Programming Descriptions

Last updated: February 19, 2016

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The following Panels, Performances, Showings, and Events will occur at (Re)Generation Who this year:

18 Ways Doctor Who Can Make You a Better DesignerJason Cranford Teague will discuss on how most of the lessons he has learned as a designer over the years tied back to what he learned watching the charismatic Timelord. Jason designed Computer Meditated Communications, the first Web based magazine, in 1994; WebMD when it launched in 1998; and Balance & Grace, one of the first online Comic Books, in 2006. Jason is finishing work on a new book, The NEW Web Typography (Spring '16). He also writes regularly for Creative Bloq, and has written for .NET, Computer Arts, and Edutpoia.
Acting for Audio with Terry MolloyJoin Terry Molloy (Davros) for an 'Acting for Audio' masterclass, exploring the special requirements of voice acting. Terry will cover the approach to scripts and creating a character with your voice using practical examples from Big Finish scripts and others.
Anneke Wills is Polly WrightOn Stage! Meet Anneke Wills for a moderated question and answer session. Anneke Wills portrayed Polly Wright, a young woman from the year 1966 who served as he a companion of the First and Second Doctors and a regular in the programme from 1966 to 1967. Polly appeared in 9 stories (36 episodes). Notably she was present for the very first regeneration in the Tenth Planet/ Power of the Daleks. She continues to reprise her role with Big Finish.
Back to the Future Delorian Photo OpHave your picture taken with a Delorian just like the one seen in Back to the Future (photos held outside the hotel).
Best Dalek Panel EVERA spectacular gathering of the greatest Dalek experts in the universe. Join Nick Briggs (the current VOICE of the Daleks, and writer of many Dalek Stories), Terry Molloy (DAVROS), Rob Shearman (writer of TV Episode Dalek, and many Big Finish Audios), and John Peel (Terry Nation's favored novelist adapter of classic Dalek Stories and writer of new Dalek novels) as they discussÉ DALEKS!
Big Finish: Looking Back at 15 Years of AdventureJoin Jason Haigh-Ellery a celebration of Big Finish, including the greatest moments of the first 15 years of their original productions.
Big Finish: New Who and Onward to the FutureAfter 15 glorious years of producing stories from the first eight Doctors, Big Finish has finally been given access to create stories taking place in the post-2005 universe of Doctor Who. Strax, River Song, Judoon, Weeping Angels, Torchwood, Unit, the War Doctor, Winston Churchill and the Tenth Doctor and Donna. Join Jason Haigh-Ellery as he discusses how this came to be and where they are headed in the future.
Bioethics in "Doctor Who" What does the series have to say about the bioethical questions that are starting to appear in real life? Stories such as "New Earth" and "The Rebel Flesh"/"The Almost People" tackle these issues head-on--let's discuss what they have to say.
Breaking into the Gaming World with Darren WattsHow do you become a writer or artist in the game industry? Darren Watts recently co-wrote the Fifth Doctor and Eighth Doctor Sourcebooks for the Doctor Who: Adventures In Time And Space roleplaying game for Cubicle 7 and he will discusses his experience in the game industry as a writer, producer and artist, setting/universe creation, working with licensed properties. Darren has more than fifteen years experience writing, editing and publishing role-playing games. He is the former president and co-owner of Hero Games, publisher of Champions and other RPGs, and of Indie Press Revolution.
Captain Kyle's Cosplay SpotlightCaptain Kyle's Cosplay Spotlight is a talk show featuring Cosplay and the cosplayers behind the costume. The unique format of the show starts with an interview of the cosplayer, in costume, as if they are the character they are portraying. Later in the show the cosplayer is interviewed as themselves and discusses their inspirations, methods for putting together their costumes, other costumes they wear, future plans and you get to meet them as an individual. Unlike shows that might highlight the competitive aspects of cosplay or portray cosplayers in a bad light, this show celebrates cosplay and what it's all about... which is FUN!

Check out
Introduction to Who for Parents and KidsJoin some Whovian parents as they discuss introducing and experiencing Doctor Who with kids.
Cosplay for Kids (and the Whole Family)A panel on how to get your kids started into cosplay so you can cosplay as a family. It will discuss how to acquire costumes, considerations to remember, discuss privacy issues, and share photos of kids in cosplay.
Classic Doctor Who Immersion CourseSince one of the guiding principles of this convention is to bring together different eras of Doctor Who fandom, this session will discuss the different eras of the show's original run and how they relate to the more recent episodes (as well as British TV in general).
Coal Hill ConventionJoin us to talk about the upcoming Coal Hill Convention in Laconia, NH in May of this year. Coal Hill Con 2016 is themed with the central concept being that all attendees are "students" at Coal Hill High School. Attendees will be invited to engage and interact with the surroundings, fellow students, faculty and guests in as immersive a way as they feel comfortable. The event space will be decorated to emphasize the theme and our special events will all touch on the theme in some way.
Collecting Doctor WhoHow do you start collecting? What are some easy sources and things to collect? This panel of experienced collectors provides ideas and resources about starting and maintaining a collection of Doctor Who memorabilia.
COMEDY PERFORMANCE: Hannah HarknessHannah Harkness is a writer / stand up comic based in Philadelphia with a penchant for the geeky and surreal. She co-hosts Comedy is Liberty, a monthly comedy open mic in Philadelphia. She is also a writer/ stand up comic for Media Train Rek, and opens for/ performs with Philadelphia's Rocky Horror Picture Show cast, Transylvanian Nipple Productions.
Companions!Join an eclectic group of the Doctor's Companions from multiple eras of ths show in a dynamic conversation about the role of the Companion.
COSPLAY: Body Positivity in Cosplay SpacesAn unfortunate side effect of cosplay getting so popular is that some popular prejudiced have gotten louder in convention culture. Our panelists of different body sizes, abilities, and gender presentations share their journeys with body positivity, their struggles, and what they do when they're feeling down on themselves.
COSPLAY: Cosplaying Over 35Cosplay is often spoken of as a hobby for teenagers and college students but that couldn't be more wrong! Come hear some (ahem) more dignified cosplayers discuss the specific challenges of cosplaying at an older age, how they handle ageism in cosplay spaces, and why they aren't about to stop dressing up and geeking out anytime soon.
COSPLAY: How to make a Timelord Robe Collar on a BudgetJoin Liam Stillman for a tutorial on how to make a Timelord collar where he shows you how to build one within a reasonable budget -- usually under $50.00.

COSPLAY: Photo Posing WorkshopFrustrated by having an awesome costume, only to look later and be disappointed by all the photos? Photographers and cosplayers will discuss and demonstrate tips for getting the most of your convention photos!
COSPLAY: WIGGING OUT!Ever feel like your wig is wearing you instead of the other way around? Forget what you think you know about wig application. At this panel learn prep techniques from Broadway trained and award winning cosplayer Christine Evans. From long hair to short hair this will change your experience of wig wearing forever! Limited wig prep supplies available for purchase at session (supplies include: wig cap, Bobby pins, wig pins).
DANCE PERFORMANCE: AntipodeAntipode is a geek belly dancing troupe hailing from State College, PA. Fusing the theatrics of acting with a mix of cosplay, pop-culture, and off- beat humor Antipode brings the audience not just dance, but full geek entertainment.
Davros Variety ShowJoin Davros (wearing a lifelike mask of Terry Molloy) as he presents a dynamic variety show of dancing, comedy, cosplay, music and general mayhem.
Death in the Moffat EraFrom Clara to Rory, to River to Vastra to Rory again, and Clara's return from the brink multiple times - has Moffat's decision to bring back multiple characters made death in Doctor Who anticlimactic?
Deborah Watling is Victoria WaterfieldOn Stage! Meet Deborah Watling for a moderated question and answer session. Deborah Watling potrayed Victoria Waterfield, a companion of the Second Doctor in the BBC television series Doctor Who from 1967 to 1968, and has continued to portray the character in a variety of mediums including many Big Finish audios.
Doctor Who Cookbook: Shut Up and Eat 2 Book Release PartyJoin the Author and Illustrators for the release party for Shut up and Eat Vol. 2. Shut Up and Eat 2 is the sequel to the acclaimed Unofficial Doctor Who Series 8 Cookbook. Enjoy a themed meal linked to a particular episode or just enjoy a general Doctor Who dish. With this cookbook you will have a blast cooking for your friends for a Doctor Who viewing party.
Doctor Who Fan FilmsSome fans take their passion for "Doctor Who" to the next level by making their own fan-made film productions inspired by the longest running sci-fi series. Hear from some of the actors and filmmakers who bring their own visions of "Doctor Who" to the screen.
Doctor Who Novelizations with John PeelJoin John Peel as he discusses his journey as one of the most accomplished Doctor Who novelists in the history of Doctor Who. John Peel wrote Target adaptions of "The Chase", "Power of the Daleks", "Evil of the Daleks" and what some consider the finest Target adaption of all time, "The Daleks' Master Plan". He helped keep Doctor Who alive during the wildneress years writing books for a variety of Doctor Who ranges, including the the books "Evolution", "The War or the Daleks", and "Legacy of the Daleks". He is the writer of the very first original Doctor Who novel after the series went on hiatus, the Seventh Doctor New Adventure "Timewyrm: Genesis" .
Doctor Who Travel GuideA discussion of some top Doctor Who locations to visit when in the UK, Europe or even here in the US. The panel will feature pictures and locations from all of the Doctors and many of the seasons (including the most current). The panel will also focus on how to best plan for a Doctor Who tour.
Doctor Who: Props and RelicsJoin Steve Gostelow for a discussion on the important part that props play on Doctor Who. Steve Gostelow appeared in 30 Years in the TARDIS, a documentary celebrating the 30th anniversary of Doctor Who, as a Dalek operator. And he's not coming to (Re)Gen alone Ñ he'll be accompanied by a silver Troughton-era Dalek, some "old-school" Cybermen helmets, and a few other props familiar to fans of the Classic series!"
Doctor Who: The Wilderness Years (1990 -2005)With the exception of the TV Movie Pilot in 1996, Doctor Who was not on the air for over a decade. In a series of novels and audios, a brilliant group of writers and artists not only kept the Doctor Who narrative active, but added new mythology to the ongoing story in profound and influential ways. Join some of the creators who were active during the Wilderness years as they discuss their approach and how their influence continues to ripple on the show today.
MUSIC PERFORMANCE: Dominic Glynn : LIVE IN CONCERTDominic Glynn is a prolific television composer, known to Doctor Who fans for his arrangement of the title theme used during Season 23 of the Classic series. You'll also recognize him from the serials "The Mysterious Planet", "The Ultimate Foe", "Dragonfire","The Happiness Patrol, and "Survival." His music has been used in everything from "The Simpsons" to "Red Dwarf" to "Eerie Indiana." He's also the man behind the No Bones Records label and has recorded alternative electronica music under the names "Fluid" and "Cybajaz." He was also a collaborator on Syzygy and has contributed music to the video games Forsaken and Re-Volt. "
Eight is Great: Celebrate the 8th DoctorJoin a panel of ardent 8th Doctor experts for an appreciation of the Eighth Doctor. In addition to the Doctor's two iconic TV appearances, Paul McGann has reprised is role in over 70 Big Finish stories spanning the eqivalent of more than 8 "seasons" worth of episodes. The 8th Doctor has also been featured in over 70 novels. This panel will highlight the very best 8th Doctor stories in all mediums.
Eleventh Doctor: The Matt Smith EraLet's celebrate the era of Matt Smith's run as the Doctor! Live recording of Playing Doctor Podcast featuring Jennie and Ben as they discuss the highs and lows of the era.
Expanded Worlds of WhoOur panel of experts will discuss the many mediums in which the Doctor Who narrative is expanded, including novels, comics, and Big Finish audios.
Fan Art to Business - How to Make it as a Doctor Who ArtistA panel of working artists talk about their experience turning their passion into a career. Everything from selling your work online to producing prints, to working the convention circuit, come learn how others have turned their art into into income.
FAN VIDEO FESTIVALCome See a selection of the best fan produced videos set within the Doctor Who universe.
FICTION: Ars Paradoxica: A Story Ahead Of Its TimeArs Paradoxica is an exciting new audio drama podcast centered on Sally Grissom, the inventor of time travel, stuck in the 1940s working for a top-secret branch of the US government. The producers will take you behind what it's like to write time travel fiction, show you production tricks for the audio drama format, and give a few teasers for what's to come!
Peter Davison: The Fifth DoctorJoin Peter Davison, the iconic 5th Doctor, live in person for a moderated Q&A.
Finding his FeetA history of the discombobulating period before the Doctor re-becomes "his" Doctor -- and the moment when the fans accept him as THE Doctor.
Frazer Hines is Jamie McCrimmonOn Stage! Frazer Hines, the dashing Jamie McCrimmon, live in person for a moderated Q&A. Hines appeared in 117 episodes and three seasons of the original series of Doctor Who from 1966 to 1969 with the Second Doctor. Frazer continues to reprise his role on Big Finish Audios.
Freaking Out: Dealing With Different Kinds of Convention AnxietiesWhether it be from changing into your cosplay, making new friends, travelling or just being in a tight crowd there are many different anxieties that pop up in convention going. Join a few experienced, high strung frequent con goers, con runners and competitive cosplayers to destigmatize this very common affliction and to discuss ways to minimize your stress at a convention while meeting some friendly faces. (Spoiler alert: That’s one of the ways to minimize stress at a convention)
Gallifrey SquaresSee cosplayers portray various Doctors, Companions and Who Baddies on a live, entertaining semi-scripted game show parody. Contestants for the show could be picked at random from the list of con-goers in the audience in a "Rod Roddy Price is Right" way. See the Game Show host wear a terrible 70s suit and swing around a long retro microphone with a tiny ball on the end while quizzing the "stars" on Doctor Who trivia. This performance could be described as a "hard PG-13" so parental discretion is encouraged.
GAME ROOMS!Drop by the Game Rooms and join our guests Walt Ciechanowski and Darren Watts who will be facilitating an exciting series of gaming campaigns all weekend long.
GAMING: Doctor Who- UnboundedBrendan Rome hosts a quick look at different alternate universes that have appeared in Doctor Who's TV Episodes, Comics, Novels, and Audio Dramas, and then a look at an alternate universe from a fan RPG he's working on where the Doctor and his companions are genderswapped. Gamers are welcome to discuss their own alternate universe ideas.
Geek Chic Fashion ForwardFashion in the geek/nerd world: in the last few years, geek fashion has taken off -- with fashion show competitions at SDCC for the past two years, and new shops popping up to cater to the fashionably chic geek. Many geeks own items from companies such as Loungefly, Her Universe, and Black Milk to supplement their everyday wear. This panel will discuss how to incorporate a love of all things geek into your daily look, while still remaining fashion savvy. This applies to both male and
female fashions.
Gender Identity in Doctor WhoWhile Missy might be the first Time Lord to transition to Time Lady (as far as we know), the new series has been dealing with gender identity through a number of different characters. Come talk about gender identity--even though we might not settle the question of when we should see a female Doctor.
Growing Beyond the ScreenA look at characters who, through extended content both published and recorded, have been more fully developed and realized than their on-screen tenure allowed. (Examples: McGann's Eighth Doctor and Louise Jameson's Leela in the Big Finish Audio range).
Heinlein Society Book DriveThe Heinlein Society will be having a fan table at this year's ReGen Who with a Science Fiction book drive to benefit our active military and their families. We do this nationally as a part of our organization through a program called "Heinlein for Heroes". Books of Robert Heinlein especially welcome, but any classic SF in good condition is accepted. So as you are looking to do your spring cleaning, please save your doubles or the books you no longer have space for and bring them to the dedicated table. All donations are tax-deductible. Our thanks to John Tilden for running with this idea! More info at
Hitchhikers Guide to the Fourth DoctorThis panel will discuss the role Douglas Adams played during his time with the series and how his influence has continued to impact Who and popular culture.

How Did We Do?Weigh in on the con - what worked well? What needs improvement? Take an opportunity to speak directly to the con-chairs and senior ReGeneration Who staff to help them make next year's event even better!
Outside In: Doctor Who CriticismWith hundreds of Doctor Who stories in a wide variety of mediums, online and published criticism can be a great way to discover the best of the best Doctor Who stories. Criticism can also be used to re-experience and enrich stories that you've already watched/read/listened to. Join Robert Shearman (co-author of "Running through Corridors) and Dr Arnold Blumberg (publisher Inside Out vol 1 and 2) for a lively discussion on the state of Doctor Who criticism today.
Introduction to Big FinishIntimidated by the 300+ Audio Adventures of the 4th through 8th Doctors producted by Big Finish? Hear from panelists who have listened to nearly all of Big Finish's catalogue spotlight the cream of the crop of the Big Finish Audio world to help you navigate their massive catalogue of stories.
Keith R. A. DeCandido: Writing for Fictional UniversesKeith R.A. DeCandido has the utterly irrelevant distinction of being the first native-born American citizen to write official linear adult Doctor Who fiction, with his 1996 short story "UNITed We Fall" in Decalog 3: Consequences, published by Virgin, an anthology that also had a story called "Continuity Errors" by some obscure writer named Steven Moffat. Keith has to qualify it that much because fellow (Re)Generation Who guest John Peel is a naturalized American citizen who wrote before he did, and William H. Keith (another American) wrote kids' choose-your-own-adventure books for Doctor Who. Keith's other contributions to the world of Who include short stories in the Short Trips anthology Destination Prague and the charity anthology Missing Pieces, editing the Short Trips anthology The Quality of Leadership (which included the first-ever Who fiction by Una McCormack, Peter David, and Diane Duane), and an essay on the 50th anniversary special for
KIDS PROGRAMMING ROOMDrop by our dedicated Kids Programming Room and have your kids join in exciting Doctor Who related activities all weekend long. Activities include "How to Write Your Name in Gallifreyan" , "Doctor Who Mad Libs", "Pin the Face on Cassandra", all kinds of crafts involving coloring, making paper Tardises, and much much more! The full schedule of activities will be posted by the Door.
Larger than Life: The Role of the Companion in Modern WhoThe modern series of Doctor Who has featured each companion doing remarkable and sometimes super human things. Would the audience be receptive to a "regular person" stepping in who both starts and ends without contributing in a supernatural or extraordinary way? We'll discuss how the role of companion has evolved over the years and where it might be going in the future.
LEGOs & Doctor WhoAndrew Clark is a Computer Games Artist by day, and Lego builder and Whovian by night. He combined my interest in both Doctor Who and LEGO and submitted THE design to LEGO Ideas that is now an offical LEGO set you can buy.
Man About the TardisThe TARDIS Men. Let's talk male companions--Ian Chesterton, Steven Taylor, Jamie McCrimmon, Harry Sullivan, Adric, Turlough, Jack Harkness, Mickey, Rory Williams, which ones are your favorites? Do they get short shrift compared to the stereotypical female companions?
MEET UP! Teen Meetup SessionAn informal gathering with other teenage Fans.
MEETUP! Antagonist (Enemies) United CosplayersInformal cosplay photo op gathering for any cosplayers dressed as villians. Come meet other cosplayer villians, make friends and set up photo ops.
MEETUP! CollectorsDo you collect the Doctor Who vinyl figures by Titan, or the blind bag figures by Character Builders? The Novels? The Audios? Trading Cards? Join an informal gathering to make some new acquaintances.
MEETUP! Companion CosplayersInformal cosplay photo op gathering for any cosplayers dressed as companions. Come meet other cosplayers, make friends and set up photo ops.
MEETUP! Day of the Doctor & Cosplay PhotosWe're looking to recreate that iconic last shot from Day of the Doctor. We'll be taking as many shots as needed so if you're there in costume we'll do our best to rotate everyone in. Femme Doctors, Companions, Gender Swap...everyone is welcome. Come and find that perfect match for your cosplay photo at this meet up.
MEETUP: Friday CosplayMeet other cosplayers in an informal setting and plan your photo-shoots, and sign up for other activities.
Michael Troughton: Adventures in ActingMichael Troughton has appeared in many film, television and theatre roles, most notably in the 2014 Doctor Who Christmas Special "Last Christmas" as Professor Albert. He appeared as Melish in Minder and Sir Piers Fletcher-Dervish in The New Statesman from 1987 to 1992. Troughton also starred as senior science master Derek Halliday in the Taggart episode "Out of Bounds", 1998, a therapist in the fourth series of Cold Feet and Mr Mermagen in Enigma. His biography of his late father Patrick Troughton, published by Hirst Publishing, was launched at the 2011 Dimensions Convention in Newcastle in November 2011. A second book "Smile on Your Face was published this year. He has also completed a number of audio dramatisations for Big Finish.
Missing EpisodesIn October 2013, 11 missing episodes from the Second Doctor era starring Deborah Watling and Frazer Hines were found in Nigeria. 97 classic Who episodes are still missing --- could they ever be found?
Music of Doctor Who with Dominic GlynnA discussion of Music with Dominic Glynn, prolific television composer, known to Doctor Who fans for his arrangement of the title theme used during Season 23 of the Classic series. In addition, he composed music for the serials "The Mysterious Planet", "The Ultimate Foe", "Dragonfire", "The Happiness Patrol", and "Survival".
MUSIC PERFORMANCE: Cat SmithCat Smith plays nerdy original and cover songs on the ukelele. She has performed at LI Who (as the house band), Wicked Faire, and the Way Station.
Nev Fountain: Writing Doctor Who and MoreNev Fountain first came to write for Doctor Who when he script-edited the BBC online story 'Death Comes to Time' in 2001 which featured our other guests Sophie Aldred and Sylvester McCoy. He has gone on to write some of Big Finish's most acclaimed audios, including 'Omega' and the 'The Kingmaker'. 'Peri and the Piscon Paradox' may be the finest Big Finish Companion Chronicle in Big Finish's catalogue and 'The Curious Incident of the Doctor in the Night-Time' may be Big Finish's greatest single self-contained episode. His latest, 'The Widow's Assassin' , an epic sequel to Trial of a Time Lord, came out in October 2014. His latest project, the novel "Painkiller", will be released in 2016.
Nick Briggs: Actor, Writer, Producer, Director, ComposerOn Stage! Meet Nick Briggs for a moderated question and answer session. Nick Briggs has written, produced directed and starrred in a virtual boatload of Big Finish audios, and is currently the voice of the Daleks, the Cybermen, the Zygons, and many other Doctor Who characters/aliens. He's written novels, plays, and even composes music. Join us us for a candid discussion of the career of one of the most talented Renaissance men working in the world of Doctor Who today.
Nicola Bryant is Peri (Perpugilliam) BrownOn Stage! Meet Nicola Bryant for a moderated question and answer session. Nicola portrayed Peri Brown, American college student majoring in botany, a companion of the Fifth and Sixth Doctors and a regular in the programme from 1984 to 1986. Peri appeared in 11 stories (33 Episodes). She continues to reprise her role on many Big Finish audios.
Ninth Doctor : A CelebrationJoin Robert Shearman (author of the 9th Doctor episode "Dalek") for a panel that celebrates the era of Christopher Eccleston.
Old Friends: The First Doctor's CompanionsA discussion about the First Doctor's traveling partners and how they were the pioneers that established the archetype of the concept of the "Doctor's companion". What worked, what didn't? We'll discuss everything from Susan being extremely accident prone to how Katarina's sacrifice could have great changed the legacy of another companion and much more.
ON TARGET!!!Join John Peel with a panel of Target enthusiasts as they discuss the Target Doctor Who adaptions.
PAINKILLER: A Reading from the new book by Nev FountainCalling all thriller fans! Nev Fountain's new novel Painkiller is the story of a woman living with chronic pain... and what happens when she finds out that someone very close to her might just want her dead. Join us as Nicola Bryant gives a reading from this terrifying new mystery!
Peter Davison and the Five(ish) DoctorsJoin Peter Davison, the iconic 5th Doctor, live in person as he talks about directing and producing the anniversary show.
PIXELWHO: Invasion of the (Very) Small SquaresWhat's up with the popularity of colored squares these days? The PixelWho Team will discuss their project and its origins; the history, background, and modern revival of 8-bit/pixel retro art style; and provide some fun giveaways during the panel.
Robert Shearman: Writing Doctor Who and MoreRobert Shearman talks about writing for Doctor Who in audio and on TV. is an English television, radio, stage play and short story writer. He is known for his work for Doctor Who, as well as his an ongoing association with Jarvis & Ayres Productions (Martin Jarvis and Rosalind Ayres) which has resulted in six plays for BBC Radio 4, broadcast in the station's regular weekday Afternoon Play slot, and one classic serial.
SATELLITE 5's GREATEST GAMESHOWS IN THE GALAXYReGeneration Who will feature fan participation gameshows all weekend. Fans of all ages can participate in Jeopardy-type trivia shows featuring wireless buzzers like on TV (Time-Flight Trivia) and will focus on the Classic-era (Harnell-McCoy) and the
New Era (McCann-Capaldi). And for the young fans, a special Wheel of Fortune-type game for them to play (Wheel of Androzani). Games will be hosted by the Time-Lord of Trivia, John Horne of Jam Machine Productions.
Series 9: Hit or Miss?What's your favorite (and least favorite) episode of Series 9? How do you feel about Clara's departure and return? What's your take on the Twelfth Doctor? Panelists and guests discuss their opinions of Series 9 , as well as hopes and speculations about Series 10. Join the hosts of "The Quest is the Quest" podcast for a lively discussion!
Sex on "Doctor Who" (18+ Late Night)Sex on "Doctor Who": Does It Happen? And Does It Matter? We've all heard it: no hanky-panky in the TARDIS. But the series has always incorporated sexuality (remember Barbara kissing that Thal back in 1964?). Let's talk about the role of sexuality in the series, for better and for worse.
Colin Baker: The Sixth DoctorJoin Colin Baker, the iconic 6th Doctor, live in person.
Sophie Aldred is AceOn Stage! Meet Sophie Aldred for a moderated question and answer session. Sophie Aldred portrayed, Ace, a 20th-century Earth teenager from the London suburb of Perivale, a companion of the Seventh Doctor and a regular in the series from 1987 to 1989. Ace appeared in 9 stories (31 episodes), and was the final companion in the original run of the classic series. Sophie has continued to reprise the role of Ace in a long series of Big Finish Audios.
TARDIS TEAM: Doctor Who in the 1980'sJoin our panel of Companions as they discuss what it was like to be on the show in the exciting 80s.
TARDIS TEAM: Doctor Who in the 60'sJoin our panel of Companions as they discuss what it was like to be on the show in the swinging sixties.
TARDIS TEAM: Sixth Doctor and PeriColin Baker and Nicola Bryant have potrayed the Doctor and Peri in two televised classic seasons, one lost season (22B), and at least two more seasons on Big Finish Audio. Here they discuss their long partnership and how their approach to the characters has developed in the course of over 30 adventures together.
Tea With The Doctor (VIP Special Event)VIP level Companions, Cybermen, Timelords, and Daleks: a special gathering where VIP's chat with many of our guests at a tea, desserts, and light snacks party.
Terry Molloy: A Life Less VisibleBehind the mask and behind the microphone with Terry Molloy. Terry Molloy is the definitive Davros, portraying the character in the classic series from 1983 to 1989. He continues to reprise the role today via many of the award winning Big Finish Audio Adventures. His version of Davros has faced off against the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th doctors, and even featured in his own four part mini-series "I,Davros".
The Case for Modern HistoricalsA panel recalling the notable historical stories of the early years, and arguing for an occasional return. We talk about how Historicals are different than trips to Earth's past, ponder some unexplored periods that would be good for that, and discuss both the non-interference approach and the educational value of the concept.
The MasterAfter Missy's big reveal in "Dark Water," fans have taken sides to argue about whether they can accept a female Master. We'll tackle that question--but more importantly, what does the Master mean to Doctor Who? Let's talk about the character, from Delgado's appearance in "Terror of the Autons" to Missy's apparent destruction in "Death in Heaven." What kind of relationship does the Doctor have with the Master? How does their shared history tell us about both characters and about the Time Lords? And what always goes wrong with the Master's convoluted plans?Ê
The Song Remains The Same: River SongLet's talk about River Song! She's figured prominently in the lives of the 10th, 11th, and 12th Doctor -- and even appeared with the 8th on audio. Love her, hate her, she's the Doctor's wife (or is she?), she's become a mainstay character across many eras and now has her own spin-off series with Big Finish.
The Two Doctors: Colin Baker and Peter DavisonJoin Colin Baker and Peter Davison live on stage! In what ways do they contrast their approach to the role in comparison to their predecessors and successors? How did their approach to the role change over time, both during their seasons on television, and in the past 15 years during their reprisals in Big Finish audios? What was their input with producers, directors and script writers? They'll discuss their perspective on playing the Doctor both onscreen and in the expanded universe of Big Finish.
Time and Space Jam DANCE PARTY with DJ KangalCome dance at our SCI-FI/ WHOVIAN/ ELECTRO/ RETRO/ FANDOM/ GEEKDOM DANCE PARTY! With sound and lights by the (RE)GEN Tech Crew and music by DJ KANGAL. Find more of DJ Kangal's fantastic work here:
Time Lords (Who Aren't the Doctor)Everyone knows about the Doctor. But there have been various other Time Lords and Time Ladies depicted on Doctor Who. Come on out and talk about some of the Doctor's peers.
Timey Wimey?: The Timeline of Modern WhoJourney through time and a little bit of space (But mostly time) as we follow the Doctor back along his timestream, from Gallifrey to Trenzalore to Gallifrey again, making sense of and examining the various alterations to his timeline, taking apart the time locks and bootstrap paradoxes and cracks in the universe that forged The Doctor into the person we know today.
TOYMAKER: Art and Sculpture with Kelsey Wailes (Doctor Kawaii)Kelsey Wailes is a Maryland based toymaker, illustrator, teacher, science enthusiast and occasional kaiju. She makes ugly things cute and cute things ugly. Her terrible things have been featured on io9, Mental Floss, Kotaku and more. She is a part of Super Art Fight, and creator of the kaiju character Stompadon and the author and illustrator for the Doctor Who based webcomic Doctor Kawaii. She'll discuss the variety of artistic modes she engages with in the world of Doctor Who.
Tribute to the Second Doctor: Patrick Troughton (With Michael Troughton)When Patrick Troughton took over from William Hartnell, no one knew if Doctor Who would continue to be succesful. His approach to the role was starkly contrasted to his predessor and he helped launch Doctor Who into a new era where "change" was the norm. Join an all-star group of panelists including Frazer Hines and Anneke Wills as they discuss the legacy of the Second Doctor.
UNIT, Past and PresentCome discuss the relationships between UNIT and the Third and Fourth Doctors, as well as new-series depictions (both during the Davies era and more recently opposite the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors). We can talk about Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and Kate Stewart, why the Doctor works with them even though they're soldiers, and whether the Doctor's really on the payroll.
WAR DOCTOR !! THE TIME WAR!!Thanks to Big Finish, The War Doctor has returned! Nick Briggs, writer of the first War Doctor boxed set, explains his views on the Time War, discusses the themes of the War Doctor's arc and how it fits into the Doctor's long life.
We Are Regeneration Who: Kickoff SessionCome talk to Oni and Harknell, founders and Co-Con Chairs of Intervention and (Re)Generation Who, about the event, their comic work, their theme park and haunted attraction adventures, and their thoughts about (Re)Generation Who. They are (almost) guaranteed to stay in one place during the duration of this panel.
WHAT IF - aka why in the name of all that's holy NOT?!Why haven't we had any other member of Monty Python on the show? Why hasn't Terry Gilliam directed an episode? Why hasn't the Doctor met Sherlock? Or ANYONE from the Bible? Why hasn't the Doctor visited Canada? Why hasn't Terrance Dicks written a modern episode? We rattle off a list of cool ideas for The Moff to consider, reveal that he has already taken up three of my suggestions, debate the merits of the ideas, and get suggestions from the audience.

WHAT IF - Doctor Who AMERICA?Join the cast of Impromtu Who as they explore an alternate dimension where Doctor Who was was created for American Television instead of by the BBC. In this panel, Impromptu Who asks guests Ben Taylor and James Harknell the
question what if Doctor Who had been an American television program? What changes would be made? What kind of person would the Doctor be? What would his relationship with companions be like? Who would his enemies be? Find out by coming to "What If...Doctor Who America?!?"
Whovian Family ValuesParenting as a Doctor Who fan, when and how to expose kids to the program, bringing on significant others and family members into the fandom, and other means of effectively 'sharing the love' with the entire household.

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