Rock Out with Our 2018 VIP Shirt!

Want a special way to commemorate this year’s (Re)Generation Who, while helping small businesses and indie creators? Grab our latest “Doctor Hoot” shirt!

The limited-edition design harks back to this Christmas’s Twice Upon a Time, reflects the presence of both Hartnell- and Capaldi-era guests at this year’s event, and serves as a reminder that we are (as ever) the con for Whovians of every generation. The faded halftone art was created by con graphic designer Ginger Hoesly, whose work has been featured on BBC America’s Doctor’s Notes and YouTube’s Doctor Who Fan Show.

The shirt is available only as part of our $60 Tier 2 VIP package, which also includes a limited-edition art print (art coming soon), early access to the vendor room, and an invite to our “ReGenerators” party. Other tiers include charms, preferred seating in our Main Events room, and (if you’re extra generous) free standard admission to the con for life!

Check out our prices for VIP and other merch on our Merchandise Page, then head over to our Registration Page to register for the event and add a few goodies onto your membership. If you’re already registered, you can still add extras — instructions are on the Merchandise Page!

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