PROGRAMMING SPOTLIGHT: Children’s Programming

A message from Eric Hardenbrook, head of Children’s Programming:

I’ve been asked to write something up about Children’s Programming for the convention. This is not an easy task. Why?

Well, now you just sound like one of the kids asking “why” all the time!

In all seriousness, Children’s Programming is where we get together with all the up-and-coming fans and give them the chance to express themselves. We really want to see the creative side come out from the kids that visit us. The creativity, the pure sense of wonder and joy, is a driving force in our program choices. We want all the kids to feel good about what they can make, what they can dream, and the fun they can have while doing it. They are the ones that will carry our family of fandom far, far into the future. This is our method of time travel!

We have had games, snacks, and all sorts of crazy fun in the past. We’ve made our own sonic screwdrivers, put a galaxy in a vial, and attempted to pin a bow tie we created on the Doctor. From a homemade fez to a Play-Doh Dalek, we love to see what the kids come up with. We’ve even had special times when some of our fabulous guests have stopped in to spend time reading a story or just offering up a hug on a teddy bear.

Children’s Programming is all about making our young fans the center of attention. We want everyone to have a great time and create memories that will stay with them until they can share with children of their own. Bring the family, join us, and make something timeless!

More info on Children’s Programming, including specific activities, will be available when our full schedule goes up — very soon!

By the way, did you know that kids under 5 get into the event free? And kids ages 5-12 get in for $20! That rate doesn’t change, regardless of our early bird rates.

And (Re)Gen is also a great first event for families, right near awesome tourist attractions that many of our regular attendees love to visit before or after the event.

Register now, and bring your kids along for family-friendly Doctor Who fun this month!

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