New Guests and a Cancellation


(Re)Generation Who is happy to announce the addition of 2 new guests to the event this year: actor Terry Molloy, who played the Dalek creator ‘Davros” for the Classic era opposite Doctors 5 though 7 and Big Finish, and actor Richard Franklin who played ‘UNIT Captain Mike Yates’ during the Classic seasons and Big Finish. Both actors will be at the event for all three days and will be available for Photo Ops, Autographs, and appear on panels.

We also have the unfortunate news to report that we’ve been notified by Michelle Gomez (‘Missy / The Master’) that due to work commitments she will not be able to attend the event this year. We are evaluating our options and will reach out to all pre-order purchasers of Photo Ops and Autographs soon to give some options on refunds or switching their purchase(s) to other guests.

Harknell is the Co-Con Chair for (Re)Generation Who, PotterVerse, and Intervention.

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