ReGeneration Who 5 Registration opening June 8th 2018 at Noon EST

We wanted to let everyone know that we will be opening registration for (Re)Generation Who 5 on June 8th at noon EST. This will include all special events, VIP levels, and registration types.

We will also be opening applications for Artist Alley, Vendor Room, Programming Submissions, and Hotel Registration for our Con Rate of $159 a night on that date.

Registration Costs will be:

Full Weekend Pre-Reg Discount: $85 (At-door cost for full weekend will be $105.)
Child (5-12) – $ 30.00
Child (under 5) – $ 0.00
Friday Only Adult (13+) – $ 55.00
Saturday Only Adult (13+) – $ 70.00
Sunday Only Adult (13+) – $ 60.00

We also have add-on VIP levels available that cost $60, $90, and $150 and convey extra perks or items to the attendee. For the faction name on the badge (example, UNIT or Judoon) you can choose either one when you pick up your badge at the event.

tier 1: cost $60, Choices: UNIT or Judoon
perks: Special badge, early access to dealer room, special limited edition artwork, Special VIP Only T-Shirt (different design from Con T-shirt), Invite to our VIP “Regenerator Party”

tier 2: cost $90, Choices: Torchwood or Silence
perks: tier 1 perks and a listing online as part of the evil or good coalition forces for this year, and a special Limited Edition 3d printed charm.

Tier 3: cost $150, Choices: Companion or Cyberman
Perks: tiers 1 and 2 perks and Main Event Room Reserved Seating Area Access.

Special Event Costs:

Tea With The Doctor $150

TARDIS (Talking And Relaxing Drinks Including Snacks) $150

Coffee With The Creators $60

We look forward to seeing you all there again this year!

Quick Links:
Register for (Re)Generation Who 5 https://regenerationwho.com/registration/register-for-the-event/
Reserve Your Room for (Re)Generation Who 5 https://regenerationwho.com/registration/reserve-your-room/
Apply for Vendor Room https://regenerationwho.com/vendors/
Apply for Artist Alley https://regenerationwho.com/artist-alley/
Submit a Panel or Request a Guest https://regenerationwho.com/programming/submit-your-programming-suggestions


-Oni and Harknell, and the entire (Re)Generation Who Team

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