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The following Artists will be selling their wares in our Artist Alley:
Page updated February 29, 2016

(Re)Generation Who Artist Alley

Laura Inglis


Laura Inglis is a free-lance artist based in western Maryland. Over the last 5 years she's created licensed artwork for a variety of properties including Doctor Who, Transformers, the Avengers (British series) and Star Trek.

Arachne's Muse


Shirley is the owner and main henna artist for Arachne’s Muse. Henna has been her passion for more than 15 years and her business for 3 years. She is completely self taught, and because of this her style is inspired by many henna traditions, as well as other body art traditions from around the world. She believes henna transcends boundaries and can be used in many forms of expression, from sacred to silly.

Nonlinear Bags


I am the maker for mostly cotton bags, purses and totes who also happens to be in love with a 900 year old time lord. I make each of my bags my self, one at a time. No two are identical.


Geek Boy Press


Geek Boy Press! is all about my love of pop-culture, showcased through my hand screen printed apparel and digitally drawn art prints!

Tangent Artists


Long ago… a team of talented professional writers and artists tried to invent a machine that would translate imagination into vivid brightly animated images on a TV screen. Having no knowledge of neurophysics, complex machinery or even simple fractions, this plan was sadly abandoned in 2007. Instead the company endeavored to provide high-quality web comics to the world once a week, and this goal was met with far greater success. Thus was the creation of three comic series: The macabre comedy, “Skeleton Crew,” the celebration of nerd life, “Donuts for Looking,” and the Swords & Sorcery & Sarcasm series, “CRIT!”
Monica Marier : Does script pencils, ink, and color for both Donuts for Looking and Skeleton Crew. She also does script and pencils for CRIT. She’s a published Fantasy author/illustrator.
David Joria: Does script for Skeleton Crew, Donuts for Looking, and CRIT.
Rachael Hixon: Does story, ink, and color for CRIT. She also is in charge of in-house printing for Tangent Artists comics and books.

Tangent Artists

Ripping It Down


Ripping It Down; Rebecca Spivey has been a nerdy artist since elementary school when she spent recess doodling superheroes in her notebooks. Now, as Ripping It Down, she handcrafts fandom inspired and creepy cool jewelry, as well as recycled pop culture accessories. She loves to help others share their passions with the world!

Hannah J. Rothman / Raggedy Moon Books


Hannah J. Rothman is a New York Whovian who came to the game a little late. A fan of New Who since 2009, and Classic Who since 2010, she enjoys applying her skills with a pencil to both notebooks and sketchbooks. Her Twitter Who series began life as the Classic Doctor Who Twitter Blog on LiveJournal and expanded to ebook and print in 2012-2013. Hannah's work has appeared in both volumes of Robert Smith?'s Outside In series, Chicks Dig Gaming, and the fanzine The Terrible Zodin.


Inner Peace Massage & Reiki


Stephanie is a certified massage therapist and Reiki level 3 practitioner. Her main objected is to have you relaxed or have some of your tension released and have you feeling great.

Tortoise & Hare Creations


In 2011, Indi Martin joined forces with writing partner and idea-generator William O. Billman II to create Tortoise & Hare Creations, into which the two could pour their creative heartblood and - through alchemical equations and dark, rum-based magic - produce stunning projects. Indi is best known for penning the Gina Harwood novels, a paranormal investigation series, as well as Dissolution: A Graphic Novel, a mature-content, experimental graphic serial. Together with Will, she has illustrated and co-created the Cobalt modern noir comics, and the Fern Sea steampunk children's comic world. Indi has supplied paintings for Rogue Genius Games' Pathfinder supplements, including the Book of Eight Restful Retreats and Veranthea Codex. Along with GoCache, 2015 will also see the completion of Shroud of the Avatar: New Beginnings, a comic treatment prequel of the upcoming Shroud of the Avatar game. Check out all of the THC projects at



CierraStyles takes underappreciated thingamajigs and reworks them to make them one of a kind! CierraStyles takes gently used or new shoes and purses to craft unique items that are inspired by Geek Fandom, giving them a second life! She also makes jewelry, paints glass, makes WhoHats, and boxes to give you something you wont forget!

Taking inspiration from Doctor Who, Disney, and other Fandoms she makes you something special. Check out her Instagram Cierra_Styles, and Facebook CierraStylesHere for a better look at all her crafts!

SkyFire Fox Arts


SkyFire Fox Arts is a small business founded in 2003. Our Principal Artist, Shadow produces unique artwork and fiber arts; including prints, illustrations, web comics, custom costumes, doll clothes, and hand knit or sewn items. From time to time, Mel creates hand built pottery and jewelry. Alyce is our Author Extraordinaire. We have been selling art at various conventions since 2005.

League of Extraordinary Nerds


We are a group of graphic designers from the Maryland/Pennsylvania area bringing our particular brand of nerd to convention goers. We have posters, prints, glasses, mugs, stickers, decals, windows clings, tote bags, and postcards. We have a wide variety of products ranging across many different fandoms, but most importantly Doctor Who!

Check out their website:

DJ Neko - Illustrations by Carla


Carla is an artist living in MD with her husband and two cats. She enjoys drawing and creating with inks, markers, and whatever else she can get her hands on.


W Designs by Dianne


W Designs by Dianne will be bringing her line of Doctor Who inspired jewelry and accessories to Regeneration Who. What started out as a hobby inspired by Buffy the Vampire slayer has grown to encompass many fandoms. Fan favorites of her Doctor Who line include Companion Keys – an imagining of how each of the companions would personalize their TARDIS keys and accessory bags featuring Who inspired fabrics. Into retro? Love to cook? Check out her retro inspired aprons in fan favorite fabrics. New in the line are affordable, reusable and fun cup cozies so you can enjoy your fandom while you sip your favorite drinks. This year, she’ll be adding Sonic Screwdriver earrings and her entire line will feature newly available Doctor Who fabrics. just in time for the convention.

W Designs by Dianne can be followed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Couch People Enterprises


Couch People Enterprises is a conglomeration of local artists, craftsmen and designers who specialize in fan-produced fan art, sculpture, cosplay props and various other artistic mediums. We pride ourselves on a professional level of quality and guarantee satisfaction with every purchase.
When you buy something from CPE you are buying directly from the artist. Every purchase goes to furthering our goals as a conglomerate with the hopes of someday realizing our little group as a full fledged business. Please come by and see what inspirational pieces we have to offer!

Michael D'Ambrosio


Michael is the author of the Fractured Time Trilogy, The Space Frontiers Series, Night Creeps Series, The Pain Series. In addition to his novels, Michael also writes screenplays, some adapted from his novels.He is a life-long resident of the Philadelphia area. For more information and news on Michael's projects and appearances, visit his site at .

Miniature Inspirations


Maggie Mei Lewis was always interested in art from a very young age. As an aspiring artist, she loved the combined aspects of making art, understanding it, and then creating an environment that allowed her to share her art and creativity with the rest of her community and even the world. She began needle-felting after watching a video that explained the unique technique of needle-felting. After becoming fascinated with the process, Maggie then began to create and design her own felted pieces of art and continue to pursue the art of needle-felting.She opened an Etsy shop and the business Miniature Inspirations in 2013, and have been enjoying sharing her soft-sculptures, designs, and art with the her community and even worldwide.


The Goblin Market


60% Mad Science, 40% glitter, and 100% Fabulous! Bonnie uses two part epoxy resin and custom graphics, and everyday objects to create wearable works of art that last a life time.

Website: The Goblin Market

Red Fish Rue Fish


Red Fish Rue Fish is a small creative operation based in Alexandria, VA. In addition to metal cuff bracelets, dog tags and other fun accessories & decor, Red Fish Rue Fish also offers pretty cool Design Your Own Button (D.Y.O.B.) services at conventions, craft fairs, fundraising events and private parties. Red Fish Rue Fish is the home of Northern Virginia's Original Photo Button Booth and the exclusive retailer of the Song Byrd Pendant.

Chain and Fancy


Chain and Fancy provides unique, attractive, and durable jewelry and sculpture. We strive for excellence and beauty in all that we make, and all of our pieces can be used or worn in a variety of ways.

Playing Doctor Podcast

Jennie and Ben discuss the hit BBC series Doctor Who in their podcast "Playing Doctor". Stop by their table and get their take on the series, and check out their site online at

RandomThunk Productions

Art prints, books (by me), stickers, magnet dolls, whatever things-with-my-drawings-printed-on-them I come up with between now and March.


Team Kultzow


Team Kultzow: We’re a husband and wife team out of Baltimore, MD. In our spare time, we design board games, jewelry, t-shirts, and all sorts of small-run projects.

A geek and her machine


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