(Re)Generation Who is an awesome three-day Doctor Who Fan Convention in Baltimore, MD, run by Onezumi Events.

Onezumi Events was founded in 2010 by wife and husband team Oni Hartstein and James Harknell. Our first event was Intervention: The Premier Showcase of Online Creativity. Onezumi Events immediately became synonymous with running events that are higher quality, welcoming to all people, and based in positive community.

Our experienced staff really cares that you have a great time and it shows. We believe in not just running events, but providing positive things for families to do together. Positive community bends time and space. It changes lives.

We were one of the first major organizations to roll out an anti-harassment policy and to provide a safe space for all families, all genders. We’ve simplified and raised the bar on customer service at events.

The bottom line is that we just love Doctor Who. So how about we bring this same quality we are already known for to (Re)Generation Who?

Let’s do it!

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