Time to Play the Music: The Dave Ross Variety Hour Returns!

Friday nights at (Re)Generation Who are a night of entertainment: a time to put on makeup, dress up right, and hand over the big stage to the creator of the Daleks himself. That’s right — the “Dave Ross Variety Hour” was back again for (Re)Gen 4!

Fans were treated to an evening of music, comedy, dance, and surprises led by master of ceremonies Dave Ross (who is absolutely not Davros actor Terry Molloy and also absolutely not Davros himself). This year’s show included performances from some of our veteran attendees, too!

As always, Dave Ross and the Dalettes got things started, warming the crowd up for an evening of fun. But there was a new challenge on the horizon: the show had its very own Statler and Waldorf!

However, the performers were unswayed, and created an amazing evening for all. Returning guest Hannah Harkness brought the laughs:

Our open mic performers showed their fellow attendees what they got:

And Team Shenanigans did what Team Shenanigans does:

Con chair Oni Hartstein took the stage to perform with Cat Smith:

And Andy Hicks appeared throughout the show with musical tributes to every single Doctor:

No matter how smoothly a show goes, though, Dave Ross still aims to misbehave. Whether he’s going full Heisenberg with his sidekick Monty Bear:

Or auditioning for a spot in Antipode Geek Bellydance!

Couldn’t make it? We’ve got you covered — ukulele star and Head of Press Angela Pritchett brings us the show’s opening number:

And something tells us we’ll be seeing many, many more moments from this amazing evening as the year goes on!

If you’d like to share your memories of the event, sign up for the ReGenerators group on Facebook! And if you’d like to see more from any of our performers, check out the links below:

Terry Molloy
Official Website
Twitter: @tuckerspatch
Instagram: @montmorencybear

Antipode Geek Bellydance
Facebook: @AntipodeBellyDance
YouTube: Antipode Bellydance
Instagram: @antipodedance
Twitter: @antipodedance

Clay Dockery
Coal Hill Website
Facebook: @coalhillinc
Twitter: @coalhillcon

Dustin Hausner
Instagram: @dust111
Twitter: @dhausner10

Andy Hicks
YouTube channel: SycoraxRock
Twitter: @Dystopiandy

Oni Hartstein
Official Website
Twitter: @onezumi
Instagram: @theonezumi
Facebook: @onezumi

Angela Pritchett
YouTube: Angela Plays Ukulele
Facebook: @angelaplaysukulele
Instagram: @angalese

Cat Smith
Official Website
Instagram: @missnerdstiles
Twitter: @deadlightsgirl
Bandcamp: “Who”-riginals
YouTube Channel
Facebook: @deadlightsgirls

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