(Re)Generation Who Guest Announcement: 8th Doctor TARDIS Team

(Re)Generation Who is very happy to announce the following guests for (Re)Generation Who 5:

The 8th Doctor Paul McGann will be joining us for the first time at (Re)Generation Who 5. Paul starred in the 1996 American Doctor Who film, and has reprised the role of the 8th Doctor in numerous Big Finish audio dramas, as well as returning for the 50th anniversary mini-episode “The Night of the Doctor”.

Daphne Ashbrook starred opposite Paul McGann in the 1996 Doctor Who movie as his companion Dr. Grace Holloway. In addition to the film Daphne has appeared in Big Finish audio dramas, and also appeared as Melora in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, amongst a wide range of other film and TV work.

Yee Jee Tso starred opposite Paul McGann in the 1996 Doctor Who movie as his companion Chang Lee. Yee Jee has appeared in a wide range of other shows, including spots on Smallville, Stargate: Atlantis, Sliders, Arrow, Continuum, and many more.

We’re very happy to have the full 8th Doctor TARDIS team at the event this year, and will be announcing more guests over the next few months.

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