GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT: John Leeson (K9) and the Return of the Sixth Doctor!

(Re)Gen is excited to announce two more guests joining us for our 2018 event!

Firstly, we’re welcoming Ol’ Sixie himself, Colin Baker, back to Baltimore! Colin was one of our very first guests at our inaugural event, and it’s always a pleasure to have him join us. We can’t wait to show him around the new venue and introduce him to our growing family of attendees!


And new to our event is John Leeson, who was been the voice of K9 throughout multiple series and spinoffs of Doctor Who!

Colin and John will be joining Peter Davison, Michelle Gomez, Terry Molloy, and more still waiting in the wings to be announced! Want to meet them this March? Register now to get the best price for you and your family!

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