Happy Birthday, Doctor Who! A Few 54th Anniversary Celebrations

As (Re)Gen is based in the US, several of our team (and most of our attendees) were a bit preoccupied with, er, “Christmas rehearsal” yesterday. While November 23 marked Thanksgiving this year, it was also the 54th anniversary of Doctor Who! There’s nothing wrong with a belated celebration… so here are a few of our favorite dedications, writings, and gifts from guests past and future:


Tom Baker’s Doctor Who Day Video

The self-proclaimed “happiest Doctor” sends the fans a cheerful message. Attendees of our first year will remember that Tom tuned in via Skype to answer attendee questions. We’re always happy to see his smiling face!


Oh, Doctor Who – Paul Magrs

Writer and artist Paul Magrs looks back on his time with the show, and how it’s changed from childhood to adulthood. Like many of us, his life has changed hugely because of this little sci-fi series. And he looks backs on discussions with Tom Baker, Katy Manning, and many others who have been a part of that journey.


Peri’s Birthday Tweet – Nicola Bryant

One of our first ever guests, Nicola gives thanks from our side of the pond for Who and the lovely people surrounding it. The feeling is mutual!


A Double Birthday! – Michelle Gomez

We’re wondering how the Doctor would feel to know that his greatest frenemy shares a birthday with his big show. Regardless, November 23 was a day of many celebrations for Michelle Gomez, being her birthday as well! Happy birthday, Michelle!


And, of course, it bears mentioning that November 23 is canonically the birthday of Clara Oswald — whose actress, Jenna Coleman, sadly couldn’t join us this year due to queenly duties on the Victoria set. We hope we’ll be able to welcome her in future years.

We’d love to hear how you celebrated your Doctor Who Day! Be sure to hit us up on our official Twitter or Facebook to get chatting.

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