(Re)Generation Who 2 Autograph and Photo Op Information

There will be plenty of opportunities at (Re)Generation Who 2 to get an Autograph or Photo with your favorite Doctor Who stars. Here are some of the details, and following them some policy notes, for how that works this year:

Guest NameAutograph Costs (Signed Photo)Photo Op Costs (solo)Online Pre-Purchase Availability
Terry MolloyItem cost range: $20-$30, with most $30$25Not Available
Colin Baker$40, with extra large prints $50$40Yes for both
Nicola BryantItem cost range: $15 - $50, with most $40$30Yes for Both
Sophie (Aldred) Henderson$30$30Yes for both
Deborah Watling$25$30Yes for both
Peter Davison$40$40Yes for both
Wendy Padbury$25$30Not Available
Frazer Hines$25$30Yes for both
Michael Troughton$25$25Yes for both
Nick Briggs$20$25Yes for both
Anneke Wills$25$30Not Available
Special Add Ons Available For Photo Ops:

$15 for a digital download of any photo

$15 for additional print copy of any photo.

Photo GroupPricing for Group
(No Advance Purchase Available)
Tardis Team: Colin Baker / Nicola Bryant$60
Tardis Team: Peter Davison / Nicola Bryant$60
NuWho: Nick Briggs and Michael Troughton$40
2nd Doctor Group: Wendy Padbury / Frazer Hines / Deborah Watling / Anneke Wills / Michael Troughton (Special Note: Only 2 Adults per photo for this group)$120
All Companions: Nicola Bryant / Sophie Henderson / Deborah Watling / Wendy Padbury / Frazer Hines / Anneke Wills (Special Note: Only 2 Adults per photo for this group)$150
Dalek Group: Nick Briggs / Terry Molloy $40
The Two Doctors: Colin Baker / Peter Davison$70
Revelation of the Daleks Cast: Colin Baker / Nicola Bryant / Terry Molloy $70

Please Note that Photo Ops done at the event are all payment in Cash, Credit Cards will not be accepted–please plan in advance.

1) Most of our Guests have a table either in the Vendor Room, or the Artist Alley, or in our dedicated Actor Signing Area. They will be available most of the weekend (when not participating in a panel or event) at their table to do autograph signings. Each person will have a sign indicating the costs for their autographs. We will also have this information online (when available it will be listed on this page).

2) There will be a small number of “Buffet Signings” scheduled during the weekend. These are special multi-actor signing opportunities where you can have all of the actors sign at the same time. Please note on the con layout the location where these signings will occur (Actor Signing Area).

3) Photo ops will *only* occur in our photo studio. Do not ask a guest to get a photo at their table (unless indicated that they do table photos), in the hall, or in any other location other than the photo studio. There will be many opportunities to get a photo with your favorite actors. Photo’s may contain up to 4 attendees per photo at the base cost (unless otherwise noted), above this number would require an additional purchase cost for the photo for up to every additional 4.

4) Each autograph or photo payment will get you one item or photo. If you would like multiple items signed or photos taken (or copies) you must pay for each instance.

5) Please do not ask to have items signed or photos taken when the guest is not at their table, or not in our photo studio. Guests are people as well, and deserve a chance to eat, relax, and have time off while at the event. Any harassing of guests for signatures or photos outside of the official times and locations may lead to expulsion from the event without refund.

6) Photo ops and event signings will be listed on our Schedule page on the website and on our pocket guide. Photo shoot times remain fluid up until the actual photo shoot and are subject to change. We cannot foresee all delays that may occur in a live convention, but should a change in times be necessary, signage will be posted throughout the convention with the new schedule. Please check the photo shoot times on the day of the shoot and again later in the day. Also, please be at the photo shoot 5-10 minutes before it is to begin. Please note that there is no implied duration for the photo shoot; the actor will only remain in the photo booth as long as there are people lined up to have their picture taken. Once the line is empty, the actor leaves and may not be available for another photo shoot that day.

7) Please assume you will need to pay in cash for Photo Ops or Autographs purchased at the con. You do have the ability to pre-purchase online some of our guests Photo Ops and Autographs–this is done through our Regular Registration Page, or as an Addon to your already purchased registration through our Upgrade/Addon Registration Page. Not all guests are participating in pre-purchases (it is noted next to their entry if they are). Pre-Purchase sales will end by March 16th.

Pre-purchased Photo Ops or Signings are redeemed at the table of each guest (for signings) or at the Photo Op room. They will have a list of all pre-purchased items and you will need to show ID to redeem your pre-purchase.

8) The Photo Ops will take place in front of a Green Screen. Please note that wearing green will entail a slightly longer time to adjust the setup to compensate–so it’s best to avoid wearing green if possible.

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