PROGRAMMING SPOTLIGHT: Get Writing with Paul Magrs!

Onezumi Events is preserving its Intervention style in our educational tracks — bringing creatives from your favorite worlds to help you learn and grow as a creator yourself. This year, we’re pleased to be bringing back writer and artist Paul Magrs. And he’s treating us to a two-part writing workshop!

We asked Paul about what he has in store for participants and… well, we can’t give too much away, but we’re jealous! What we can say is this: you’ll be flexing your writing muscles by writing in-universe Doctor Who stories, taking your favorite characters and putting them into new and exciting situations. You’ll also need to do a bit of “homework” between the two panels, but don’t worry — it’s going to be the fun kind!

There is no charge to take part, and registration can be done at the info desk on the fifth floor once the event opens. The two halves of the workshop (and yes, you’ll need to be at both!) will take place Friday at 5 pm and Sunday at 3 pm, both in Panels Room 1. Paul requests that participants bring pencils, loose sheets of paper, and an open mind. And tea.

Excited? So are we! Make sure you’ve registered for the convention in advance so you can hit the ground running Friday and take part in our world-class programming!

In the meantime, fans of Paul’s work can get a free earful of Brenda and Effie thanks to Bafflegab’s new podcast, Grandma Guignol. Subscribe now to start listening, and help drive interest to the series so they can produce Series 2!

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