(Re)Generation Who: A Guide for New Attendees

Here at (Re)Generation Who, we do our best to make our events fun and easy to get around – whether you’re a con veteran, a first-timer, or bringing your kids (or parents!) to their first geeky event. But what can you expect to do at the con, and how should you go about it? Let us lead you!

See your favorite actors and creators in Main Programming

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Main Programming is where all the big-ticket stuff goes down. That’s where we interview our headliner guests, bring them together for panel presentations, and run moderated Q&A sessions. In the past, that’s where attendees have seen everything from our Companions panel to the Best Dalek Panel EVER! (both of which will be back this year). Most of our one-on-one interviews end with a Q&A, so get your questions ready!

Join the kids for some Whovian crafts

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Our Children’s Programming department is great for the entire family. Help your kids designs and color their own props, play fun games… and potentially even meet some of our guests of honor! They’ve been known to take a break to come down and read to the kids or help them with some of their creations.

Take part in some fan-run panels and meet-ups

A good portion of our programming is suggested, designed, and run by fans just like you! Our panel rooms are where our smaller, more casual programming happens. Chat with fellow fans about your favorite cast members, speculate on what would have happened if different Doctors traveled with different companions, and test your knowledge in our trivia games!

Go shopping

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(Re)Gen has both a vendor room and an artist alley to help you find all sorts of awesome goodies. Take a spin around the Vendor Room for licensed merchandise, comics, and vintage memorabilia. And be sure to save some money for our Artist Alley, where local indie creators are selling all sorts of hand-made Whovian gifts!

Spend some quality time with our guests

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If you’d like to donate to the convention and get a little something for yourself into the bargain, consider signing up for either Tea with the Doctor or Coffee with the Creators! The former is a catered high tea with sandwiches and pastries, also attended by many of our guests! And Coffee with the Creators is a chance to sit down for drinks and snacks with the writers and producers who make Whovian magic happen behind the scenes. (Note: this year’s Tea is currently sold out, but it never hurts to check when you get there – we sometime have last-minute cancellations!)

Take in some entertainment

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We’re still going strong when the sun goes down! DJ Kangal is on site again this year to help you rock out at a late-night rave. We’ve also got comedy from Cat Smith and Hannah Harkness, some Whovian magic from Mark Pinksten, and the return of the Davros Variety Hour, hosted by the Dark Lord of the Daleks himself!

Con Tag

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What is con tag? It’s our own custom-made interactive gaming experience. All you need is your badge and a smart device, and you can play! Scan codes at the event to find unique items, then “battle” fellow congoers in the halls. It’s our own version of the Time War – but instead of deciding the fate of Gallifrey, we’re giving away free memberships for next year!

Show off your cosplay skills

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Whether you’re a beginner or an award-winner, we want to see your costumes! Wear your costumes out and about in the hall, and grab a selfie with one of our cool time-traveling props! We also have a masquerade this year where you can show your costume off onstage, and a children’s masquerade for younger cosplayers. And if you’d like some pro-level photos, stop by our photo booth – between photo ops, our photographers will be happy to help you get amazing photos to share!

Make memories

Of course, it wouldn’t be a con without autographs and photo ops! Our guests will be at their tables at various points throughout the weekend to sign autographs, and there will be photo ops available, too! You can reserve autographs and photos online for some of our guests to make sure you get in early and don’t miss a single moment of the con!

Of course, it would be impossible to make mention of every single thing we have going. From fan-casting round tables to scholarly studies – and even a few surprises from the guests that we don’t know about yet – (Re)Generation Who 3 is going to be a full weekend of fun and excitement for Whovians of all ages!

Kara Dennison is a writer, editor, illustrator, and presenter from Newport News, Virginia. She works as a blogger and interviewer for Onezumi Events, and as a news writer for Crunchyroll. Her work can be seen in “Associates of Sherlock Holmes” from Titan Books, various “Doctor Who” spinoffs from Obverse Books, and the light novel series “Owl’s Flower,” which she co-created with illustrator Ginger Hoesly. She works from a converted NASA lab, which she shares with four guinea pigs and a bass guitar.

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