Guest Line up Changes: Incoming Sophie Henderson, Outgoing Paul McGann

We have both happy and sad news to report on our guest line up this year. Happily we can announce that Sophie Henderson, who played 7th Doctor Companion “Ace” from the Classic series, will be joining us this year for all three days and will be on panel appearances and autograph/photo op opportunities.

We have the unhappy news that due to an important personal situation, Paul McGann has had to cancel being at the event this year. Paul let us know that he has strong hopes to be able to join us in the future and is sad he won’t be able to meet the Maryland Doctor Who Community this year.

As a result of these changes we will be updated the schedule over the next few days to integrate Sophie, so please check back to see the new line up.

For anyone who pre-ordered items from Paul, we will be sending out an email later today with refund details and other options. In brief, any solo items (photo op / autograph) will be refunded. For combo photo ops, you will have the default option to keep them and get a refund on Paul’s part, or you can let us know you’d like a full refund on the item (this applies to the 8th Doctor TARDIS Team, Doctor Donna and the Doctors, and the 1996 Movie Cast–those will still occur, just without Paul). For the Two Doctors combo Photo op we will also refund the full amount–you can add on a solo photo op with Sylvester McCoy through the Registration system if you would like to get that set.

We will process the refunds on Sunday the 17th at 12pm EST.

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