Programming Spotlight: Board and RPG Gaming Room

We’re happy to announce that there will be a dedicated Gaming Room at (Re)Generation Who 5. The room will be headed up by our group of gaming related guests this year, including Walt Ciechanowski and Darren Watts, both authors of Doctor Who RPG Source books. In addition to RPG stuff, we will have a range of board games available to play in the room as well.

If you find anything you like, you can also check out one of our vendors, Walt’s Cards and Comics, who’ll have a booth in our vendor room (they are supplying our gaming library for the room).

Finally, we expect to have a number of panels and events over the weekend related to gaming, more details to come when our programming descriptions and schedule go online in early February.

For those of you who have attended our previous event Intervention, which had a version of this set up, you’ll feel right at home now at (Re)Generation Who.

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