Romance in “Doctor Who”: Six Amazing Couples!

Ever since 1996, the Doctor has been getting a bit more… “involved,” let’s say… with his companions. And while there are companions, rulers, and the occasional Aztec with whom the Doctor has been known to have chemistry (or get married or awkwardly disavow interest in), some of the strongest relationships in the show are between other characters. So, putting the Time Lord himself aside (for now), let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day with some of our favorite couples from Doctor Who, both Classic and New!


Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright


The original Who couple, this pair of teachers found themselves swept up into the lives of student Susan Foreman and her strange grandfather. When their adventures with the Doctor ended, they got married… and from there, the stories vary. According to The Sarah Jane Adventures, the two went on to become Cambridge professors and reportedtly never aged. In Day of the Doctor, we see that Ian’s influence, at least, is still a part of Coal Hill. Either way, they definitely live on in the Whoniverse even now!


Jo Grant and Clifford Jones


Jo’s departure from the TARDIS — and from UNIT — was hand-in-hand with biologist and activist Clifford Jones. But married life didn’t slow either of them down. The two took off for the Amazon, and reports of Jo in all expanded Whoniverse media see her fighting the good fight all around the world.


Martha Jones and Mickey Smith


None of us really expected these two to end up together. But when the Tenth Doctor made his victory lap, we saw that the brave Mickey and Martha had joined forces and were fighting aliens together. The actors seem pretty all right with the pairing — on Twitter, you can occasionally see Noel Clarke and Freema Agyemen calling each other “hubby” and “wifey”!


Amy Pond and Rory Williams


In a rare twist for the series, we saw every stage of this couple’s relationship — from awkward teen years to even more awkward engagement, then marriage, pregnancy, and the kidnapping of their time-baby to turn her into an assassin. (You know, the usual.) But in spite of all the outlandish hardships Amy and Rory went through during their travels with the Doctor, they ended up there for each other in the end. In Amy’s own words: “Together, or not at all.”


Madame Vastra and Jenny Flint


One of the series’s more unexpected couples, a Silurian woman turned private detective who took up with (and eventually married) her maid. Vastra and Jenny may look like a mismatched couple, but the two balance each other’s extremes and have each other’s backs no matter what happens. And, yeah, they’re also really awesome with swords.


Clara Oswald and Danny Pink


Our list started with two Coal Hill teachers, so it feels right to end it with two more. Clara and Danny’s relationship was a short, tragic one — and a confusing one, as Clara fought to choose between life with Danny and life with the Doctor. In the end, she got a TARDIS and companion of her own, and he went out a hero. Perhaps not the most romantic of endings, but definitely a very Who-y one.


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