(Re)Generation Who 2 will have a selection of great programming to be enjoyed by the whole family. Bring your children to our Children’s Programming room and assist them in some crafts and other fun events to encourage learning and appreciation of the Doctor Who Universe.

Our programming schedule for this year:

Time SlotTitleConcept / Description
3-4 pmAdipose Snack Timemake your own adipose with marshmallows
4-5pmThe Doctor's Namecreate your name in Gallifreyan / add to your con badge
5-6pmColoring Contestcategories by age, posted for fan votes
6-7pmPaper Tardiscolor, cut out & fold up your own tardis
7-8pmDr. Who Mad Libssilly stories, dramatic readings
10-11amPaper Fez / Paper DalekFold your own!
11am-1pmMask MakingFeaturing a special guest Instructor
Are you my mummy OR Clockwork Automaton masks
1-2pmPsychic PaperSecret messages on your own 'psychic paper'
2-3pmDr. Who Trivia EliminatorHow much do you really know?
3-4pmNebula in a BottleCreate a galaxy in a bottle
4-5pmTardis Key & Bow Tielook sharp and don't lose your key _ create a tardis key ring & bow tie of your own
5-6pmPin the Face on Cassandramake a face, then stick it on Cassandra (don't forget to moisturize)
6-7pmYour Sonic Screwdrivermake your own sonic screwdriver
7-8pmSpecial Guest Story TimeStories for the younger crowd read by one of our Special Guests.
10-11amDay of the Doctor Bingo
11am-12pmGalaxy River RocksPaint your own scene on a river stone
12-1pmDr. Who Snow FlakesChristmas special is on the way, decorate with themed snowflakes
1-2pmYoung ActorsTeens only, One of our Special Guests will give some tips and ideas about acting and what you need to know as you grow in the profession.
2-3pmIt's all youWhat would you love to see next year on this track?

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