CON NEWS: More Actors and Writers Join Our 2018 Guest List!

The 2018 guest list has grown again! We’re bringing back some fan favorite guests, and introducing two more Classic actors to the Onezumi Events family!


First, we’re happy to welcome Janet Fielding to the event! Janet played Tegan Jovanka, bridging the regeneration from Tom Baker to Peter Davison, and has also appeared in Big Finish audios and 2013’s Five(ish) Doctors Reboot!

Continuing to round out the Fifth Doctor era, we’re also bringing in Mark Strickson, who appeared as Vislor Turlough! Mark has lent his voice to both Big Finish and DVD audio commentaries, and went on to study zoology and direct and produce wildlife documentaries.


Now, you know we have to bring in some writers… and we’ve got three fan favorites returning!

Dalek writer Rob Shearman is back again, ready to share more stories with the fans. In addition to contributing stories to Doctor Who in many media, he’s also a writer of weird and wonderful horror in worlds of his own.

Author John Peel is also returning! John has contributed to the Target novelization range, and also has several series of his own. Along with Rob, he’s a go-to guy when it comes to talking about the Daleks in Doctor Who fiction.

And finally, Keith R.A. deCandido joins us once more! Keith is a regular writer for many different sci-fi and genre franchises, and once shared anthology space with a young writer named Steven Moffat. Maybe Keith can help us find out whatever happened to him…


They all join our current guest list — Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Michelle Gomez, Rachel Talalay, Sarah Sutton, Carole Ann Ford, and many more — for this year’s event in Baltimore! Register now to join the fun and get the best price for you and your family!

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