Vendor Room Participants

Vendors Room Hours:

Friday: 3pm to 9pm
Saturday: 10am to 7pm
Sunday: 10am to 3pm

VIP attendees gain access to the Vendors Room 30 minutes early on all three days.


The following companies will be selling their wares in our Vendor Room:
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(Re)Generation Who Vendors

Science Fiction Continuum


Science Fiction Continuum is more than a convention vendor and website with loads of cool stuff. We are fans ourselves. When we choose merchandise, we ask ourselves - Do I or want one or Will my friend want
this as a gift?

We have been part of the science fiction/geek community for over 25 years. We have been to over 500 conventions and we still look forward to them all!

Red Falcon


Red Falcon is a small business hand making almost all products ourselves here in the United States, in our shop in Pennsylvania. One of the only metal armour makers still crafting wearable, authentic as well as custom and fantasy armour, we also make many items worn and/or used by enthusiasts of Renaissance, Medieval, Victorian and any imaginable Apocalyptic era. Everything from stainless and leather armour to leather accessories – pouches, belts, fascinations- to socks and arm warmers to leather and cloth clothing, corsets, and coats. At times we might even have jewelry and hair accessories and both full size and tiny fascinators and hats! Steampunk, Cosplay, Live Action Role-players, Geeks, Historians, Fantasy lovers of all genres will find something of interest within our shop(s). We look forward to helping you find your next spectacular item!


MarfDazeGeek makes bags, pillows and other handmade goodies from vibrant fandom fabrics.


Mage Creations


Mage Creations is an embroidery shop that loves to create items from all genres such as Anime, Video games, sci-fi, fantasy, and much more. We specialize in towel sets, scarves and patches as well as several other apparel and household items. We will also be featuring some hand made pottery items from our sister shop, Infinity Tokyo, especially for the Regeneration Who crowd.

Butter Side Down


Butter Side Down individually made etched glass jewelry designs under our Atomic Lizard Designs brand and produces a unique line of scifi, monsters and historic rubber art stamps.

We will have a new section of Doctor Who inspired etched glass pendants.

Britches Get Stitches


We offer custom embroidery and monogramming and are also available for cosplay commissions.


Arsenal Models


Arsenal Models specializes in prop replicas and prop model kits from sci-fi film and television. We also deal in autographed memorabilia, screen-used props, original artwork and animation art, as well as vintage toys and collectibles. We have many Doctor Who items in stock at any given time.

The Tardis Photo Booth


The Tardis Photo Booth was created in June of 2012 by Steve Long for his daughter Cindy. After consulting BBC America's Trademark and licensing division, the booth went on the road. Since that time, a fully operational Dalek and a K-9 have been added. Using green screen technology, the Tardis IS bigger on the inside.

Walt's Cards and Comics


Walt’s is your (more or less) local full-service Game Store. We carry all types of non-electronic games, Miniatures, Board Games, RPGs, and the widest selection of MTG & Yugioh singles in the area. Located off of exit 11 of I-895. 7620 German Hill Road (410) 288-7044.

The Doctor Who Store


Located near Chicago, Illinois, Alien Entertainment has been in the business of Doctor Who and sci-fi for almost twenty years. Among other projects, they are the creators of the successful convention Chicago TARDIS.

Right now, Alien Entertainment attends countless conventions all over the United States and is expanding their TARDIS convention brand for 2015 and 2016.

Dark Rain Design


Dark Rain Design is a husband and wife team of creative geeks from Plymouth Meeting, PA. Our Clockwork Critters are repurposed from toys into unique interactive steampunk/geeky animal artwork. Come see our pterodactyls dressed as each of the Doctors. Unless of course a top hat wearing tea-rex is more your style. See these and other wonderus creations at

Hairy Kiri Design


It all started with a thought... This thought then blossomed into perfumes, accesories, cosmetics, lip balms, apparel, that GEEKS would love to use and wear. Things you cannot buy at a retail store or on Amazon or...we think you get the point. :)

We went from having a handful of perfumes to close to 80! Ranging in scents inspired by movies, T.V. shows, books, and some originals from our own imagination. These scents are created for fans who not only wants to dress like their favorite character but smell like them to!

Check out their website:

MayFaire Moon Corsets & Costumes

Items for sale: TARDIS Corset and other specially designs corsets.

Check out their website:

Not of this Earth


Not of this Earth is an up and coming small endeavor by J. Rodriguez, a retired U.S. Air Force member. Not of this Earth is a tribute to all things great and wonderful about Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy movies, comics, collectibles, TV shows, etc.

BenaeQuee Creations


I've been sewing for over 20 years, and have always been crafty and creative. I left my 9-5 desk job to pursue my creativity. I packed up, left NYC, and headed to the Eastern Shore of Maryland to make my dream come true. I owe it to my friends and family, and my wonderful husband for helping me realize that dream. They have all been super supportive, and some of my best customers!

From Doctor Who to Star Wars, I love my fandoms! I had a hard time finding fashionable accessories to go with my love. I wanted something unique. In order to fill that void, I started designing my own things. Now you too can own my designs or give them as gifts. If you don't see what you want, I can always work with you to design that something special for you.


Richard Sands

items for sale: dr.who action figures,trading cards,books, and more.

NextGen Collectible Toys

items for sale: Doctor Who toys and collectibles, and other toys, action figures, and collectibles.

Check out their website:

Nightshade Industries, LLC


Rose is our leather, jewelry, and costumer. Dion is the Gadgetier, Mad Scientist, and prop maker. We have items that are hand crafted, vintage finds, and awesome resale items, in the SciFi, Fantasy, Steampunk and Mad Science Genres.


Unique Creations by Amy

We primarily sell earrings and bracelets (including one bracelet that can be converted into a necklace) in different themes for geeks in any flavor. We also sell geeky buttons.

Everything is completely hand made. We are not chain mail or resin. We use PVC Thermo Plastic (the same stuff Rathion is using in their self unfolding robots for the space program) to make our charms and hand draw each charm individually. We have an entire geektastic line, including multiple Doctor Who themes. Please feel free to check out our website for examples.


Cavegirl Productions

items for sale: OF DICE AND MEN movies and t-shirts.

Check out their website:

Frank's Cool Stuff

Frank's Cool Stuff has been offering quality media and related items in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, anime, Asian cinema and foreign film for over 2 decades. Specializing in classic, hard to find and obscure licensed and imported DVDs as well as tie in anime and TV/Movie merchandise from the UK and Japan.

Trading cards, mini figures, assorted paper items and all those cool things that true fans seek out find a home at Frank's Cool Stuff.
Check out their website:

Retro Daddio


Retro Daddio is Williamsburg Virginia's one-stop fun shop! Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, steampunk, Harry Potter, Marvel and DC, games and gaming supplies, The Beatles, Monty Python and lots more including a wide selection of pre-owned cds and vinyl records

Please visit their website: Retro Daddio

Silly Little Things

Handmade geeky fashion and accessories. Skirts, neck ties, bow ties, hair bows, purses, and garters.


Dead Bat Designs

Items for sale: T-Shirts

Check out their Website:

Gadgets and Collectibles

Purveyors of Cool Things...

Our website:

Bear Manor Media Publishing / OTR Publishing

Author of more than 20 books about retro television and old-time radio, Martin Grams has contributed much along the lines of preservation for THE TWILIGHT ZONE, THE SHADOW, THE TIME TUNNEL, and THE GREEN HORNET, among others.

Check out the website: OTR Publishing, LLC

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