CON NEWS: Welcome Writer Jenny Colgan to (Re)Gen!

We’re busily bringing together programming, events, and surprises… but we have time for one more guest announcement as things get underway for next month. Please welcome writer Jenny Colgan to our event!

Jenny is a best-selling author of slice-of-life fiction, and is also a writer (and major fan) in the world of Doctor Who! Her works include Tenth Doctor book In the Blood, Eleventh Doctor book Dark Horizons, and entries in The Legends of River Song and The Legends of Ashildr, to name a few. We can’t wait to welcome this amazing writer and fellow fan to our event!

Jenny will be joining fellow Who creatives Rachel Talalay, Robert Shearman, Paul Magrs, and many more for our fourth year! And for fans who want some extra time with the people behind the scenes of the show, we’re hosting a Coffee with the Creators event! Add a ticket to your registration before it sells out!

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