(Re)Gen Day 2: The Doctors Have Landed!

We made history yesterday in the Inner Harbor! The Doctor Who stars who joined us yesterday in Baltimore brought some of the biggest crowds (Re)Generation Who has ever seen!

Peter Capaldi arrived via TARDIS for his first interview since leaving Doctor Who. The standing-room-only crowd heard Peter chat about everything from his early art career to his dream episode where Jimi Hendrix meets the Twelfth Doctor.

Michelle Gomez took the mainstage directly after to chat about her work on the show — and potentially let a few surprises about Missy’s future slip! (Spoilers…)

Fans of the Classic era also had a chance to see actors and writers interact — like Colin Baker and Michael Jayston facing off as the Sixth Doctor and the Valeyard again!

Evening entertainment launched with game shows, the Greatest Cosplay Show in the Galaxy, and a late-night dance party.

The party is going on today! There are still tickets available for our event at the Baltimore Inner Harbor. Join us on the fifth floor for a day of panels, interviews, and fun!

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