PROGRAMMING: A New Catered Meet ‘n’ Greet, Plus “Quantum Hypnosis” with Nicola Bryant!

Miss the boat on Tea with the Doctor? There’s another chance to rub elbows with many of our actor guests!

This year marks the beginning of our Talking And Relaxing Drinks Including Snacks get-together (see what we did there?), taking place Friday evening of the event. It’s a great way to pre-party, and will feature finger foods, appetizers, and soft drinks. And with many of our guests on hand, it’s a fun chance to meet them before the big programming kicks in!

Spots at the TARDIS get-together are $125 per person. Note that due to contractual obligations and time restraints, we cannot guarantee by name which guests will be at the event.

Additionally, Nicola Bryant will be leading a “quantum hypnosis” guided meditation session. In her own words:

Around 8 years ago now, I qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist at the LCCH. It was a journey I had undertaken out of sheer curiosity. Unlike most of the doctors, dentists and those wanting to go into private practice, I wasn’t looking for any clients. A year or so later a friend of mine was going through a difficult time. They had put on a lot of weight and they were finding it really hard to shift. They wondered if hypnotherapy would help. I offered to help, much to their surprise, as I don’t talk a lot about what I’m up to or what I’m studying; I’m always studying something. The sessions went very well and after just a few weeks we didn’t need to do any more work; they were on the right track. They of course then asked if I could help a friend of theirs, with a different problem… and so on and so on.

After a while I wondered if I could develop a programme of my own, something different that would help on lots of different levels, especially as the clients needs became broader and more complex. Eventually, I developed what I term ‘quantum hypnosis’ using ‘time travel’. I’ve had great results from clients making major life changes and of course, many of these clients had no idea I’d ever been in the TARDIS myself!

So…I wanted to be able to bring this back to the very people who helped me find the ideas in the first place. To give back to the Doctor Who fans.

I only treat a small number of clients on a exclusive basis, as I have many other things going on in my life. But I have devised a way that I could help a group of people, instead of just individuals and I am bringing this to (Re)Generation Who.

The programme is called “Build your own Time Machine And Change Your Life”.

It doesn’t matter what you want to gain from this session. It could be as simple as an improved mood, more confidence, relaxation, a change of career direction. Whatever you would like to work on, you can… And still in confidence. Although this will be a group session nothing of your ‘case’ will be discussed openly unless you bring it up. You will still benefit, if you don’t want to share.

So join me for 90 minutes of exploration and ‘time travel’ and go home with something special, your very own Time Machine!

I want this to be accessible to everyone so I’m only charging the cost of an autograph.

Entry to Nicola’s program will be $50 per person. You’ll also be one of the first to try the program! For those curious about what it entails, we’ll have a post from Nicola herself tomorrow, doing a little hypnosis mythbusting.

Additionally, there’s still space available for Coffee with the Creators. For $45 per person, you can attend a casual catered get-together with the writers and behind-the-scenes creators who make Doctor Who happen!

All of these events are optional add-ons, with our Main Events and regular panel room programming remaining free for all badge-carrying attendees. Admission to our special events goes straight back to the convention and its guests, helping us improve the experience for future years!

To be a part of any of these events, head to the Registration Page and add them on with a click! If you already have a badge, you don’t need to re-register — just choose “none” under the Event Fee heading. We look forward to seeing you there!

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