Programming Descriptions

Last updated: March 5, 2017

The following Panels, Performances, Showings, and Events will occur at (Re)Generation Who this year:

Ace! A celebration of Ace: What makes her such an iconic companion, one who is popular for both classic and modem day fans? Our favorite moments, PLUS: tips on how you can easily personalize your Ace cosplay.
Andrew Cartmel: Writer SpotlightAndrew Cartmel, script editor for the final three years of Doctor Who’s Classic run, influenced the show forever. From the “Cartmel Masterplan” to “Survival” to his memoirs in The Script Doctor, we’ll be chatting with him about his work on Doctor Who in all its forms and eras.
Big Finish: Looking Back at 17 Years of AdventureJoin Jason Haigh-Ellery for a celebration of Big Finish, including the greatest moments of the first 17 years of their original productions.
Big Finish: New Who and Onward to the FutureAfter 17 glorious years of producing stories from the first eight Doctors, Big Finish has access to create stories taking place in the post-2005 universe of Doctor Who. Strax, River Song, Judoon, Weeping Angels, Torchwood, Unit, the War Doctor, Winston Churchill and the Tenth Doctor and Donna. Join Jason Haigh-Ellery as he discusses how this came to be and where they are headed in the future.
Big Finish: Story of the Story: Forever Fallen, from Concept to ConclusionForever Fallen was selected as the winning entry in the Paul Spragg Memorial Short Trip Opportunity, released as an audio story read by Nick Briggs in December 2016. This panel will detail the process through the eyes of Joshua Wanisko, a first time Big Finish contributor, from its conception at Tom Baker’s Skype panel at (Re)GenerationWho 1, to the submission process, up through editing and revision and release and reception, and will briefly touch upon the themes and inspirations for the story.
Big Finish: Where Big Finish Wins BiggestA panel of audio play aficionados discusses their selections from the vast array of produced Big Finish productions in the Doctor Who main range and supporting series, with specific emphasis on those stories, characters, or arcs that could be incorporated into the televised series with tremendous success.
Bombastic New Adventures of the Fourth DoctorJoin Paul Magrs and Nick Briggs as they discuss Tom Baker's triumphant return to the role of the 4th Doctor and the entire seasons worth of adventures he's had since his return.
Button Down for Who!?! (with Red Fish Rue Fish)The Button Down goes Whovian. In July, the pinback button we all know and love turned 120 years old. To commemorate the event, Red Fish Rue Fish did not simply throw a one-off birthday party, they launched the Button Down - an annual, year-long celebration of, you guessed it, buttons! Throughout the year, they are bringing fans the opportunity to swap buttons, collect, and make buttons at their favorite conventions. They have a special release debuting at (Re)Generation Who 3. Learn more about Button Down 2016-2017, swap your buttons and make a new timey wimey button of your own (for free).
Catrin Stewart is Jenny FlintJoin us for a live Question and Answer session.
Christmas Specials: Hit or Miss?From 2005's Christmas Invasion to 2016's Return of Doctor Mysterio, the revived series has broadcast 12 Christmas specials. Which were the hits? Which were the misses?
Coffee with the Creators ( Special Event, Ticket Required)Are you an aspiring writer who’d love to bend the ear of a Doctor Who creative? Our first-ever Coffee with the Creators meet-up gives fans that chance! Share coffee, tea, and snacks with writers from all eras of the series in a casual setting.
Collecting Doctor WhoHow do you start collecting? What are some easy sources and things to collect? This panel of experienced collectors provides ideas and resources about starting and maintaining a collection of Doctor Who memorabilia.
Color Spectrum OverlayThe Doctor has all of time and space to explore but in the classic series he rarely encountered or traveled with people of color. However, the new series changed all that by introducing people of color in prominent roles as companions, allies and villains. In this panel, we discuss and celebrate the evolution of race in the Whoniverse. We will look at how the show adapted to reflect the multicultural world we live in today and how we would like to see more diversity in the TARDIS and beyond. How does the Season 10 cast change the conversation of diversity on Doctor Who?
Comfort Food Episodes of Doctor WhoFor many of us, Doctor Who is a comforting constant in our lives. We all have those "go to" episodes that are the tv equivalent of a warm blanket and chicken soup. What is it about those stories that makes them so therapeutic? We'll discuss what these episodes have in common, as well as the impact of the "right story at the right time." Join us for this interactive panel and help compile a list of episodes for all your emotional needs.
Comics and Doctor WhoDoctors of all eras are getting a new life in the comic book world! From the Third Doctor’s return to more multi-Doctor specials to the punk rock Time Surgeon, the comic world of Who is full of brilliant new adventures for you to discover. Join our panel of comic book creators as they discuss their approach to telling Doctor Who stories in the comics medium.
Companions of a Certain AgeWe'll discuss (slightly) older folks' roles in the series. Who are the most influential 30+ characters in Who? How have the companions changed over the course of the series, and how much of that related to age? How has age determined the nature of Doctor/companion relationships?
Companions!It’s our annual Companions panel, and you never know what’s going to happen. In previous years we’ve had surprise guests, impromptu action scenes, and some of the funniest behind-the-scenes stories you’ll ever hear. Join us again this year as we interview a panel of the Doctor’s brave assistants from across the years about their time on the show and what it means to be a companion.
Cosplay 101: So, You Wanna Cosplay?A crash course on how to start in the world of cosplay. We will discuss how to pick a character, how and where to source pieces for the cosplay, and tips and tricks for a successful cosplay experience. We will show you the exact steps experienced cosplayers follow when putting together a cosplay.
Cosplay 201: Improving Your SkillsStep off from the basics of Cosplay 101 to discuss how to take that cosplay you created and make it better. We will discuss what steps to take to make your cosplay more screen accurate. The smallest details can make a huge impact! New cosplayers are also welcome!
Cybermen and More: The Genius of Kit PedlerCome discuss the inventor of the Cybermen and his contributions to the show, including the long-standing theme of humanity's engagement with technology!
Dalek MasterplanThe Legacy of the First Doctor's epic adventure from the 1960's discussed by Peter Purvis who was there, and John Peel who adapted the script into novel form.
DANCE PERFORMANCE: AntipodeAntipode is a geek belly dancing troupe hailing from State College, PA. Fusing the theatrics of acting with a mix of cosplay, pop-culture, and off- beat humor Antipode brings the audience not just dance, but full geek entertainment.
Davros Variety ShowJoin Terry Molloy and Cat Smith for an hour of song, dance, and adventure!
Deep Thoughts (About The Doctor)This interactive panel will explore the philosophical side of the Whoniverse and will challenge the attendees to answer such deep questions as: 1. Why are the Doctor's timeline and Gallifrey's timeline in sync? 2. If the chameleon circuit was fixed, what form would the TARDIS take in modern day London? 3. What type of conscious or unconscious control does a timelord have over their regeneration? These questions and more are just waiting to be answered and debated in this fast paced forum!
Doctor Who and MetacognitionWho is the Doctor? More importantly, how can we use this popular television character to make you a better student? Last fall, a group of college students was part of a new course that combined Doctor Who
and metacognition. What is metacognition, you ask? Join Dr. Jack Arnal and his students, Elsa, Rachel, Anastasia, and Kayla for a lively discussion of the course and their new Doctor Who club!
Doctor Who CriticismWith hundreds of Doctor Who stories in a wide variety of mediums, online and published criticism can be a great way to discover the best of the best Doctor Who stories. Criticism can also be used to re-experience and enrich stories that you've already watched/read/listened to. Join Robert Shearman (co-author of "Running through Corridors) and Dr Arnold Blumberg (publisher Outside In volumes 1 and 2) for a lively discussion on the state of Doctor Who criticism today.
Doctor Who Novelizations Whether in the form of classic Target novelizations, Wilderness Years books, or modern spinoffs, some of the Doctor’s greatest adventures have been on the printed page. Join our panel of distinguished Whoniverse writers as they talk about their work and what it takes to write a Doctor Who story.
Doctor Who Travel Guide: CardiffA discussion of some top Doctor Who locations to visit when in the Cardiff. The panel will also focus on how to best plan for a Doctor Who tour.
Doubles and DoppelgängersWhat happens when the Doctor meets his double? Almost every incarnation could tell you about it! Which of the Doctor's doppelgängers are your favorites? And why do you think the series keeps coming back to this device?
DreamcastingPanel guests posit future casting for Doctor Who, including hypotheses about new characters under the Chibnall era, possible returns of classic characters, and the always raucous "Next Doctor" discussion.
Earlybird Cosplay GatheringHave you arrived early to the con? Join the other cosplayers who have arrived early to coordinate your activities for the weekend.
Eight is Great: Celebrate the 8th DoctorJoin a panel of ardent 8th Doctor experts for an appreciation of the Eighth Doctor. In addition to the Doctor's two iconic TV appearances, Paul McGann has reprised is role in over 70 Big Finish stories spanning the eqivalent of more than 8 "seasons" worth of episodes. The 8th Doctor has also been featured in over 70 novels. This panel will highlight the very best 8th Doctor stories in all mediums.
Evolution of the Companion: A Feminist & Progressive PerspectiveThe role of the companion has changed considerably over the years. From Barbara (literally) wearing the pants of a male warrior to Sarah Jane reminding us that there is nothing “only” about being a girl, to Clara Oswald’s evolution into an almost Doctor figure herself, we will look at whether we have made great strides, taken steps back or fallen somewhere in between.
Expanded Worlds of WhoOur panel of experts will discuss the many mediums in which the Doctor Who narrative is expanded, including novels, comics, and Big Finish audios.
Fan Artists and WhoHow to do fanart as a fan and make that into a career. We also talk about how to start selling at conventions and give a bit of a crash course in selling your art and doing it in a way that can pay your bills and, in the case of Doctor Who, lead to actual endorsed BBCA work.
Fandom: Overcoming Anxiety and Depression
In this panel we will discuss how many people in fandom use it in our struggles with anxiety and depression. For some of us it has helped us step out of our social anxiety to be more social and make friends. For others, it has taught us to be more positive about our bodies and love the skin we're in. For some of us, fandom has saved our very lives. Come share how fandom has helped you in your struggles or be inspired to use fandom in your own inner battles.
Forged in Fire: Remembering John Hurt and the War Doctor
The recent loss of John Hurt was heartbreaking to fans in more ways than one. He brought his talent and his passion to so many films and television shows – including his portrayal as the War Doctor in Doctor Who. Join us in remembering both the character and the actor. We will talk about the Big Finish War Doctor boxed sets, the War Doctor novel Engines of War and more.
Gallifrey Returns: Dance Party (with DJ Kangal)Dance!
Game ShowsFans of all ages can participate in this interactive Jeopardy-type game show featuring wireless buzzers just like on TV! Games will be hosted by the Time-Lord of Trivia, DJ Gallifrey (aka John Horne). Classic trivia will focus on the Hartnell-McCoy era of the show and Modern trivia will focus on the McGann-Capaldi era. In addition, Wheel of Androzani is a Wheel of Fortune-type game show for the younger fans to play and will feature Whovian names and phrases to solve just like the TV show!

John Horne (aka DJ Gallifrey) is a 35 veteran DJ/MC from Pennsylvania and is the owner of Jam Machine Productions. In 2010 he started Trivia Game Show to overall acclaim. He currently plays regularly at 6 different venues each month. A long-time Whovian, John incorporated Doctor Who into his DJ and Trivia shows
Geek Chic FashionFashion in the geek/nerd world: in the last few years, geek fashion has taken off -- with fashion show competitions at SDCC for the past two years, and new shops popping up to cater to the fashionably chic geek. Many geeks own items from companies such as Loungefly, Her Universe, and Black Milk to supplement their everyday wear. This panel will discuss how to incorporate a love of all things geek into your daily look, while still remaining fashion savvy. This applies to both male and female fashions.
George Mann: Writer SpotlightGeorge Mann’s work spans the worlds of Sherlock Holmes, Iris Wildthyme, and his own Newbury & Hobbes – but fans will likely know him best as the author of the War Doctor novel Engines of War. Join us for a discussion of his work, including his varied contributions to the Whoniverse!
Greatest Cosplay Show in the Galaxy

(ReGeneration Who's Masquerade Event)
Our cosplay extravaganza headlining our Saturday evening entertainment.
Heinlein Society Book DriveThe Heinlein Society will be having a fan table at this year's ReGen Who with a Science Fiction book drive to benefit our active military and their families. We do this nationally as a part of our organization through a program called "Heinlein for Heroes". Books of Robert Heinlein especially welcome, but any classic SF in good condition is accepted. So as you are looking to do your spring cleaning, please save your doubles or the books you no longer have space for and bring them to the dedicated table. All donations are tax-deductible. Our thanks to John Tilden for running with this idea! More info at
History in Doctor WhoHistorical episodes and references have always been a large part of the foundation of Doctor Who. We will discuss how the show addresses historical concepts and events, how the show has changed its emphasis on history over the years, and the ways that characters from history have been included in the show.
How Did We Do?Weigh in on the con - what worked well? What needs improvement? Take an opportunity to speak directly to the con-chairs and senior ReGeneration Who staff to help them make next year's event even better!
I like my Doctors Grumpy: A Celebration of 1, 6 and 12Do you like your Doctors a bit prickly and enjoy when they can be a bit rude? Are Doctors 1, 6 and 12 some of your favorites? Join a discussion of why we love these doctors and a celebration of some of their grumpiest moments.
Ice Warriors: Friend or Foe?Join us for a hisssssss-filled celebration of our favorite Martians, discussing their appearances on television, in writing, and in audio.
Ingrid Oliver is Petronella OsgoodComedian Ingrid Oliver won the hearts of fans as Osgood in “Day of the Doctor,” and her comebacks since have been some of the most highly anticipated. Now she’s joining us in Baltimore to chat about the role, her time on the show, and… maybe finally letting us know which Osgood she is?... Well, we can try, anyway. A moderated discussion followed by an audience Q&A.
Introduction to Big FinishIntimidated by the 300+ Audio Adventures of the 4th through 8th Doctors producted by Big Finish? Hear from panelists who have listened to nearly all of Big Finish's catalogue spotlight the cream of the crop of the Big Finish Audio world to help you navigate their massive catalogue of stories.
Introduction to Who for Parents and KidsA family panel for all ages as we discuss some ideas for experiencing Doctor Who with the whole family.
Iris Wildthyme: Life and Times of The Maverick TimeladyJoin Paul Magrs for a discussion of Iris Wildhyme, a maverick time lady, who is characterised by nonlinear, sometimes stream of consciousness narrative, intertextual references to the rest of Doctor Who and popular culture, and themes of unreliable narration. Iris has a playful, mischievous personality, delighting in baiting the Doctor and getting into trouble.
John Peel: Writer SpotlightAs one of the few novelists given permission to write about the Daleks, writer John Peel holds a special place in the world of Who. Join us for a discussion of his career, from his time as a Doctor Who book writer to his original works!
Katy Manning is Jo GrantWhen Jo Grant made her comeback in The Sarah Jane Adventures, she introduced herself to a whole new generation of fans. Now, we’re sitting down to talk with the Third Doctor’s adventurous assistant from UNIT about her time on the show, her return during the new era, and perhaps some of what she’s been getting up to over at Big Finish. A moderated discussion followed by an audience Q&A.
Keith R.A. DeCandido: Writer SpotlightJoin the accomplished author of innumerable books tied into a multitude of franchises for a candid career discussion.
KIDS PROGRAMMING ROOMDrop by our dedicated Kids Programming Room and have your kids join in exciting Doctor Who related activities all weekend long. Activities include "How to Write Your Name in Gallifreyan" , "Doctor Who Mad Libs", "Pin the Face on Cassandra", all kinds of crafts involving coloring, making paper Tardises, and much much more! The full schedule of activities will be posted by the Door.
Magic Show: Mark Pinksten, Nerd MagicianAn exciting Doctor Who themed magic show.
MEET UP! Teen Meetup SessionAn informal gathering with other teenage Fans.
MEETUP! Antagonist (Enemies) United CosplayersInformal cosplay photo op gathering for any cosplayers dressed as villians. Come meet other cosplayer villians, make friends and set up photo ops.
MEETUP! CollectorsDo you collect the Doctor Who vinyl figures by Titan, or the blind bag figures by Character Builders? The Novels? The Audios? Trading Cards? Join an informal gathering to make some new acquaintances.
MEETUP! Companion CosplayersInformal cosplay photo op gathering for any cosplayers dressed as companions. Come meet other cosplayers, make friends and set up photo ops.
MEETUP! Day of the Doctor & Cosplay PhotosWe're looking to recreate that iconic last shot from Day of the Doctor. We'll be taking as many shots as needed so if you're there in costume we'll do our best to rotate everyone in. Femme Doctors, Companions, Gender Swap...everyone is welcome. Come and find that perfect match for your cosplay photo at this meet up.
MEETUP: Friday CosplayMeet other cosplayers in an informal setting and plan your photo-shoots, and sign up for other activities.
Neve McIntosh is Madame VastraJoin us for a live Question and Answer session.
Nick Briggs: Actor, Writer, Producer, DirectorOn Stage! Meet Nick Briggs for a moderated question and answer session. Nick Briggs has written, produced directed and starrred in a virtual boatload of Big Finish audios, and is currently the voice of the Daleks, the Cybermen, the Zygons, and many other Doctor Who characters/aliens. He's written novels, plays, and even composes music. Join us us for a candid discussion of the career of one of the most talented Renaissance men working in the world of Doctor Who today.
Ninth Doctor : A CelebrationHe was the Doctor who brought the series back – and he was gone far too soon. Join us as we talk about the Ninth Doctor’s era and what we love most about Eccleston’s performance.
Oh No, Who Didn't!Would absolute showrunner power really corrupt absolutely? A panel and audience participatory experimentation with our beloved cast of DW characters, including alternate casting, archetype reversal, character alignment changes, and some fun projections of the impact such changes would have on our favorite stories.
ON TARGET!!!The Target novelizations of Classic Doctor Who episodes are practically a fandom of their own – and an introduction to the show for some. Join writer John Peel and a panel of Target enthusiasts as they discuss these legendary adaptations.
The Paternoster Gang: The Importance of the Supporting Cast in New WhoQ&A with Catrin Stewart.
Paul Magrs: Writer SpotlightIf you survived the Wilderness Years, you know the name Paul Magrs. Writer of many Doctor Who audios and books, creator of adventuress Iris Wildthyme, and now the writer of Tom Baker and Katy Manning starrer Baker’s End, Magrs has had a hand in the worlds in and around Who for many years. Join us as we talk about his genre work and his original creations.
Peter Purves is Steven TaylorSpaceship pilot Steven Taylor is one of the few – and earliest – male companions to join the Doctor on his adventures. Join us in welcoming Peter Purves to Baltimore as we talk about his time in the earliest eras of the show, and his return to the role via Big Finish’s Companion Chronicles. A moderated discussion followed by an audience Q&A.
Portraiture and Doctor WhoLearn about portraiture for Doctor Who from Kelsey Wailes and some of the techniques she uses to make them. From Q and A to understanding how to layer colors, drawing methods, sketch out emotions, how gesture drawing works, and what young artists can do to hone or develop their skills.
Processing Mortality and Death Using Doctor WhoExploration of the fragility of the human psyche when it comes to processing loss and death has been a recurring theme in Doctor Who for over 5 decades. Our panelists will lead an in-depth discussion on death both as a philosophical and abstract concept and as an inevitably in our existence. They will also focus on ways we can look to the Doctor for examples of both healthy and unhealthy methods of dealing with the loss of a loved one or dealing with our own mortality.
Props and Relics of Doctor WhoJoin Steve Gostelow for a discussion on the important part that props play on Doctor Who. Steve Gostelow appeared in 30 Years in the TARDIS, a documentary celebrating the 30th anniversary of Doctor Who, as a Dalek operator. And he's not coming to (Re)Gen alone Ñ he'll be accompanied by a silver Troughton-era Dalek, some "old-school" Cybermen helmets, and a few other props familiar to fans of the Classic series!"
Regenerator Party (VIP level 1 or greater required for entrance)(Re)Generation Who's Friday night meet up event for all levels of VIP Registrants. Meet up, have some snacks and refreshments, meet other fans, and get ready for the weekend of Doctor Who fun.
Return to the Writers RoomWith incoming showrunner Chris Chibnall considering the use of an American-style writers room for in Series 11, what could this mean for the creative process? With a panel of veteran Doctor Who writers and editors, the concept of collaborative storytelling is weighed and considered.
Richard Franklin is Mike Yates
As one of the members of UNIT during the Third Doctor’s run, Mike Yates was often alongside the Brigadier and his strange friend the Doctor for their bizarre adventures. This year, we’re welcoming Richard Franklin to the event as part of our Third-themed year! We’ll chat about his adventures with UNIT, as well as his return to the world of Who alongside Tom Baker in the new Fourth Doctor adventures. A moderated discussion followed by an audience Q&A.
Robert Shearman: Writer SpotlightRobert Shearman talks about writing for Doctor Who in audio and on TV. is an English television, radio, stage play and short story writer. He is known for his work for Doctor Who, as well as his an ongoing association with Jarvis & Ayres Productions (Martin Jarvis and Rosalind Ayres) which has resulted in six plays for BBC Radio 4, broadcast in the station's regular weekday Afternoon Play slot, and one classic serial.
Say Something NiceThough Doctor Who may be more beloved than ever, not every story is universally appreciated. This panel focuses on some of the least favorite Doctor Who episodes from the past 50-some years and asks the question "can you say something nice about even the most disliked of stories?"
Scratch Shot 1A closed door workshop with Terry Molloy focused on writing and performance. In its simplest terms it is sort of like fast, furious, time-restricted speed dating for Writers and Actors.
From blank page to rehearsed reading in under an hour! Improv, but with scripts!

(must sign up in advance as seating is limited)
Scratch Shot 2The Scratch Shot workshop participants reveal their work to the public.
Simon Fraser: Artist SpotlightOne of the artists behind Titan’s Eleventh Doctor comic series, Simon Fraser is also widely known for his work on Judge Dredd and as the co-creator of Nikolai Dante. Join us for a chat about his career, his varied work, and what it’s like to work on new adventures for the bow-tied Doctor.
Smarts, Strength, & Sass: Female Companions in the ‘60sBarbara, Susan, Vicki, Dodo, Polly, Victoria, and Zoe: the women who traveled with the First and Second Doctors were pioneers. They were the first ladies aboard the TARDIS and established many of the qualities that would become requirements for subsequent companions. Intelligence, bravery, and honesty are just three of the main characteristics these women share that can be seen echoed in Liz Shaw, Ace, and Clara (among many others). Although writers didn’t consistently provide great material for them, the actresses in these roles always gave vivid performances. In this panel we’ll discuss these remarkable women, the writers who created them, and the actresses who brought them to life.
Sylvester McCoy is the Seventh DoctorHe was the final Doctor before the long hiatus, and his persona was one of the most mysterious. From jester to chessmaster, the Seventh Doctor’s character took some interesting turns during his run. Join us as we talk to Sylvester McCoy about his time on the show, his return to the role in Big Finish, and the fine art of spoon-playing. A moderated discussion followed by an audience Q&A.
Tea With The Doctor ( Special Event, Ticket Required)a special gathering where participants can chat with many of our guests at a tea, desserts, and light snacks party.
Teacher Companions in Doctor WhoFrom Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton to Clara Oswald, teachers are everywhere in Doctor Who. Come in, teachers (and everyone else!) and discuss how Doctor Who has made education even more exciting than it already is! Bonus points for audience members with stories about how they've used the show in the classroom.
Terry Molloy is DavrosThough he's played one of the most menacing villains of all time, Terry Molloy is well known as one of the most affable actors in the business. Come see for yourself during a live Question and Answer session.
The Afterlife of the Seventh DoctorWhen Doctor Who was canceled after season 26, Sylvester McCoy was the living representative of the Doctor for several years. By reprising the role in a variety of media, the Seventh Doctor's robust "afterlife" has expanded the depth of the role via the TV Movie, the New Adventure Novels, the Big Finish Audio universe and several spinoffs. Join Andrew Cartmel and for a discussion of the Seventh Doctor since 1989.
The Doctor's FriendsOver the years, the Doctor has made many friends who have reoccurred on the show many times but haven't necessarily traveled at length in the Tardis. Join us for a candid conversation with three of the Actors who portrayed these vital roles in the history of Doctor Who.
The Power of the Best Dalek Panel EVERA spectacular gathering of the greatest Dalek experts in the universe. Join Nick Briggs (the current VOICE of the Daleks, and writer of many Dalek Stories), Rob Shearman (writer of TV Episode Dalek, and many Big Finish Audios), and John Peel (Terry Nation's favored novelist adapter of classic Dalek Stories and writer of new Dalek novels) as they discuss DALEKS!
The Song Remains The Same: River SongLet's talk about River Song! She's figured prominently in the lives of the 10th, 11th, and 12th Doctor -- and even appeared with the 8th on audio. Love her, hate her, she's the Doctor's wife (or is she?), she's become a mainstay character across many eras and now has her own spin-off series with Big Finish.
The Wilderness Years (1990 -2005)With the exception of the TV Movie Pilot in 1996, Doctor Who was not on the air for over a decade. In a series of novels and audios, a brilliant group of writers and artists not only kept the Doctor Who narrative active, but added new mythology to the ongoing story in profound and influential ways. Join some of the creators who were active during the Wilderness years as they discuss their approach and how their influence continues to ripple on the show today.
Time and Space Jam DANCE PARTY with DJ KangalCome dance at our SCI-FI/ WHOVIAN/ ELECTRO/ RETRO/ FANDOM/ GEEKDOM DANCE PARTY! With sound and lights by the (RE)GEN Tech Crew and music by DJ KANGAL. Find more of DJ Kangal's fantastic work here:
Tribute to the Third Doctor: Jon PertweeHe was a man of action, science, and Venusian Aikido. Join guests and panelists for a star-studded tribute to UNIT’s resident scientific advisor and the Master’s first foe!
Miss Nerdstiles Performs!

(With Cat Smith)
Check out the ukulele stylings of the geek songstress extraordinaire! Cat Smith's musical sets are as magical and versatile as the cosplays she is also known for. Full of joy, humor, and deep cut pop culture references, Smith welds her uke to play everything from Amanda Palmer to Mouserat to Hamilton. A set from Miss Nerdstiles is the place to be for charming, witty musical nerdery!
UNIT United: Past and PresentCome discuss the relationships between UNIT and the Third and Fourth Doctors, as well as new-series depictions (both during the Davies era and more recently opposite the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors).
We Are Regeneration Who: Kickoff SessionCome talk to Oni and Harknell, founders and Co-Con Chairs of Intervention and (Re)Generation Who, about the event, their comic work, their theme park and haunted attraction adventures, and their thoughts about (Re)Generation Who. They are (almost) guaranteed to stay in one place during the duration of this panel.
WHAT IF?? American Woman: What if Doctor Who was always portrayed by American actresses?We’ve seen the video of the Doctor’s regenerations recast as American actors… but what if they were American actresses? Bring your best fan-casting to this intense panel where we reimagine ALL THIRTEEN regenerations of the Doctor as actresses here at home!
Who's on the Radio?Prior to the emergence of Big Finish Productions' series of Doctor Who audio stories, numerous attempts were made to translate the program to radio, such as Slipback and The Paradise of Death. While these stories were generally uneven, they're all worthy of a second look to highlight not just their flaws but also virtues that might not have been appreciated at the time.
Whovian FeminismJoin the writer of the site for a candid chat about culture, feminism, diversity and Doctor Who.
Writing for Science FictionJoin our panel of experienced Science Fiction as they discuss writing fiction for Science Fiction franchises such as Doctor Who, Star Trek and many more!
Yoga with Cat SmithCat will be teaching a 60-minute class in restorative yoga. A weekend at a con is awesome, but let's face it, it can also be stressful and exhausting. In this class, we will be attempting to reconnect with our chill and relieve some of that con pressure. You will let Cat know what hurts, and, through stretching, breathing, and bearing in mind that Cat is not a chiropractor, she will help you try to soothe yourself. It will be a general level class. All abilities welcome. Please wear something comfortable that you can move in. If you have a yoga mat, great, but if you don't, that's okay, too. (Bring a large towel or just be prepared to sit on the floor).
You Say You Want a Revolution?Sometimes the Doctor is on the side of law and order...and sometimes he isn't. Let's talk about the stories in which the Doctor and his companions overthrow the government--and about how they decide which side they're on.
Zoology of Doctor WhoA comparison and educational panel about some of the Doctor Who monsters and their real life counterparts. Ice Warriors can be frozen and brought back to life after years of being trapped in ice, what animals on earth can do the same thing? The Zarbi look like giant ants, and are only slightly more terrifying than the extinct Titanomyrma, an ant the size of a Milano cookie.

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