New Creative and Performer Guests Added to (Re)Generation Who 5

Onezumi Events is happy to announce a new group of Creative and Performer guests for (Re)Generation Who 5:

Darren Watts is a writer for the Doctor Who RPG system (as well as many other gaming systems), and joins already announced guest Walt Ciechanowski as part of our Doctor Who extended universe group of guests. Both Darren and Walt will be a part of our board gaming series of panels, and will be involved with our new dedicated gaming room at the event.

Robert Smith? is a writer of many books about Doctor Who, and in tandem with our other returning guest Dr. Arnold Blumberg, are editors on the “Outside In” series of books released by ATB Publishing about the series.

We are happy to announce that writer John Peel will be returning to the event this year–and will be talking about his book series of Doctor Who adaptions (primarily involving the Daleks, which he is one of the few authorized writers allowed to do so) as well as his own new series of books based around the exploits of a certain white haired crotchety old inventor of a time/space vehicle by the name of Doctor Omega….

And rounding out our performers for this year are musician Cat Smith, and stand up comedian Hannah Harkness–who will both be a major part of our returning Davros Variety Hour helmed by guest Montmorency Montgomery Bear (accompanied by his handler/wrangler Terry Molloy).

You can read up on all of our new guests, as well as our already large list of actor guest, on our main guest page.

We are still working on adding more actors and creators to the event, so keep checking back here, or on our Facebook page. If you haven’t already registered for the event, it’s a good time to do so (and it’s always a great holiday gift to give to a Doctor Who fan–especially along with pre-orders for autographs and photo ops). Some rooms are still available at our event hotel, so you’ll want to reserve one soon as well.

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