Baker’s End Continues… And Not a Moment Too Soon!

The Bafflegab audio series Baker’s End features a number of (Re)Gen family: penned by Paul Magrs and starring Tom Baker and Katy Manning, the fantastical three-episode story saw Tom “reborn” as the King of Cats, solving mysteries around the tiny town of Happenstance.

But regeneration comes for us all in the end, and the new face of the show will see a very different Baker taking the stage — Old Sixie himself and one of (Re)Gen’s very first guests, Colin Baker!

The fourth episode of the ongoing series sees Colin Baker as himself (well… a version of himself) taking up the mantle of the lord of Baker’s End. Colin teams up with companion Susie (played by Katy Manning) to uncover the source of a mysterious virus making its way through Happenstance. And it’s not just the pox; the town is also plagued with giant rats! Will the magnificent King of Cats be back on his feet in time to save the day?

You can find out this Friday when The Happenstance Pox goes live. Preorder now from Bafflegab and you’ll be among the first to hear the new episode!

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