What Are The War Games?

The War Games is a special meta event that will be taking place at (Re)Generation Who. The basic game is an adaption of the game “ConTag“, which made it’s debut at our other event Intervention.

The War Games variant of ConTag will be an even more expanded and exciting version, with two team fighting for control of all of Time and Space:

The Cult“, led by the Daleks and comprised of a coalition of evil aliens out to conquer the universe.

The High Council“, led by the Timelords and comprised of agents across time and space dedicated to preserving the peace.

Both regular attendees and War Games VIPs can play, but by being a VIP tier member you are considered a higher ranking officer on your side of the war, therefore your points accumulated will be multiplied by your rank but you will also be a target.

The full rules and information will be up soon.

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