Where to Find Our Guests:


(Re)Generation Who 3 is happy to announce the following guests to appear at the event for all three days (unless otherwise noted on their entry):


Sylvester McCoy — Actor, Seventh Doctor

In Sylvester McCoy’s own words:
“A producer once looked at my CV and told me I’d done everything in show-business except Ballet!
I started as a Busker and ended up in Grand Opera!
I’ve played in Low Comedy and High Comedy.
Plays and musical parts have been written for me.
I’ve given most of Shakespeare’s Clowns, culminating with the Fool to Ian McKellen’s King Lear for the Royal Shakespeare Co. On a World Tour and Film.
In Television I’ve been on the “Box” for 36 years almost continuously in many roles from award wining Children’s TV to programs of great renowned; the most famous being Doctor Who, who I played (no 7!)–look out for the “Fiveish Doctors Reboot”!
I played the harrowing role of the kidnapper and murderer in the UK’s Channel 5’s opening night Film;
Beyond Fear.
I’ve worked extensively in Film–The first; Dracula with Langella and Olivier, the most recent, The Hobbit.
My Doctor Who carries on in Big Finish productions–And so it goes on!”



Ingrid Oliver — Actor, Petronella Osgood

Ingrid Oliver will be at the event on Saturday March 25th and Sunday March 26th

Ingrid Oliver is a British actress and comedian, and one half of the comic double act Watson & Oliver. She is known for playing Petronella Osgood, a supporting character in the BBC television series Doctor Who.

Oliver and her comedy partner Lorna Watson met at Tiffin Girls’ School in Kingston upon Thames. In September 2005, Watson and Oliver performed their first show together at the Canal Cafe Theatre in London. Since then they have taken sell-out shows to Edinburgh Festival Fringe, in both 2006 and 2007.

Oliver has performed in various radio and television productions, including Doc Martin starring Martin Clunes, the Penny Dreadfuls’ radio series The Penny Dreadfuls Present… The Brothers Faversham and in the radio series Another Case of Milton Jones. She played the part of Natalie in Peep Show on Channel 4.

She appears in the film Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging as Miss Stamp and in early 2009 could be seen in Channel 4’s sitcom Plus One.

In 2010 she played Mimi Throckmorton in Material Girl on BBC1, alongside Lenora Crichlow and Dervla Kirwan.

In 2012 she appeared on Let’s Dance For Sport Relief with comedy partner Lorna Watson, dancing Boléro, famously used by Torvill and Dean.

In 2013 she appeared in the first episode of The Great Comic Relief Bake Off and was named as ‘Star Baker’.

In November 2013, she appeared in the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who, “The Day of the Doctor”, as Osgood. She was seen wearing the Fourth Doctor’s iconic scarf. In November 2014 she appeared again as Osgood in the series finale of Peter Capaldi’s first series, dressed as the Doctor, this time mimicking Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor (shirt and red bow tie) as well as David Tennant’s 10th Doctor (blue trousers and red Converse shoes) as they faced the Cybermen, where she is seemingly vaporized by Missy.

On 8 May 2015, it was announced that Oliver would be returning as Osgood in a two-part story broadcast in the autumn, featuring the Zygons. Oliver returned to the role of Osgood in the Doctor Who two-part story “The Zygon Invasion” and “The Zygon Inversion” where her perceived demise was explained.


Neve McIntosh – Madame Vastra

Neve McIntosh will be at the event on Saturday March 25th and Sunday March 26th
Neve McIntosh has had a wide career in theatre, film, and TV. She is most known for her roles in the BBC productions of ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’, ‘Gormenghast’, and of course, her role of Madame Vastra (as well as other silurians) in Doctor Who.

Her portrayal of the character, along with Catrin Stewart as her wife ‘Jenny Flint’, and Dan Starkey as ‘Strax’, forms the fan favorite group ‘The Paternoster Gang’. Madame Vastra and Jenny Flint’s relationship has also fostered critical praise for it’s depiction of same-sex marriage.



Catrin Stewart – Jenny Flint

Catrin Stewart is best known for portraying ‘Emma’ in the Sky1 comedy drama series “Stella” and ‘Jenny Flint’ in Doctor Who. She also portrayed ‘Lily’ in the BBC series “Misfits”.

As one third of “The Paternoster Gang” (along with Neve McIntosh who plays her wife ‘Madame Vastra’, and Dan Starkey as ‘Strax’), she has become a fan favorite character on the series, and a positive icon for same sex marriage equality.



Peter Purves — Actor, First Doctor companion Steven Taylor

On March 9th 2014, Peter completed his 36th year as Presenter and commentator of the world’s greatest Dog Show, Crufts. His interest in dogs began whilst presenting the children’s TV programme Blue Peter for the BBC back in the late 1960’s, when he was asked to look after the nation’s first surrogate pet, Petra. Since then his life has been filled with dogs. For 18 years he kept Newfoundlands, but today, he and his wife keep four Standard Wire-haired Dachshunds and two Pekingese, and he cannot envisage a time when he would not have a dog.

Peter’s career has been varied and exciting. Brought up in Blackpool, the Mecca in the 40’s and 50’s for all things showbiz, it was inevitable that the stage would attract him. He was a successful actor in TV for several years before his career changed course and he became a TV Presenter. Ten and a half years in Blue Peter was followed, by 5 series of his own sports programme, “Stopwatch”, a holiday series called “We’re Going Places”, numerous Specials, plus the Motor Bike Trials programmes for 13 years, “Kickstart”. For eight years he presented many hundreds of the BBC darts programmes, when the sport was in its heyday. He also found time to be CEO of his own Video Production company, Purves Wickes, for almost 15 years until the turn of the century.

Crufts remains in his schedule, which also involves some lecturing on TV presentation, also giving talks on his career on Cruise ships, and visiting conventions world-wide for Doctor Who (He was the original Doctor’s companion in 46 episodes in 1965/6.) In his spare time, his dogs and chickens keep Peter occupied in the heart of rural Suffolk.



Katy Manning — Actress, Third Doctor companion Jo Grant

Katy was born in Guildford, daughter of writer JL Manning OBE. Trained as dancer, she then attended the Webber Douglas School of Dramatic Arts.   Her television career began with the ground breaking John Braine series “Man at the Top”. During this, Katy was offered the role of Josephine Grant in “Doctor Who” with the unforgettable Jon Pertwee. Douglas Camfield (Director of many Doctor Who stories) cast Katy in an “Armchair Theatre” and “Target” with Patrick Mower (very different roles from the innocent Miss Grant!). She also hosted her own Arts and Crafts programme “Serendipity”.

With a career that has spanned over 40 years and three continents.  Theatre work includes, in the West End,  “Why Not Stay For Breakfast?”, “There’s a Girl in my Soup”, “So Who Needs Men?”,  “Run For Your Wife”, starring alongside Derek Nimmo, Bernard Cribbins, David McCallum and Eric Sykes. Katy joined the Young Vic for “Hamlet”, “Real Inspector Hound” and “Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead”. In Australia at Sydney Opera House, Elvira in “Blithe Spirit” and the title role in “Educating Rita”, “The Odd Couple” with Jack Klugman and Tony Randall. “Otherwise Engaged”with Martin Shaw and “See How They Run” with Andrew Sachs.

Katy has also performed her one woman show, a true story of Bette Davis “Me and Jezebel”, directed by partner Barry Crocker (yes, Bazza MacKenzie himself!) across Australia.  Katy brought the show to The New End Theatre in Hampstead, London to great critical acclaim, followed by another very successful season at the Edinburgh Festival.

Katy has voiced numerous cartoons and won several awards including Best Supporting Actress at the Melbourne Film Festival and several European awards as the voice of the ten year old Gloria in the animated cartoon “Gloria’s House”.   She has directed Banjo Patterson, Shirley Valentine and two Australian musicals, while on UKTV (Australia) she hosted her own interview show with guests including Lenny Henry, Simon Pegg, Robson Greene, Cleo Laine and Mr. Basil Brush himself!

For over a decade Katy has recorded audio dramas for Big Finish Productions as Iris Wildethyme in her own series, as well as reprising the role of Jo Grant, in the Companion Chronicles range, guests on many other stories including “The Confessions of Dorian Gray”. Katy wrote and performed “Not A Well Woman” in New York and LA and has now recorded it as an audio for Big Finish (now available, also on iTunes, complete with 26 voices).

Katy has recently returned to television screens as Jo Grant, some forty years on, in “The Sarah Jane Adventures”, alongside the late Elisabeth Sladen and Matt Smith as Doctor Who, written by the incredible Russell T Davies.

Her recent theatre work includes “Nobody’s Business” at the Kings Head Theatre, “Bakers End” with Tom Baker, Agatha Christie’s “A Murder Is Announced” and “Death By Fatal Murder”. During this time, Katy has released four Iris Wildethyme box sets, the audio dramas “Dracula” with Mark Gatiss, “Dorian Gray”, “Ghost Train”, “The Scorchies” (first musical Companion Chronicles) and has finally been immortalized in two five inch figurines!

For the US and Australia, Katy has just voiced a feature length animation playing the title role of Oakie (a nine month old puppy dog) in “Oakie’s Outback Adventures”.

Katy has now returned to live in her beloved England which will mean spending some “time – traveling” back and forth to Australia to keep both Barry and Archie (the dog) in order! Katy’s twins, Georgie and JJ live in Australia and London.


Terry Molloy – Actor, Davros (5th-7th Doctor Era, Big Finish)

Terry Molloy is a prolific British actor who has worked continuously on Radio, TV, Film, and on Stage, over the past ‘forty something’ years.

An accomplished broadcaster, Terry has won several prestigious Radio and Audio Awards. In 1973 he joined the cast of BBC Radio 4’s THE ARCHERS as ‘Mike Tucker’, originally for five weeks. Forty-three years later, and Terry is still a regular in Ambridge!

Along with a wide spectrum of television appearances, he is perhaps best well known on the small screen to Doctor Who fans as ‘DAVROS’, creator of the Daleks, playing the Doctor’s nemesis in the classic series from 1983 to 1989, and continuing to voice the character today, starring in many of the award winning Big Finish Audio adventures, including the much acclaimed four part mini-series “I, Davros”.
Other audio work includes the cult paranormal comedy series “The Scarifyers” as ‘Prof. Edward Dunning’ to David Warner’s ‘Harry (Thumper) Crow’.

Terry’s recent screen work has included “In Love with Alma Cogan”, with Roger Lloyd Pack, Neve Cusack & John Hurt, “Chick Lit” with Caroline Catz, John Hurt & Eileen Atkins, a new production from Capriol Films, “Draw on Sweet Night”, with Nicky Henson & Christian McKay, a WWII film about a US regiment fighting in Europe, titled “Lost”, and the acclaimed 1st web series of the cult Sci-Fi drama KOSMOS, with ‘Humber City’ as well as Indie Film ‘Homeless Ashes’ soon to be released.

When not busy working, he enjoys leading a quiet life… walking his dogs on the beaches of rural Norfolk.


Richard Franklin – Actor, Captain Mike Yates

Richard Franklin first appeared in the role of Mike Yates, a Captain in the fictional military organization U.N.I.T., in the 1971 serial ‘Terror of the Autons’ during the Jon Pertwee (Third Doctor) era of the show. He continued as a series regular until the 1974 serial ‘Planet of the Spiders’, which also marked the end of Pertwee’s tenure as the title character.

He has recreated Captain Mike Yates on television twice, for the Twentieth Anniversary special ‘The Five Doctors’ (1983) and also the Thirtieth Anniversary 3-D Special for Children In Need ‘Dimensions In Time’ (1993). A photograph of Franklin in role as Yates appeared on screen in the fiftieth anniversary special ‘The Day of the Doctor’ (2013). He has also appeared in the role on numerous occasions in audio plays for both Big Finish Productions, and the BBC for whom he appeared alongside the fourth Doctor, Tom Baker.

In 2002 Franklin wrote The Killing Stone, a novel featuring Yates as the main character.



Big Finish Managing Director / Executive Producer: Jason Haigh-Ellery

Jason founded Big Finish Productions in 1998 and the company has grown to be the largest independent producer of Audio Drama in the world, providing actors with over 9,000 roles and working regularly with media corporations such as the BBC, MGM and ABC on Doctor Who, Torchwood, Stargate, Judge Dredd, and on original series such as Graceless and The Confessions of Dorian Grey. In 2013, Big Finish won the BBC Audio Drama Award for Best Drama for Doctor Who.

In 2011, Jason founded animation house Planet 55 Studios in Sydney, Australia, working first with the BBC on two animated versions of Doctor Who. Planet 55 Studios have recently delivered the original 26 part drama Prisoner Zero for ABC – a series created by Jason. Four other shows are in development.

In television, Big Finish Entertainment has produced two reality shows – Nadia Goes to Hollywood and Nadia: Chasing the Dream for TV3 and been involved with reality shows Strictly Dance Fever (BBC) and Fame – the Musical (RTE).

Motion Picture: Jason has served as an Executive Producer on the recently wrapped film “The Time of Their Lives” starring Dame Joan Collins and Pauline Collins, which is to be distributed in cinemas for Mother’s Day 2017 by Universal Pictures.

In addition, Jason is the majority shareholder in www.britishtheatre.com and has been a guest lecturer on life within the entertainment industry – most recently at the Guildford School of Acting.



Big Finish Producer/Voice of Daleks, Cybermen, and More: Nick Briggs

A lot of Nick’s life has been caught up in the world of Doctor Who since its return in 2005. He’s worked on set alongside Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi as the voice of the Daleks, the Cybermen and the Judoon. His Judoon duties also took him onto The Sarah Jane Adventures and he appeared on screen as ruthless government crisis advisor Rick Yates in Torchwood: Children of Earth. He featured on stage as Winston Churchill (and many other characters) in the UK arena tour of Doctor Who Live.

He is also the executive producer of Big Finish Productions (who produce audio drama based on Doctor Who, The Prisoner, Blake’s 7, Sherlock Holmes, Survivors, Terrahawks, Dark Shadows, The Omega Factor and others) which releases well over 100 productions every year. He also writes and directs for the company, most recently working solidly on the new Fourth Doctor adventures, starring Tom Baker, Louise Jameson, Mary Tamm, Lalla Ward and John Leeson. Nick’s production of Doctor Who: Dark Eyes – The Great War won a BBC Audio drama award for best online drama.

Nick has acted in theatres throughout the UK, on tour, in panto and in rep. Favourite roles he’s played include Larry in Closer, Count Dracula and Sherlock Holmes (which he also plays for Big Finish’s highly acclaimed Sherlock Holmes audio range).

He directed and created the sound design and music for all three series of the BBC Radio 4 comedy sci-fi series Nebulous (featuring Mark Gatiss, David Warner, Steve Coogan and many others) and is currently a presenter for BBC Radio 4 Extra’s Seventh Dimension. Nick recently appeared in the BBC Radio 4 dramatization of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens, in which he played Metatron (the Voice of God). Screen credits include Lewis, Torchwood and An Adventure In Space and Time on TV and the movies Adulthood and 4,3,2,1.

Nick is currently writing and directing the second series of audio Doctor Who spin-off Charlotte Pollard and has just completed a brand new series of audio adventures for The Prisoner. He’s also written and directed a stage adaptation of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde which was produced at the Theatre Royal Nottingham. He’s currently working on more Doctor Who scripts for Big Finish Productions.




Paul Magrs — Novelist and Scriptwriter

Paul Magrs is a novelist and script writer. He’s written in lots of different genres over the years and contributed a fair number of stories to the Doctor Who universe. He is the creator of Iris Wildthyme and the writer of ‘Baker’s End’, the audio series from Bafflegab which has Tom Baker playing Tom Baker (still having glorious adventures, disguised as a giant, dancing cat.) Paul’s most recent full-length Doctor Who story is ‘The Peterloo Massacre’ for Big Finish, and his most recent novel is the second instalment of his SF trilogy for Firefly Press, ‘The Martian Girl.’ He lives in Manchester in the North of England with his partner, Jeremy, plus Art Critic Panda and Bernard Socks, a cat.



Andrew Cartmel – Show runner, Writer

Andrew Cartmel is a script editor, comic writer and novelist.

He worked for three years as show runner on Doctor Who, during the entire Sylvester McCoy Seventh Doctor era. In collaboration with McCoy and a fantastic team of writers including Ben Aaronovitch and Rona Munro, Andrew established the Seventh Doctor as a powerful and mysterious enigma.

He also introduced Ace, played by Sophie Aldred, one of the most influential Doctor Who companions of all time… and definitely the first to attack a Dalek with a baseball bat.

Currently Andrew Cartmel is collaborating with Ben Aaronovitch on writing the bestselling Rivers of London comics. The first two graphic novels, Body Work and Night Witch are out from Titan.

Andrew’s memoir about working on Doctor Who, Script Doctor is available in a special limited edition (only 100 copies!). His latest work is a successful series of crime novels about the Vinyl Detective, a record collector turned sleuth. The first two books, Written in Dead Wax and The Run-Out Groove are available now. (Warning: may contain cats.)




George Mann — Novelist and Scriptwriter

George Mann is a Sunday Times bestselling novelist and scriptwriter.

He’s the author of the Newbury & Hobbes Victorian mystery series, as well as three novels about a 1920s vigilante known as the Ghost. He also wrote the bestselling Doctor Who novel Engines of War, as well as new adventures for Sherlock Holmes and the forthcoming supernatural crime series, Wychwood.

His comic writing includes extensive work on Doctor Who, Dark Souls, Warhammer 40,000 and a series based on Newbury & Hobbes, as well as other popular game and television franchises.

He’s written audio scripts for Doctor Who, Blake’s 7, Dorian Gray, Sherlock Holmes, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more.

As Editor he’s assembled three anthologies of original Sherlock Holmes fiction, as well as multiple volumes of The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction and The Solaris Book of New Fantasy.

His website is at www.george-mann.com.



Robert Shearman — Story Writer

An established theatrical playwright, Shearman has worked with Alan Ayckbourn, had a play produced by Francis Ford Coppola, and has received several international awards for his work in theatre.

His association with Doctor Who began with a play written for BBV Audios, Punchline, in which Sylvester McCoy played the Dominie, a disguised version of the Seventh Doctor. This was penned under the pseudonym “Jeremy Leadbetter” (the name of a character from the popular BBC sitcom The Good Life). Several audio plays for Big Finish followed, The Holy Terror, The Chimes of Midnight and Jubilee all winning best audio drama in the Doctor Who Magazine polls of their respective years. He has also had Doctor Who short stories published.

Shearman wrote the television episode “Dalek” for the 2005 series of Doctor Who produced by Russell T Davies for the BBC. “Dalek” was nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form in 2006, and came in second in terms of votes for its category.

Other television work has included episodes of the 1950s-set rural drama Born and Bred, broadcast on BBC One.


Simon Fraser – Comics Artist

Simon Fraser is a Scottish comics artist with an eclectic career. He is most known for co-created the Eagle Award winning Nikolai Dante for 2000AD, where he has also drawn Judge Dredd. Simon has drawn comics for Dark Horse, IDW, Image and Titan Comics, where he is currently works on the 11th Dr Who comic book.

Simon runs the celebrated New York based comics collective ACTIVATEcomix.com where he writes and draws Lilly Mackenzie stories. He lives in the Bronx NY.




John Peel — Writer

I was born in Nottingham, England (the home of Robin Hood) in 1954. I was a rather sickly child, so instead of playing games and sports I read a lot. And reading a lot led me to want to create my own stories, so then I began to write a lot. I was 27 before I became a professional by selling my first story – a comic strip to Marvel Comics. Then I managed to sell articles about British TV shows to an American magazine,Fantasy Empire.

I moved to New York in 1981 to get married, and shortly after that I became the editor of Fantasy Empire. My first book came as a result of that, and then I started to write fiction. My first original novel was Uptime, Downtime in 1992, and I’ve been writing novels ever since.

Most authors get their start selling short stories. I’ve never been able to do things right, so it was quite some time after my novels that I managed to sell my first short stories. I’ve still sold more novels than short stories!

Currently I live on Long Island with my wife and our menagerie of dogs. We were active in helping to rescue abandoned and unwanted Miniature Pinschers for several years and as a result we ended up keeping ones we couldn’t find homes for. Right now we have the girls – Princess (and yes, she knows she’s in charge of us), Pepper, Peaches, Primrose and Lady Penelope – and the boys – Bartleby, Reggie, Teivel, Anubis and Yule (we saved him from being put to sleep on Christmas Eve).



Steve Gostelow — Dalek Operator

Steve Gostelow appeared in 30 Years in the TARDIS, a documentary celebrating the 30th anniversary of Doctor Who, as a Dalek operator. And he’s not coming to (Re)Gen alone — he’ll be accompanied by a silver Troughton-era Dalek, some “old-school” Cybermen helmets, and a few other props familiar to fans of the Classic series!



Dr. Arnold T. Blumberg – Writer / Podcaster

He’s known as the “Doctor of the Dead” in horror circles, a world-renowned zombie expert that teaches media courses in zombies, science fiction, superheroes, and comic book literature at the University of Baltimore and UMBC. But it’s Doctor Who that has been a huge part of Arnold’s career as writer, publisher, and public personality. He hosts two ongoing podcasts: Doctor of the Dead and The G2V Podcast: The Pop Culture Audio Magazine – both of which are produced and co-hosted by Big Finish Doctor Who audio drama writer Scott Alan Woodard.

He’s the co-owner of ATB Publishing (Outside In Volume 1 and 2 – covering the entire classic and new series, as well as Red White and Who: The Story of Doctor Who in America), co-author of the Howe’s Transcendental Toybox guides to Doctor Who merchandise from Telos Publishing, designer of and contributor to many other Doctor Who Telos books including The Target Book, and writer of officially licensed Doctor Who stories “Stolen Days” in Short Trips: How the Doctor Changed My Life and “Mardi Gras Massacre” in Short Trips: Indefinable Magic. He contributed to Doctor Who essay collections Time, Unincorporated 3 for Mad Norwegian and You and Who: Contact Has Been Made Volume Two for Miwk Publishing. He has been a regular guest at numerous Doctor Who and other genre conventions for almost fifteen years, served as an staff member for the two largest online Doctor Who fan communities, and provided commentary on the show for worldwide media as well as websites like BBC America’s Anglophenia, Find him on Twitter at @arnoldtblumberg, @DoctoroftheDead, @G2VPodcast, and @WhosTalkingCast.


Keith R.A. DeCandido – Writer

Keith R.A. DeCandido has the utterly irrelevant distinction of being the first native-born American citizen to write official linear adult Doctor Who fiction, with his 1996 short story “UNITed We Fall” in Decalog 3: Consequences, published by Virgin, an anthology that also had a story called “Continuity Errors” by some obscure dude named Steven Moffat (wonder whatever happened to him…). Keith has to qualify it that much because fellow (Re)GenWho guest John Peel is a naturalized American citizen who wrote before he did, and William H. Keith (an American) wrote kids’ choose-your-own-adventure books. Keith’s other contributions to the world of Who include short stories in the Short Trips anthology Destination Prague and the charity anthology Missing Pieces, editing the Short Trips anthology The Quality of Leadership (which included the first-ever Who fiction by Una McCormack, Peter David, and Diane Duane), and an essay on the 50th anniversary special for Tor.com.

Keith will have two new works at the con: Marvel’s Warriors Three: Godhood’s End (Book 3 of the “Tales of Asgard” trilogy, which also includes Marvel’s Thor: Dueling with Giants and Marvel’s Sif: Even Dragons Have Their Endings) and Baker Street Irregulars, an anthology of alternate Sherlock Holmes stories that includes Keith’s “Identity,” the first of several planned stories of Shirley Holmes and Jack Watson in modern New York City.

In 2009, he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers, which means he never needs to achieve anything ever again. He is also a freelance editor, a second-degree black belt in karate, a musician, a veteran podcaster, a member of the Liars Club, an avid baseball fan, and probably some other stuff that he can’t remember due to the lack of sleep. Find out less at his cheerfully retro web site at DeCandido.net.



Mark Pinksten – Nerd Magician

Magician, Pop Culture Enthusiast, Nerd. Magician Mark Pinksten had performed Magic for over 20 years, when he decided to use the Movies and TV he loved to create a show designed specially for Comic Cons. Magic and Pop Culture: The Nerd Magician was born. That Magical Celebration of Pop Culture will be performed at Comic Cons and Theaters in over 14 states in 2017.

That show already came with a Magic Doctor and a Full Size Tardis. He has taken that show even further and now has The Magic of Who. A show designed for Doctor Who Conventions. In this show, there will be a variety of doctors, Villains, and Time Travel as he performs comedy magic as a Mad Man with a Box. Featured in the show is the world’s only Strait Jacket escape while wearing a Cyberman helmet. In which he must escape in time or be upgraded.

When Mark is not performing, he travels the world as one of the most experienced Computer Security Consultants/Instructors in the world. For more information and video previews, visit www.nerdmagician.com or check out his video preview at https://videopress.com/v/or3aZzpy



Photo by John Rehwinkel

Antipode – Dance Group

Antipode was originally founded in 2006. The eccentric dance group has combined their love of otaku/nerd culture with their love of belly dancing to create a unique form of dance known as geek belly dancing. Antipode performs throughout the year at numerous conventions.

The group is primarily made up of co-directors Ayla, the choreographer and Merika, the costumer; along with troupe member Linwe, and making her Antipode guest dancer debut, Kilowatt Bravo. Fusing the theatrics of acting with a mix of cosplay, pop-culture, and off- beat humor Antipode brings the audience not just dance, but full geek entertainment!

Hannah Harkness

Hannah Harkness – Comedian

Hannah Harkness is a writer / stand up comic based in Philadelphia with a penchant for the geeky and surreal. She co-hosts Comedy is Liberty, a monthly comedy open mic in Philadelphia. She is also a writer/ stand up comic for Media Train Rek, and opens for/ performs with Philadelphia’s Rocky Horror Picture Show cast, Transylvanian Nipple Productions. Check out her Twitter, or on Facebook.


Guests Cat Smith

Cat Smith – Musician

Cat Smith plays nerdy songs on the ukelele. She has performed at LI Who (as the house band), Wicked Faire, and the Way Station. She plays mostly covers, but has original songs as well. Check out an example of her work on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYi8x-zQgPE&feature=youtu.be


Jenna Coleman

Jenna Coleman — Actress, Clara Oswald

Due to Work Requirements, Jenna Coleman has had to cancel her appearance at (Re)Generation Who 3


Michelle Gomez — Actress, Missy

Due to Work Requirements, Michelle Gomez has had to cancel her appearance at (Re)Generation Who 3



Karen Gillan — Actress, Amy Pond

Due to Work Requirements, Karen Gillan has had to cancel her appearance at (Re)Generation Who 3

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