Calling All ReGenerators: Help a Fellow “Doctor Who” Fan!

We at Onezumi Events are, at our core, running events that help others grow, learn, and live. And when one of our own (because you’re all our family!) needs help, we step up where we can. And, best of all, so do the rest of our ReGenerators!

One of our attendees, Stacie, has had to have her 2018 pass refunded due to the cost (both financial and physical) of chemo. Our con chair is paying for her ticket to the event herself — and should she not be able to make it, we will be sending her a care package from the con.

Stacie has made a statement concerning the event and others’ desire to help her:


I’m still blown away by all this….thank you.
My Facebook profile is https://www.facebook.com/stacie.johnson.75 it’s just my personal one but if people are interested or want to ask me questions I don’t mind! Please share.

My PayPal is medic15057@gmail.com. And I actually do have a p.o. box myself since my father dislikes my mail coming to the house lol. He’s used to not getting any mail and my moving home provided an influx of hospital bills. Its…
Stacie Johnson
PO box 45
Tallmadge Ohio 44278

Again I don’t know how I’ll ever repay you! Ive prayed for a miracle and I think I found it. You are amazing and your heart and the heart of all the others getting involved is just so overwhelming.
Blessings on you and everyone!



Again, you can contact her via her Facebook profile, donate to her GoFundMe, or send support via her PayPal or P.O. Box (shown above).

Thank you all so much for continuing to embody the messages of love, support, and compassion in both Doctor Who and Onezumi Events. We will keep you posted!

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