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Are You a Creator? Join Us in Our Vendor Room and Artist Alley!

Do you make Doctor Who themed creations you’d like to sell? We’d love to have you in our Vendor Room or Artist Alley!

Our Vendor Room is a great place for people with large or heavy spreads — jewelry, costume makers, even store fronts for comic and geek shops! $450 gets you a 10×10 spot in a room that’s locked securely overnight, as well as two badges for the event.

Our Artist Alley is out in our atrium right in the flow of people, and is perfect for smaller indie creators. If you sell comics, prints, books, crafts, or the like, you can grab a 6×2.5 table for $150 — and that includes a badge. (Note that Artist Alley tables are not in a lockable area, so use your best judgment when leaving your table for the evening.

Both areas are situated on the way to the guests’ autograph tables, so you’ll be sure to get several good crowds moving through.

While we prefer that you have things that will appeal to Doctor Who fans available in your store, we don’t require you to have solely Who merch. So don’t worry if you couldn’t fill an entire table or stall with your Who stuff. As long as you have at least a few things that will appeal to fans, you’re more than welcome to apply!

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And if you’ve got a shop of any sort, whether you’re vending or not, consider buying some advertising on our site or in our program book! It’s yet another way to catch the eyes of our attendees, since they’ll always have their program on them!

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Always the Doctor: A Sidecar for Regeneration

For many Whovians (us amongst them!), this Christmas is going to be a difficult time. We’ll be saying goodbye to Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor. On the one hand, this means welcoming Jodie Whittaker to the TARDIS for a whole new series of adventures. On the other, losing a Doctor is never easy. And for many of our ReGenerators (including the kids!), this may be their first time witnessing a regeneration.

At our first event, Tom Baker said in his interview that once you’re the Doctor, you always are. And while it’s hard to believe when the actor is no longer on your screens on a regular basis, it’s very true. To that end, we’ve come up with some happy reminders that even though it’s The End in one way, “Doctor” is a lifelong career.


William Hartnell

Sadly, Hartnell was already in poor health when he ended his run on Doctor Who. And his appearance in “The Three Doctors” was limited for this reason. But even with his health limiting his ability to go forward, his legacy lives on — he notably predicted the show’s long run when others doubted it.


Patrick Troughton

Troughton returned to the role of the Second Doctor three times: in “The Three Doctors,” “The Five Doctors,” and then with (Re)Gen guest Colin Baker for “The Two Doctors,” along with his cohort Frazer Hines as Jamie.


Jon Pertwee


Pertwee returned for “The Five Doctors” and “Dimensions in Time,” but he also took a step only one other Doctor has since: he appeared as his incarnation in a fan film! The fan-created Devious was created to bridge the gap between “The War Games” and “Spearhead from Space.” The BBC released a mini-edit of it, and some of Pertwee’s dialogue was repurposed for the Big Finish Eighth Doctor release “Zagreus.”


Tom Baker

Originally, Tom wasn’t too keen on returning to show (hence his conspicuous absence from “The Five Doctors” and the waxwork in its photo ops). But as time went on, he began coming back more and more. He’s appeared in multiple remakes and reassemblings of the ill-fated “Shada,” popped in for “Dimensions in time,” returned to the role via Big Finish, and even played a Doctor-y fictional version of himself in Baker’s End. And, of course, we can’t forget the Curator in “Day of the Doctor”!


Peter Davison

(Re)Gen 4 guest Peter Davison may have left the role in 1984, but he’s continued to be a Doctor Who ambassador. He reunited cast members old and new for his 50th anniversary piece The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot, hosted BBC America documentaries leading up to the 12th Doctor’s premiere, and was on hand when Peter Capaldi was announced in the role. Between that and his reappearance as the Fifth Doctor via “Time Crash” and Big Finish audios, he’s definitely taken on the role as a lifelong job.


Colin Baker

Colin’s appearance at (Re)Gen 4 will make his third at the con, and we’re not the only place he’s continuing to support Doctor Who. He also appeared in Five(ish) and continues with Big Finish. Not only that — he’s taken up the mantle of the resident Baker at Baker’s End… via regeneration, of course! He’s also appeared on Top Gear to race around their track against a rogues’ gallery of sci-fi monsters.


Sylvester McCoy

Sylv also shored up in Five(ish) and “Dimensions in Time,” but he’s done something that only one other person on our list has done. That’s right: appear as his Doctor in a fan film! The serial “Gene Genius” featured Sylv as the Seventh Doctor and Sophie Aldred as Ace. And, lest we forget, he also appeared in the parody Do You Have a License to Save This Planet? as the Foot Doctor. Who is not the Doctor in any way. Nope.


Paul McGann

Paul once called himself the George Lazenby of Doctor Who, and for a long time it seemed his involvement with the series was over. Fortunately, he continues to return in Big Finish audios. And he showed up twice during the 50th anniversary: once (albeit briefly) in Five(ish), and once for his regeneration in the surprise YouTube extra “Night of the Doctor.”


Christopher Eccleston

Sadly, we may never see Chris return to Doctor Who proper. But even with that proviso in place, he loves the fans and has been happy to chat with them when he meets them. And it’s great to know that he still appreciates the love from the fans, no matter what!


David Tennant

Of course, David returned for “Day of the Doctor,” as well as a brief stint in Five(ish) as an accomplice. In his time since then, he’s stepped in for a few more jaunts with Big Finish. Oh, and he’s made appearances in a few convention videos made by his father-in-law.


Matt Smith

It’s only been one era of Who since Matt left, and he’s been working busily away on series like The Crown. But given his recent convention appearances — and the fact that he had some choice (joking) words about the Twelfth Doctor spending time with “his” wife — it’s clear he still has a soft spot for the role. Plus, he left us with important words to remember when an actor leaves the role: he’s the Doctor, and he always will be.

We’ll be into the era of Thirteen when (Re)Gen 4 goes up in Baltimore this March — but we’re looking back and forward! We’ll be welcoming Fifth and Sixth Doctors Peter Davison and Colin Baker, Michelle Gomez and Rachel Talalay of the Twelfth Doctor’s era, and many more companions and creatives from all across the Whoniverse!

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Calling All ReGenerators: Help a Fellow “Doctor Who” Fan!

We at Onezumi Events are, at our core, running events that help others grow, learn, and live. And when one of our own (because you’re all our family!) needs help, we step up where we can. And, best of all, so do the rest of our ReGenerators!

One of our attendees, Stacie, has had to have her 2018 pass refunded due to the cost (both financial and physical) of chemo. Our con chair is paying for her ticket to the event herself — and should she not be able to make it, we will be sending her a care package from the con.

Stacie has made a statement concerning the event and others’ desire to help her:


I’m still blown away by all this….thank you.
My Facebook profile is https://www.facebook.com/stacie.johnson.75 it’s just my personal one but if people are interested or want to ask me questions I don’t mind! Please share.

My PayPal is medic15057@gmail.com. And I actually do have a p.o. box myself since my father dislikes my mail coming to the house lol. He’s used to not getting any mail and my moving home provided an influx of hospital bills. Its…
Stacie Johnson
PO box 45
Tallmadge Ohio 44278

Again I don’t know how I’ll ever repay you! Ive prayed for a miracle and I think I found it. You are amazing and your heart and the heart of all the others getting involved is just so overwhelming.
Blessings on you and everyone!



Again, you can contact her via her Facebook profile, donate to her GoFundMe, or send support via her PayPal or P.O. Box (shown above).

Thank you all so much for continuing to embody the messages of love, support, and compassion in both Doctor Who and Onezumi Events. We will keep you posted!


CON NEWS: Peri Comes Home for (Re)Gen 4!

Guess who’s coming back to Baltimore? Nicola Bryant is the latest to join our guest list for 2018!

Nicola was one of our first guests ever, and we’re delighted to have her returning to our event. She’ll be bringing some special programming of her own to the con, which we’ll be interviewing her about very soon to pass along to you. Look forward to it!

Nicola joins Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Michael Jayston, and many more from Classic Who — as well as New Series guests like Michelle Gomez and Rachel Talalay! Register now to get the best price on a weekend pass, and bring your family along for panels, photos, autographs, parties, and the best variety show this side of Gallifrey!


CON NEWS: The Valeyard Invades (Re)Gen!

The Rail Yard, the Scrap Yard, the Knacker’s Yard… whatever you call him, he’s coming to (Re)Gen 4! Michael Jayston has played the Doctor’s extremely personal nemesis both on television and for Big Finish, and he’ll be appearing alongside Sixth Doctor Colin Baker in Baltimore this year.

Michael will also be joining Peter Davison, Michelle Gomez, Rachel Talalay, and many more for our fourth event in March of 2018! Register now for the best price on a ticket, and full access to panels, interviews, and more fun Whovian events!


CON NEWS: Matthew Waterhouse and Jason Haigh-Ellery Join (Re)Gen 4!

We’ve got a big list of guests to announce that we’re still working away at, but today we can officially spread the word on two of them!

First, welcome director and producer Jason Haigh-Ellery back to Baltimore! He’ll be on site representing Big Finish to talk about their latest projects and releases.

And a new edition to the (Re)Gen family: Matthew Waterhouse, who played the role of Adric! He’ll be joining previously announced guests Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton as part of our representation of the Fifth Doctor era. We can’t wait to meet him and welcome him to the Onezumi Events family!

These two will be joining the aforementioned, as well as Colin Baker, Michelle Gomez, Rachel Talalay, Paul Magrs, and many more still to be announced. Want to meet all your Doctor Who favorites in Baltimore? Register now and get the best price for you and your family!


CON NEWS: Comic Artist Simon Fraser Comes to (Re)Gen!

One of the biggest pieces of feedback we get at (Re)Gen is that you guys love appearances from the creatives connected to the expanded worlds of the show. We love bringing in writers, artists, performers, and other creatives from all over the wide world of Who. So we’re very happy to be bringing back comic artist Simon Fraser!

In addition to Doctor Who titles for Titan Comics, Simon has also worked on Judge Dredd, Nikolai Dante, and new Kingsman titles. You’ll be able to meet him on panels and at his table this March to talk comics, sci-fi, and the creative process!

Simon will be joining more creatives like Paul Magrs and Rachel Talalay, as well as actors Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Michelle Gomez, and more. Register now to get the best price for this spring’s fourth year!


CON NEWS: Three Classic Guests Join (Re)Gen in Baltimore!

We promised you more guests “soon” — and we meant it! We’re always excited to welcome new people to the Onezumi Events family, and our next group of guests is a trio of Classic series companions from two eras of the show! And if you’re looking forward to this Christmas’s Twice Upon a Time, you’ll definitely be interested in our new additions.

First up, please welcome Sarah Sutton to (Re)Gen! Sarah appeared as Nyssa of Traken during the Fifth Doctor’s run and again in Big Finish’s run of audio dramas, and will be reunited with Peter Davison at our event!

Next, William Russell, known to fans as First Doctor companion Ian Chesterton! William has also popped in on An Adventure in Space and Time, and continues to be beloved by the fandom. We can’t wait to reminisce with him about the early days of the show! And speaking of the First Doctor…

We’ll also be joined by Carole Ann Ford, Susan Foreman and the Doctor’s very first companion! We’ve been looking forward to bringing her to (Re)Gen for quite a while now, and are happy to say that she’ll be on hand for our fourth year.

Sarah, William, and Carole will be joining Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Michelle Gomez, and many more Doctor Who creatives from in front of and behind the camera this March. Register now to join us (and them!) for a weekend of panels, interviews, shows, parties, and a few things even we can’t predict! Registering now ensures the best price for you and your family.

And, as always, keep your ear to the ground. We have plenty more surprises coming between now and the event!

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