. We can’t wait to welcome her to the (Re)Gen family!


Next up, one of our two new writer guests, Paul Magrs! Paul is no stranger to Whovians of the Wilderness Years and Expanded Universe. He is a prolific writer for BBC Books, BBC Audio, Big Finish, and more, as well as being the creator of Iris Wildthyme and the writer behind the Tom Baker/Katy Manning-led audio series Baker’s End!


Also joining us is George Mann, probably best known among fans as the writer of the War Doctor novel Engines of War. But his credits don’t end there: he’s written for both the Eighth and Twelfth Doctors in the Titan Comics Doctor Who series, and has also contributed to the Doctor Who Legacy storyline “Bigger on the Inside”!

Both Paul and George will be part of our new “Coffee with the Creators” meet-and-greet, as well as appearing on panels to discuss the show and their work! It’s a pleasure and an honour to have them both in attendance!

Finally, we’re happy to be welcoming back four returning guests:


Robert Shearman, writer of ‘Dalek’ and many awesome Big Finish audios, will be coming back! He’s such a recent addition, in fact, that we don’t actually have a branded image for him yet — but that’s fine, we’re just happy to have him back!



(Re)Gen and Intervention attendees likely already recognize John Peel from his previous appearances and panel moderation. He has the distinction of being one of the first (and few) tie-in book writers allowed to write about the Daleks. He also has a multitude of compilations, short stories, and novel series to his name.


Dalek Operator and keeper of Classic Whoviana Steve Gostelow will also be rejoining us next year. Attendees of this year’s event will remember that he brought some amazing Troughton-era props with him. What will he bring with him this time? We’ll have to wait and see!


And finally, welcome back the Doctor of the Dead himself, Dr. Arnold T. Blumberg! In addition to the G2V podcast he hosts with Scott Woodard, Dr. Blumberg teaches courses at the U of Maryland on areas of geek interest and has worked with both Big Finish and Telos Publishing.

The best part? We are still not done! We have lots more cool surprises to announce before our March event. So keep your eyes on this page, our social media, and our YouTube channel to make sure you get all the info as soon as it comes out!

Be sure to register now for the best ticket prices and for a chance to meet all these awesome guests — as well as Sylvester McCoy, Karen Gillan, Michelle Gomez, and more!

Kara Dennison is a writer, editor, illustrator, and presenter from Newport News, Virginia. She works as a blogger and interviewer for Onezumi Events, and as a news writer for Crunchyroll. Her work can be seen in “Associates of Sherlock Holmes” from Titan Books, various “Doctor Who” spinoffs from Obverse Books, and the light novel series “Owl’s Flower,” which she co-created with illustrator Ginger Hoesly. She works from a converted NASA lab, which she shares with four guinea pigs and a bass guitar.

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