CON NEWS: All You Need to Know for the Big Weekend!

We’re getting excited for our big event! Are you? (From the looks of our Facebook group, you absolutely are!) Most exciting of all for us is the new names and faces we’re seeing as registrations come in! We can’t wait to welcome you all to our latest event.

If you’ve never been to one of our cons before — or to a convention¬†ever — then you may not be entirely sure what to expect. There’s still just under two months to go, but we want to give you plenty of time to get planning for the weekend! So if you’re new to the world of Onezumi Events or to the world of fan cons in general, here are some helpful tips:


The Hotel

We’re back at the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace again this year, and it’s a lovely venue! The convention space is on the fifth and sixth floor, so don’t worry if you walk into the hotel and can’t figure out where the con is… just grab an elevator up!

Right now, there are still rooms available in the hotel itself at our special room rate. If you want to grab one of those rooms, use our special page to reserve your room. You won’t need to enter a code; it’s already accounted for. If for some reason you can’t get a room at the con rate, or are told the hotel is full, be patient — we’re filling up fast, and our hotel liaison will work quickly to make sure we either expand our room block or set up an overflow hotel nearby!


Navigating the Convention

Compared to other events, our venue space may look fairly small. We do that on purpose for the comfort of our attendees and guests — and so you can have a really special experience over the weekend!

You’ll be picking up your badge at the venue, regardless of whether you register online or in person, so don’t worry if you don’t get anything in the mail beforehand. We’ll be handing things to you in person at registration. Once we’re a little closer to time, we’ll notify attendees of the convention layout so they know right where to go when it’s time to come in. Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered!


Panels and Programming

We pride ourselves on unique and awesome programming that educates, entertains, and occasionally surprises even us!

At the moment, our Programming department is working away on this year’s schedule. We will have a list of panel descriptions available in the near future so you can see what’s in store and begin making lists.

As for the schedule itself, we are hoping to release that later this month. Considering many of you can only come for a single day and want to make sure you see your favorite guest(s) in the time you have available, we’re making sure to get that info out to you as quickly as possible.

If you’d like to see an example of what our schedules have been like in the past, you can click on the links here to check out our pocket programs from 2015, 2016, and 2017.


Photos and Autographs

If you want to make sure to get an autograph or pic with your favorite guest, we highly recommend you add them to your registration in advance! (You can do that even if you’ve already bought your pass.) Any actor guests not listed on the form will be added as soon as we have relevant info from them.

If you’re not a regular con-goer, bear in mind that you will need to have a pass to the convention in order to get to photos, autographs, and vendor spaces. But we have reasonably priced single-day passes if all you’re planning to do is drop in for the photo!

For photo ops, the maximum allowed in one shot is two adults and two children in addition to the guest(s) in the photo. So, for example, if your group were three adults and no children, you would still need to buy a second photo op. More info is available in our FAQ.



Thank you so much to everyone who’s sent in volunteer forms! Our ops team is going through each of them one by one to make sure each department has all the help it needs… but as you can probably imagine, we’ve had a major uptick in the number of volunteer forms we’ve received this year!

If you haven’t gotten a response, don’t worry! Our intrepid ops managers are working through the pile, and you will get a response soon. Thank you for your patience!


If you have any more questions — or if you’re looking for room shares, carpool, or fellow fans to talk to — check out our ReGenerators Facebook group. We’re 780 members strong, always willing to help, and are also a great place to share works in progress as you prepare for March!

Thanks as always for all your support!

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