Board Gaming and LARP

(Re)Generation Who will have a number of Board gaming and LARP events happening over the course of our three days. First off we have a whole room dedicated to Board Gaming, LARP, and other open gaming, it’s Salon rooms E+F on the lower event level.

We also have the following LARP events scheduled:

Doctor Who Role Playing Game: The Doctor and his companions (you choose which set!) look into the strange goings-on in a seaside town on the Yorkshire coast. Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space is a role playing game set in the universe of the world’s longest-running science fiction show on TV: the BBC’s Doctor Who. It uses a quick and easy set of rules that encourage quick thinking, puzzle solving and a sense of adventure. As a side note, our guest Darren Watts, writer of the source book for Doctors 5 and 8 will be on hand to do demos and give background on the game.

Invasion of the Cybermen: (Re)Regeneration Who is a battle ground. The Cybermen have infiltrated the convention and the Doctor is missing.Only the brave men and women of Torchwood stand between the Cybermen and world domination. The Cybermen need to convert all the Torchwood agents and the Torchwood agents need to survive and find a way to rebuke the Cybermen invasion

Stop by the Board Gaming room to grab a bandana and play this convention long game. Players can follow our main story throughout the weekend, drop in the Board Gaming room for an assignment to earn some items, or just wander the halls tagging players they encounter. Special missions will occur every 2 hours on the half hour or as announced.

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