ONE WEEK TO (RE)GEN! Pre-reg dates and special events!

It’s just one week to (Re)Generation Who 4! We’re all preparing for the big day — as we’re sure you are! So we’ll have a few notes and announcements over the course of the next few days to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy the weekend.

First off, autograph and photo-op presales end this Wednesday at noon EDT! This is new information, and overrides any previously-made announcements. Con registration should be available past then and through the event weekend. However, if you want to purchase photos and autographs in advance and use your credit card, this will be your last chance to do so. On site, transactions will be done primarily (if not solely) in cash. So if you don’t want to hit the ATM or carry a bunch of $20s around with you all weekend, pre-purchase your autographs and photos now!

Also, don’t forget to grab a spot at one of our special events! These limited-seating events are a separate charge from the badge itself, and are a great way to add a unique experience to your weekend:

Talking And Relaxing Drinks Including Snacks ($125): A hotel-catered get-together Friday evening with hot appetizers. If you missed out on a spot at Tea with the Doctor, this is a great chance to meet some of our guests in a relaxed setting!

Quantum Hypnosis with Nicola Bryant ($50): Classic-era companion Nicola Bryant is a registered hypnotherapist, and is bringing her unique self-help method to (Re)Gen! This will be the very first time Nicola has held this session with anyone but private clients. Bring a notepad and pencil, a blanket, and a cushion and something to lie on.

Both events have limited space — so add them to your registration now so you can be assured of a spot! We cannot guarantee that there will be room at either on the day of.

Stay tuned for more announcements in the coming days!

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