(Re)Generation Who 3 Artist Alley Hours

Name: Antipode
Table: 49
Website: www.facebook.com/AntipodeBellyDance

Name: Arachnes Muse
Table: 62
Website: www.arachnesmuse.com

Name: Dr. Arnold T. Blumberg (ATB Publishing)
Table: 51
Website: twitter.com/atbpublishing

Name: Awesome Con
Table: 32
Website: awesome-con.com

Name: Balticon
Table: 48
Website: www.balticon.org

Name: Beef Jerky Guy
Table: 36
Website: www.facebook.com/beefjerkyguy/?fref=ts

Name: Bubble and Geek
Table: 58
Website: www.bubble-and-geek.com

Name: Capclave
Table: 48
Website: www.capclave.org

Name: Chain and Fancy
Table: 55
Website: www.chainandfancy.com

Name: Cierra Styles/Non Linear Bags
Table: 41
Website: www.etsy.com/shop/CierraStyles?ref=hdr_shop_menu

Name: ConTag
Table: 52
Website: Learn More

Name: Deadbat Designs
Table: 26 & 27
Website: www.deadbat.com/

Name: DerpyCon
Table: 31
Website: www.derpycon.com

Name: Elegant Earcuffs by Fiona
Table: 57
Website: www.elegantearcuffs.com

Name: Farpoint
Table: 53
Website: www.farpointcon.com

Name: Felix Eddy
Table: 44
Website: felixeddy.com

Name: Geek Boy Press
Table: 60
Website: www.geekboypress.com

Name: Jessie Seams Sew Geeky
Table: 59
Website: www.jessieseamssewgeeky.etsy.com

Name: John Peel
Table: 38
Website: www.john-peel.com

Name: Keith R.A. DeCandido
Table: 50
Website: DeCandido.net

Name: Kelsey Wailes
Table: 33
Website: www.etsy.com/people/eattoast

Name: Knit Novas
Table: 65

Name: League of Extraordinary Nerds
Table: 63
Website: www.facebook.com/extraordinarynerds

Name: Lyft
Table: 46
Website: lyft.com

Name: Music4Vets
Table: 28
Website: www.music4vets.org

Name: MystiCon
Table: 54
Website: mysticon-va.com

Name: New Atlantic Industries
Table: 42

Name: Paramedic Zombies
Table: 35
Website: www.facebook.com/ParamedicZombies

Name: Pixel Who
Table: 68
Website: www.PixelWho.com

Name: Playing Doctor Podcast
Table: 34
Website: playingdoctorpodcast.com

Name: Red Fish Rue Fish
Table: 56
Website: redfishruefish.com

Name: ReGen Who Merch
Table: 39

Name: Ripley’s Believe it or Not – Baltimore
Table: 45
Website: www.ripleys.com/Baltimore

Name: Ripping it Down
Table: 61
Website: www.rippingitdown.com

Name: Roanoke Valley Whovians
Table: 29
Website: facebook.com/groups/rkevalleywhovians/

Name: Sci FiCruises
Table: 47
Website: www.scificruise.com

Name: Shore Leave
Table: 30
Website: www.shore-leave.com

Name: Silly Little Things
Table: 64

Name: Table: 40
Website: www.skyfirefox.net

Name: Tangent Artists
Table: 66
Website: tangentartists.com

Name: Unique Creations by Amy
Table: 67
Website: www.uniquecreationsbyamy.com

Name: W Designs by Dianne
Table: 37
Website: www.mkt.com/wdesignsbydianne

Name: Whovian Running Club
Table: 43
Website: www.whovianrunning.org/

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