The following special events will occur at (Re)Generation Who:

“Tea With The Doctor”

UPDATE: All spots for this event are now filled

Have a sit down spot of tea with The Doctor, his Companions, and other top tier guests at (Re)Generation Who. This special tier 4 or above VIP level event (“Companion”, “Cyberman”, “Timelord”, or “Dalek”) has each participating guest spend some time at your table for a chat while indulging in some tea and sweets in a relaxed setting. This event has a total limit of participants and will likely sell out quickly.

Please note that all seats at the event must be paid for at the appropriate VIP level. This includes Children’s registrations (5-12). For small children under the age of 5, they may attend without cost if they may be seated directly with their parent (either on their lap, or directly held).

Note: Guest participation at this event is subject to their availability at the event and may not include all scheduled guests of the event.

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