COSPLAY BADGES: Check Out This Year’s Exclusive Designs!

As with last year, this year we’re offering a variety of exclusive “cosplay badges” featuring names and art of characters from across the Whoniverse! If you’re a cosplayer and want something special in exchange for helping us make our events as awesome as possible, these badges are the perfect finishing touch for your costume!

This year, we’ve gone the extra mile to make these badges both beautiful and memorable: three artists have donated their time and effort to bring you gorgeous full-color art of the various characters! Previews of all badges are below.

Badges with a RED dot are by our con chair herself, Oni Hartstein! You can see more examples of her art over on her blog, Onezumiverse.

Badges with a GREEN dot are by Kelsey Wailes, the designer of last year’s VIP shirts/art and the creator of Doctor Kawaii. Check out her Etsy!

Badges with a BLUE dot are by Ginger Hoesly, the designer of our regular con shirts and this year’s print. Check out her Etsy!

Both Ginger and Kelsey have had their Doctor Who art shown on BBC America in the Doctor’s Notes specials, as well as in Fan Show videos and events all across the country!

(Note: dots are for reference only and will not appear on the completed badges.)

Additionally, this year’s badges are professionally printed in full colour on 12 mil plastic! These badges are gorgeous and made to last; you’re buying a piece of memorabilia you can hang on to, display… maybe even get autographed at the event!

Badges are $150 each; only one of each badge is available. You can add a badge to your membership on our registration page!

We will also have a few of these badges on sale at our merch table at the event… but since numbers are limited, be sure to grab the one you want as soon as possible!








Kara Dennison is a writer, editor, illustrator, and presenter from Newport News, Virginia. She works as a blogger and interviewer for Onezumi Events, and as a news writer for Crunchyroll. Her work can be seen in “Associates of Sherlock Holmes” from Titan Books, various “Doctor Who” spinoffs from Obverse Books, and the light novel series “Owl’s Flower,” which she co-created with illustrator Ginger Hoesly. She works from a converted NASA lab, which she shares with four guinea pigs and a bass guitar.

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