Q: What is (Re)Generation Who?
A: (Re)Generation Who is a 3 day long celebration of all things related to the British TV show Doctor Who, along with all of it’s spinoffs and other related media. Come and have fun watching, discussing, cosplaying, and being a part of this wonderful fandom community.

Q: When Does the Con Start and End?
A: (Re)Generation Who 2 starts at Noon on Friday March 18th, 2016 and ends at 5pm on Sunday March 20th.

Q: How Much does it cost to attend (Re)Generation Who?
A: (Re)Generation Who 2 costs $75 for pre-registration for the full weekend. At-door cost for full weekend will be $85. If we don’t sell out of full weekend registrations we will announce daily rates close to the event date on March 4th.

We also have add-on VIP levels available that cost $30, $60, $90, $150, and $1500 and convey extra perks or items to the attendee. For the faction name on the badge (example, UNIT or Jadoon) you can choose either one when you pick up your badge at the event.

tier 1: cost $30, Choices: UNIT or Judoon
perks: Special badge, early access to dealer room, special limited edition artwork, Invite to a special “Regenerators” party.

tier 2: cost $60, Choices: Torchwood or Silence
perks: tier 1 perks and Special Limited Edition Con T-Shirt

tier 3: cost $90, Choices: Time Agent or Sontaran
perks: tiers 1 & 2 perks and a listing online as part of the evil or good coalition forces for this year, and a special Limited Edition 3d printed charm.

Tier 4: cost $150, Choices: Companion or Cyberman
Perks: tiers 1,2 and 3 perks and admission to the Limited Access “Tea with The Doctor” Meet and Greet event. (total number of this tier limited to 70)

Tier 5: cost $1500, Choices: Time Lord or Dalek
Perks: all previous tiers and regular registration for life to the event, and a permanent listing as a member of the “High Council”, or as a member of “The Cult” and placed in your Section of our “Veterans of the Time War” Page, with personal URL link and image. Also, first access to registration and other sales events.

When does online pre-reg end?
Online sales of registrations will be ending at midnight on March 16th, after that you’ll need to buy your registration at the event.

Q: What does the “Unique Badge Name” Registration option mean?

A: Attendees for our first year asked for the option of having a Unique Badge Name / Artwork option for their badges. We did that in an adhoc fashion for the first year, but decide to make it a real option for this year. What this means is, much like our VIP badges, you will receive a special badge with your Unique Name pre-printed with Unique artwork. So, if you want to submit your own cosplay name, Role Playing Name, or even your actual name, with associated artwork, we will set up a Unique badge design just for you. We are also offering a list of preset Doctor Who entities who will only have one version sold per name (as in “The Doctor (X)” ). Once that is sold no others will be sold. Please note you can’t get around this by asking to submit your own name and then ask to be called “The Fourth Doctor”. Any thing related to known Doctor Who entities will be Unique and only sold once. Please contact us in advance if you aren’t sure your submitted name will work. We also couldn’t list every Doctor Who entity–so also contact us if you want to reserve a name not on the list–if it isn;t taken you’ll be the one to get it. We’ll eventually list all taken names on the site on it’s own “Unique Name” list page.

Also note that the Unique Name option is not in itself a “VIP” level. You can buy this and not buy a VIP level–but if you want to be a VIP you MUST buy a separate VIP level from it’s option field to get those benefits. This option and VIP levels are not related at all.

Also note that regular registration badges do not come with pre-printed names. If all you want to do is hand write your name on your badge you can still do that (and write “The Doctor” or whatever you want on it)–this Unique Badge option is for badges provided by the event, and gives you a unique keepsake for the year.

Q: What is your refund policy?

(Re)Generation Who will refund regular attendee registrations up to 1 week before the event date (cutoff is March 11th 2016 @12am EST). After that point no refund will be given. Artist Alley registrations can be refunded up until 2 weeks before the event date (March 4th), and Vendor Registrations 4 weeks before the event date (Feb 19th).

Q: I Pre-Registered for the Con, Where do I get my Badge? Should I have received a ticket by mail?
A: We do not send out tickets, badges or registrations by mail or email. You should have received an email confirmation at the time of registration, but that’s all that gets sent out. Pre-Registered attendees only need to stop by our Pre-reg pick up table and present official ID to get their badge and other con materials. This table is located with the rest of our registration set up in the lobby of the event hotel.

Q:I Pre-Purchased a Photo Op or Autograph Signing, What do I do to get those?
All you need to do to redeem your pre-purchased signings or Photo Ops is to go to the guest table (for signings) or the Photo Ops room (for Photos) and show your ID. They will have you listed.

Q: What are Vendor Room Hours?
A: Friday: 3pm to 9pm
Saturday: 10am to 7pm
Sunday: 10am to 3pm

VIP level attendees gain access to the Vendors Room 30 minutes early on all three days.

Q: When is Registration Open?

A: – Friday, March 18: 10AM-8PM
– Saturday, March 19: 10AM-8PM
– Sunday, March 20: 9AM-1PM

Q: How big is (Re)Generation Who?
A: (Re)Generation Who 1 had 1664 people at the event. We are expecting that number to grow for this year, and we will very likely have to cap attendance at 2250.

Q: How do I get to (Re)Generation Who?
A:The directions and hotel information are located here.

Q: How do I register?
A: The details are listed here.

Q: Should I book a room at the hotel?
A: Yes! We have set up a special room rate of $125/night at our event venue for our con attendees. Please go to our location page for up to date info

Q: Are there different Vendor Room/Artist Alley/Dealers Room locations at (Re)Generation Who? How Do I apply to be in either one?

A: (Re)Generation Who has 2 different sales areas depending on what is being sold and who is selling the item. We have a dedicated Vendor Room (see above for hours), which primarily has stores and other general merchandise. Our Artist Alley is located throughout the event space and consists of independent artists who are selling more individualized and personalized items. You can apply to be in either one by going to the Vendor Room page, or the Artist Alley page.

Q: Are you just for Doctor Who fans?

A: Absolutely not. Although why you’d go to the event if you didn’t have at least a passing fancy for the fandom is up to you. We won’t judge you if you show up in any other type of costume.

Q: What makes you different from other cons?

A: Our focus on making your experience the best it can be. We’re not running this event to grab your hard earned money and give you the least we can get away with–our goal with the event is to make sure that guests, vendors, artists, and fans all have the best possible time they can have at the con. We’ve already proven our ability to run an event at top of the line quality with our first event Intervention, and with the first year of (Re)Generation Who–so you can expect the same level of professionalism, friendly staff encounters, and service that are part of our reputation to continue this year.

Q: When was the first (Re)Generation Who?

A: Our first year was 2015. This year marks our second time for this event.

Q: Do you have any Assistance Services available for attendees?
A: Yes, (Re)Generation Who can work with you if you have ASL, mobility, or any other assistance needs. Please email us at assistance@regenerationwho.com, or use the contact form located on our ASL and Assistance Services page.

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