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The following Panels, Performances, Showings, and Events will occur at (Re)Generation Who this year:

VIDEO: THE 1996 DOCTOR WHO TV MOVIEA viewing of the rarely screened attempt to revive Doctor Who following its suspension in 1989. The TV Movie was intended as a back-door pilot for a new American-produced Doctor Who TV series and introduced Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor in his only televised appearance as the character until "The Night of the Doctor" in 2013. This showdown with the Eric Roberts version of the Master marks the final appearance of Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor and the only appearance of Daphne Ashbrook as companion Grace Holloway.
Acting for Audio with Terry MolloyJoin Terry Molloy (Davros) for an 'Acting for Audio' masterclass, exploring the special requirements of voice acting. Terry will cover the approach to scripts and creating a character with your voice using practical examples from Big Finish scripts and others.
Baltimore Doctor Who Anonymous Meetup SessionMeet up with the local Baltimore, Maryland Dr. Who Fan group.
Teen Meetup SessionMeet up with other teenaged Fans.
Canon of the ClassicsMany new Doctor Who fans who have come aboard since 2005 are daunted by the 150+ stories spanning 8 classic doctors during the first 26 years of Doctor Who. This panel provides an all-ages guide on which episodes are the best places to start for each Doctor's era.
Colin Spaull is Lilt and Mr CraneActor Colin Spaull bridges the gap of the Classic and New series of Doctor Who by playing "Lilt" in the Classic episode "Revelation Of The Daleks" and "Mr. Crane" in the new series episodes "Rise Of The Cybermen / The Age Of Steel". Come listen to his unique insights into working on both series.
Collecting Doctor WhoHow do you start collecting? What are some easy sources and things to collect? This panel of experienced collectors provides ideas and resources about starting and maintaining a collection of Doctor Who memorabilia.
'A Life Less Visible'Behind the Mask and Behind the Microphone with Terry Molloy.
COMEDY PERFORMANCE: Hannah HarknessHannah Harkness is a writer / stand up comic based in Philadelphia with a penchant for the geeky and surreal. She co-hosts Comedy is Liberty, a monthly comedy open mic in Philadelphia. She is also a writer/ stand up comic for Media Train Rek, and opens for/ performs with Philadelphia's Rocky Horror Picture Show cast, Transylvanian Nipple Productions.
Companion PanelSophie Aldred (Ace), Deborah Watling (Victoria), and Nicola Bryant (Peri) have a spirited conversation about the role of the Doctor Who Companion.
Cosplay ClassicismAs cosplay becomes more mainstream, and costume pieces more readily available, our panel of experienced cosplayers will discuss new cosplay social trends and the need for inclusion and diverstity in nerd culture. This all-ages panel will include topics on how to cosplay on a tight budget, and a variety of other topics.
Cosplay Crash KitThis panel of experienced cosplayers will discuss the art of traveling for Cosplay, especially if you have a delicate or ornate costume. From car pooling to TSA tips to tricks to get you there and around the Con floor in one piece.
Daleks vs. Cyberman: A Conversation With Terry Molloy and Colin SpaullThe two men behind the most malevolent creatures in the Doctor Who Universe team up to talk about their experiences in acting, and to finally settle the question: "Which Group Will Be The Ultimate Victor Against The Doctor?"
Day of the Doctor & Cosplay Photo Meet-UpWe're looking to recreate that iconic last shot from Day of the Doctor. We'll be taking as many shots as needed so if you're there in costume we'll do our best to rotate everyone in. Femme Doctors, Companions, Gender Swap...everyone is welcome. Come and find that perfect match for your cosplay photo at this meet up.
DANCE PERFORMANCE: AntipodeAntipode is a geek belly dancing troupe hailing from State College, PA. Fusing the theatrics of acting with a mix of cosplay, pop-culture, and off- beat humor Antipode brings the audience not just dance, but full geek entertainment.
Breaking into the Gaming World with Darren WattsHow do you become a writer or artist in the game industry? Darren Watts recently co-wrote the Fifth Doctor and Eighth Doctor Sourcebooks for the Doctor Who: Adventures In Time And Space roleplaying game for Cubicle 7 and he will discusses his experience in the game industry as a writer, producer and artist, setting/universe creation, working with licensed properties. Darren has more than fifteen years experience writing, editing and publishing role-playing games. He is the former president and co-owner of Hero Games, publisher of Champions and other RPGs, and of Indie Press Revolution.
Death in the Moffat EraFrom Clara to Rory, to River to Jenny to Rory again - has Moffat's decision to bring back multiple characters made death in Doctor Who anticlimactic?
Doctor Who Novelizations with John PeelJoin John Peel as he discusses his journey as one of the most accomplished Doctor Who novelists in the history of Doctor Who. John Peel wrote Target adaptions of "The Chase", "Power of the Daleks", "Evil of the Daleks" and what some consider the finest Target adaption of all time, "The Daleks' Master Plan". He helped keep Doctor Who alive during the wildneress years writing books for a variety of Doctor Who ranges, including the the books "Evolution", "The War or the Daleks", and "Legacy of the Daleks". He is the writer of the very first original Doctor Who novel after the series went on hiatus, the Seventh Doctor New Adventure "Timewyrm: Genesis" .
Doctor Who Sightseeing AbroadWhere are the best places in England to see Doctor Who related locations? Our panel will discuss and show a slide show of Doctor Who filming locations and tourist sites (like the Experience) in Cardiff.
Time Travel, Zombies, Comic Books and Podcasts with Dr Arnold T BlumbergDr. Arnold T Blumberg is known as the "Doctor of the Dead" in horror circles, a world-renowned zombie expert that teaches media courses in zombies, science fiction, superheroes, and comic book literature at the University of Baltimore and UMBC. But it's Doctor Who that has been a huge part of Arnold's career as writer, publisher, and public personality. He hosts three ongoing podcasts: Doctor of the Dead, Who's Talking and The G2V Podcast: The Pop Culture Audio Magazine -- all of which are produced and co-hosted by Big Finish Doctor Who audio drama writer Scott Alan Woodard.
Dragonfire Cast SigningGet signatures from the principal actors (Patricia Quinn, Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred) from the legendary serial 'Dragonfire" where Ace made her debut.
Rememberance of the Daleks Cast SigningGet signatures from the principal actors (Terry Molloy, Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred) from the legendary serial "Remberance of the Daleks" where Ace and the Doctor faced off against Davros.
Eight is Great: Celebrate the 8th DoctorJoin a panel of ardent 8th Doctor experts for an appreciation of the Eighth Doctor. In addition to the Doctor's two iconic TV appearances, Paul McGann has reprised is role in over 70 Big Finish stories spanning the eqivalent of more than 8 "seasons" worth of episodes. The 8th Doctor has also been featured in over 70 novels. This panel will highlight the very best 8th Doctor stories in all mediums.
Expanded Worlds of WhoOur panel of experts will discuss the many mediums in which the Doctor Who narrative is expanded, including novels, comics, and Big Finish audios.
Gallifrey SquaresSee cosplayers portray various Doctors, Companions and Who Baddies on a live, entertaining semi-scripted game show parody. Contestants for the show could be picked at random from the list of con-goers in the audience in a "Rod Roddy Price is Right" way. See the Game Show host wear a terrible 70s suit and swing around a long retro microphone with a tiny ball on the end while quizzing the "stars" on Doctor Who trivia.
How Did We Do?Weigh in on the con - what worked well? What needs improvement? Take an opportunity to speak directly to the con-chairs and senior ReGeneration Who staff to help them make next year's event even better!
Introducing Children to Doctor WhoDoctor Who is considered to be a family show, but how do you introduce it to your family? Is there a right age to begin watching, and if so--where do you start? Panelists discuss their thoughts and experiences introducing the show to children.
Introduction to Big FinishIntimidated by the 300+ Audio Adventures of the 4th through 8th Doctors producted by Big Finish? Hear from panelists who have listened to nearly all of Big Finish's catalogue spotlight the cream of the crop of the Big Finish Audio world to help you navigate their massive catalogue of stories.
Jumping the SharkThis panel looks at times when Doctor Who may have exceeded its reach in terms of story-telling and asks the question of modern Who, "When has Doctor Who gone TOO FAR?"
Writing Doctor Who Short Fiction with Keith R. A. DeCandidoKeith R.A. DeCandido has the utterly irrelevant distinction of being the first native-born American citizen to write official linear adult Doctor Who fiction, with his 1996 short story "UNITed We Fall" in Decalog 3: Consequences, published by Virgin, an anthology that also had a story called "Continuity Errors" by some obscure writer named Steven Moffat. Keith has to qualify it that much because fellow (Re)Generation Who guest John Peel is a naturalized American citizen who wrote before he did, and William H. Keith (another American) wrote kids' choose-your-own-adventure books for Doctor Who. Keith's other contributions to the world of Who include short stories in the Short Trips anthology Destination Prague and the charity anthology Missing Pieces, editing the Short Trips anthology The Quality of Leadership (which included the first-ever Who fiction by Una McCormack, Peter David, and Diane Duane), and an essay on the 50th anniversary special for
Late Night Canon DebateJoin a fun, spirited, informal gathering and debate of what counts as "Doctor Who Canon". Do the Virgin novels count? The BBC 8th Doctor Novels? The Big Finish Audios? The Stageplays? The comics? What inconsistencies do untelevised stories bring to the ongoing narrative of the Doctor's history, and how do you explain any inconstencies and contradictions certain stories pose in the Doctor's history?
Let's Build a Weeping Angel RobotA presentation on hacking, mechanics, and coding by Bree Geek.
Missing Episodes wth Deborah WatlingIn October 2013, 11 missing episodes from the Second Doctor era starring Deborah Watling were found in Nigeria. We discuss how she found out they had been recovered and what it was like to watch episodes that were thought to be lost forever. 97 classic Who episodes are still missing --- could they ever be found?
MUSIC PERFORMANCE: Cat SmithCat Smith plays nerdy original and cover songs on the ukelele. She has performed at LI Who (as the house band), Wicked Faire, and the Way Station.
MUSIC PERFORMANCE: Ego LikenessEgo Likeness was created in 1999 by artist Steven Archer, a DC native, and writer Donna Lynch in Baltimore, Maryland--taking their name from Frank Herbert's classic science fiction novel 'Dune'. Ego Likeness has released 5 (soon to be 6) Studio albums, 4 EPs, and appeared on numerous compilations--while sharing the stage with the groups The Damned, Peter Murphy, Chris Connelly, Collide, Razed in Black, Bella Morte, Das Ich, The Cruxshadows, Voltaire, Ayria, Angelspit, The Ludovico Technique and many more.
MUSIC PERFORMANCE: The Wandering CellistThe Wandering Cellist's (aka Luna Skye) music fuses classical training with her love of heavy metal, fantasy, film and folk music. Building layers of cello on top of each other, she creates a world simultaneously dark, beautiful, wonderful, fantastic and breathtaking.
Writing Doctor Who Audios with Nev FountainNev Fountain first came to write for Doctor Who when he script-edited the BBC online story "Death Comes to Time" in 2001 which featured our other guests Sophie Aldred and Sylvester McCoy. He has gone on to write some of Big Finish's most acclaimed audios, including "Omega" and the "The Kingmaker". "Peri and the Piscon Paradox" may be the finest Big Finish Companion Chronicle in Big Finish's catalogue and "The Curious Incident of the Doctor in the Night-Time" may be Big Finish's greatest single self-contained episode. His latest, "The Widow's Assassin" , an epic sequel to Trial of a Time Lord, came out in October 2014.
Nicola Bryant is PeriNicola Bryant has portrayed the character of Perpugilliam "Peri" Brown alongside the 5th and 6th Doctors over two televised seasons (11 televised adventures). Since then, in her work for Big Finish, Nicola has has expanded the character's background extensively. We now know Peri traveled with the 5th Doctor and an Egyptian Queen named Erimem for 14 adventures spanning the equivalent of 4 entire seasons, and 21 adventures spanning 5 seasons with the 6th Doctor (and counting!). Peri's background is explored in such audios as "The Reaping" and "Peri and the Piscon Paradox", and many consider Nicola's wide ranging emotional exploration of the character to be a revelation. In this panel, Nicola discusses her approach to the role in the 80's and now during her reprisal in the 21st century on Big Finish.
One-Off CompanionsSome of the best characters in Doctor Who only appear once--they have a single story (or maybe two). We'll discuss new-series characters such as Canton Everett Delaware III, Craig Owens, Journey Blue, Angela Price (alias Mrs. Moore, from "Rise of the the Cybermen"/"The Age of Steel"), Madame du Pompadour, and Astrid Peth. We'll discuss classic-era characters like Lady Jennifer Buckingham and Lieutenant Carstairs from "War Games," Anne Travers from "The Web of Fear," Professor Rumford from "Stones of Blood," or Captain Sorin from "The Curse of Fenric." Come tell us which ones you loved, which ones you loathed, and which ones you're still hoping to see again.
Patricia Quinn: From Timewarp to TimelordsPatricia Quinn is most well known for her role as Magenta in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", however, she is also part of the Doctor Who universe through her appearance as Belazs in the 7th Doctor's episode "Dragonfire", as well as her appearance as Queen Angvia in the Big Finish audio drama production of "Bang-Bang-a-Boom!", again set during the tenure of the 7th Doctor. Join her for a discussion of her career including her Doctor Who related performances.
Patricia Quinn: Rocky Horror 40th AnniversaryCelebrate the 40th Anniversary of Rocky Horror Picture Show with a lively discussion with Patricia Quinn about this milestone in audience / art participation.
PIXELWHO: Invasion of the (Very) Small SquaresThe history, background, and modern look at 8-bit/pixel retro art style. PixelWho creates original pixelated Doctor Who artwork. Their goal is to take every Doctor's series run and pixelate every character including both significant and incidental characters. They produce limited edition fine art prints and provide a pixelatted guide for the Doctor Who fan.
PODCAST RECORDING: Impromtu WhoA live broadcast of Castwave Studios newest show, Impromptu Who! We discuss topics of Classic and New Who!

PODCAST RECORDING: Playing DoctorLive recording of Playing Doctor Podcast featuring Jennie and Ben as they discuss the hit BBC series Doctor Who. This episode we will be discussing how it has taken fifty years for Doctor Who to become an overnight success in the United States.
PODCAST RECORDING: Sci Fi DinerThe SciFi Diner Podcast chats about all the latest and greatest in sci-fi multimedia, podcasting, movies, and books. More info at: With M Sieiro Garcia &David Moulton hosting.
PODCAST RECORDING: The Girls Who WaitedThe geek girl YouTube show about Doctor Who and so much more! The broadcast contains episodes about Doctor Who, favorite television shows, books, costuming and so much more!
PODCAST RECORDING: Trekoff: LIVE!The Pottymouthed TREK podcast belongs at ReGeneration Who! Join J&A for a hilarious hour of R-Rated, NSFW Trek and SciFi discussion (including a sidesplitting game of TREK and DOCTOR: F***, Marry, Kill), and heated debate on STAR TREK, DOCTOR WHO, and all things Sci-Fi. Hear more at!
PODCAST RECORDING: White Dragon Podcast NetworkThe White Dragon Podcast Network is designed to make a strong mark in the wold of On Demand Audio. Our shows, which run a vast variety of topics, are designed to bring a smile to your face and provide a much needed auditory escape from the doldrums of every day life.
Podcast ExtravaganzaA diverse panel of podcasters discuss what it takes to make a Doctor Who podcast and discuss their wide range of experiences talking about the show.
Revelation of the Daleks Cast SigningGet signatures of the the principal actors (Nicola Bryant, Colin Baker, Terry Molloy, Colin Spaull) from the legendary serial "Revelation of the Daleks" where the Sixth Doctor and Peri faced off with Davros and the Daleks on the plant Necros.
Series 8: Hit or Miss?What's your favorite (and least favorite) episode of Series 8? How do you feel about Clara's departure and return? What's your take on the Twelfth Doctor? Panelists and guests discuss their opinions of Series 8 and the new Doctor, as well as hopes and speculations about Series 9.
Fan Art to Business - How to Make it as a Doctor Who ArtistA panel of working artists talk about their experience turning their passion into a career. Everything from selling your work online to producing prints, to working the convention circuit, come learn how others have turned their art into into income.
Sophie Aldred is AceSophie Aldred shares her perspective on the character development of Ace through the years, and discusses her approach to the character. We'll also discuss how Ace's character has had a long lasting impact on the new companions of the new series. What happened to Ace after season 26? Now we know a good deal of the story thanks to dozens of novels and audios that have continued Ace's narrative.
Talking 'bout Regeneration!The rules of regeneration have always been murky at best and they became even more muddled when the Time Lords gave the Doctor a fresh set at the end of "Time of the Doctor". From a story perspective, was that a good move? How should future regenerations be addressed? And was this a missed opportunity to address the Doctor's mortality in a longer format.
TARDIS TEAM: Seventh Doctor and AceSylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred have portrayed the Doctor and Ace in two televised classic seasons, one lost "season 27" on audio and the equivalent of at least 8 more seasons (32+ audios) on Big Finish. Here they discuss their long partnership and how their approach to the characters has developed of the course of over 40 adventures together.
TARDIS TEAM: Sixth Doctor and PeriColin Baker and Nicola Bryant have potrayed the Doctor and Peri in two televised classic seasons, one lost season (22B), and at least two more seasons on Big Finish Audio. Here they discuss their long partnership and how their approach to the characters has developed in the course of over 30 adventures together.
Tea With The Doctor (VIP Special Event)VIP level Companions, Cybermen, Timelords, and Daleks: Come and chat with many of our guests at a tea, desserts, and light snacks party.
Terry Molloy: Davros - Demon, Dreamer, or Divine!Terry Molloy is the definitive Davros, portraying the character in the classic series from 1983 to 1989. He continues to reprise the role today via many of the award winning Big Finish Audio Adventures. His version of Davros has faced off against the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th doctors, and even featured in his own four part mini-series "I,Davros".
The Fourth Doctor : Tom BakerJoin Tom Baker, the iconic 4th Doctor, LIVE via skype as he addresses his many american fans.
The First Doctor and the Legacy of BarbaraAn in depth discussion of how Verity Lambert and Jacqueline Hill created the basis through which the agency (or lack thereof) of the companion has a major impact on the show and our understanding of the Doctor.
The MasterAfter Missy's big reveal in "Dark Water," fans have taken sides to argue about whether they can accept a female Master. We'll tackle that question--but more importantly, what does the Master mean to Doctor Who? Let's talk about the character, from Delgado's appearance in "Terror of the Autons" to Missy's apparent destruction in "Death in Heaven." What kind of relationship does the Doctor have with the Master? How does their shared history tell us about both characters and about the Time Lords? And what always goes wrong with the Master's convoluted plans?
The Seventh Doctor: Sylvester McCoyJoin Sylvester McCoy, the iconic 7th Doctor, live in person.
The Sixth Doctor: Colin BakerJoin Colin Baker, the iconic 6th Doctor, live in person.
The Song Remains The SameLet's talk about River Song! Love her, hate her, she's the Doctor's wife (or is she?), and she's canon.
The Two DoctorsJoin Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy as they discuss their perspectives on the darker side of the Doctor: the cosmic-scale meddler, the violent avenger, the manipulator of companions, the world destroyer of Skaro. In what ways do they contrast their darker approach to the role in comparison to their predecessors? How did their approach to the role change over time, both during their seasons on television, and in the past 15 years during their reprisals in Big Finish audios? What was their input with producers, directors and script writers? They will discuss their perspective on playing the Doctor both onscreen and in the expanded universe of Big Finish.
Time Travel, Back to the Future StyleTake a break from the Tardis and learn about other methods of time travel. Most notably, using something a lot more stylish! Come learn a bit about Back to the Future, DeLoreans, and alternate dimensions!
Toymaking and Drawing with Kelsey Wailes (Doctor Kawaii)Kelsey Wailes is a Maryland based toymaker, illustrator, teacher, science enthusiast and occasional kaiju. She makes ugly things cute and cute things ugly. Her terrible things have been featured on io9, Mental Floss, Kotaku and more. She is a part of Super Art Fight, and creator of the kaiju character Stompadon and the author and illustrator for the Doctor Who based webcomic Doctor Kawaii. She'll discuss the variety of artistic modes she engages with in the world of Doctor Who.
Trial of a Timelord: The AftermathJoin Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant and Nev Fountain as they discuss the controversial serial Trial of a Time Lord, with an emphasis on the Big Finish audios that plugged the plot holes and tied up the loose ends of this controversial season. What input did the actors have then and now on the narrative? What really happened to Peri Brown? How did Mel get back to the right place in the Doctor's timeline? Who was the Valeyard, really? What does the malleable nature of the plot reveal as a metaphor for retcons and revisionism? WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the Big Finish sequels to Trial of a Time Lord: "Trial of the Valeyard", "The Wrong Doctor", "Peri and the Piscon Paradox" and "The Widow's Assassin".
Tribute to the Second Doctor: Patrick Troughton (With Deborah Watling)When Patrick Troughton took over from William Hartnell, no one knew if Doctor Who would continue to be succesful. His approach to the role was starkly contrasted to his predessor and he helped launch Doctor Who into a new era where "change" was the norm. Deborah Watling joined with Troughton for Season 5, widely regarded as one of the greatest seasons of all time. Join Deborah Watling on a personal tour , including her thoughts on Tomb of the Cybermen, The Abominable Snowmen, The Ice Warriors, Fury of the Deep and the recently recovered Web of Fear and Enemy of the World.
UNIT, Past and PresentNow that UNIT is back in the picture--with a Lethbridge-Stewart at the helm, no less--it's time to talk about the relationship between UNIT and the Doctor. Come discuss the relationships between UNIT and the Third and Fourth Doctors, as well as new-series depictions (both during the Davies era and more recently opposite the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors). We can talk about Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and Kate Stewart, why the Doctor works with them even though they're soldiers, and whether the Doctor's really on the payroll.
VIDEO: Dice and Men (plus Q & A)A screening of the feature dramedy film OF DICE AND MEN, "a geek movie without the self-loathing", and a Q&A with cast and crew! The film, based on the critically-acclaimed play by Cameron McNary and produced by Cavegirl Productions, is about six tabletop roleplaying gamers and what happens when one of them enlists to go to Iraq in 2006. Watch the trailer and read more at:
FAN VIDEO FESTIVALCome See a selection of the best fan produced videos set within the Doctor Who universe.
VIDEO: Ninjas Vs. MonstersTake a break from all of the Doctor Who action and watch a different group of monsters terroize the world. The folks at Endlight Entertainment are based in the DC Metro area and have enjoyed success with their cult films NINJAS VS ZOMBIES and NINJAS VS VAMPIRES, come see the final movie in this trilogy NINJAS VS MONSTERS.
VIDEO: Rifftrax: Daleks - Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D.The former stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000 aka MST3K, make movies FUNNY! RiffTrax are hilarious audio commentaries for cheesy B-movies, educational shorts , and even modern-day blockbusters. This event is a showing of the pre-recorded riff on the classic Peter Cushing film, "Daleks Invasion Earth, 2150 A.D."
VIDEO: Rifftrax: Dr Who and the Daleks RiffTraxThe former stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000 aka MST3K, make movies FUNNY! RiffTrax are hilarious audio commentaries for cheesy B-movies, educational shorts and even modern-day blockbusters. This event is a showing of the pre-recorded riff on the classic Peter Cushing film, "Dr Who and the Daleks"
We Are Regeneration WhoCome talk to Oni and Harknell, founders and Co-Con Chairs of Intervention and (Re)Generation Who, about the event, their comic work, their theme park and haunted attraction adventures, or any other Stupid and Insane stuff you can think of. They are (almost) guaranteed to stay in one place during the duration of this panel.
WHAT IF: Eccleston had agreed to be in the the 50th Anniversary, "Day of the Doctor"?What if there was no War Doctor? Would the 8th Doctor have been involved instead of regenerating into the War Doctor? Would we see the events that haunted the 9th Doctor during his incarnation? How would it have affected the David Tennant, Matt Smith, and Peter Capaldi eras (in retorspect and moving forward)? Our panel will attempt to speculate on the answers.
Doctor Who Mad LibsAn interactive session for kids (and kids of all ages) where they have fun doing Mad Libs, Doctor Who style.
Back to the Future Delorian Photo OpHave your picture taken with a Delorian just like the one seen in Back to the Future (photos held outside the hotel).
Doctor Who Comics with Matthew Dow SmithMatthew Dow Smith is a writer, comic book artist, and life-long fan of Doctor Who. A frequent artist on IDWÕs run of Doctor Who comics, he also wrote a number of short WHO comic book stories in the US and the UK, including a 50th Anniversary comic for the BBCÕs bluRay collection. Ask him anything about his work on the comics and writing projects.
The Mystery of the Doctor with Andrew CartmelDuring his time as Script Editor of 7th Doctor's Era, Andrew Cartmel contributed enormously to the development of the show in profound ways that influenced Doctor Who when it was revived in 2005. Join him for a discussion of how the companion became a focus for the show, why the Doctor needs to have a mysterious past, and how Andrew helped to add to the long term narrative of Doctor Who after the show was canceled after Season 26.
Doctor Who: The Wilderness Years (1990 -2005)With the exception of the TV Movie Pilot in 1996, Doctor Who was not on the air for over a decade. In a series of novels and audios, a brilliant group of writers and artists not only kept the Doctor Who narrative active, but added new mythology to the ongoing story in profound and influential ways. Join some of the creators who were active during the Wilderness years as they discuss their approach and how their influence continues to ripple on the show today.
The Greatest Cosplay Show in the GalaxyCome one, come all! Whether you're coming to show off your Doctor Who cosplay or you're in the crowd to watch your fellow Regenerators on stage, this non-competitive celebration of the great range of cosplayers at the convention is a can't miss event. Participants are are free to take a bow or perform a short skit and show off their work. We'll be presenting costumes in a time line style starting with the First Doctor and those tunnel-visioned Monoids and going all the way up to 12 and his arch nemesis Missy!

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