(Re)Generation Who 3 Vendors Room Hours

Friday: 3 PM to 9 PM
Saturday: 10 AM to 7 PM
Sunday: 10 AM to 3 PM

VIP attendees gain access to the Vendors Room 30 minutes early on all three days.

The following companies will be selling their wares in our Vendor Room:

Name: +2 Charisma
Table: 13
Website: www.plus2charisma.com

Name: Applegate Gallery
Table: 22
Website: applegateframing.com

Name: Arsenal Models
Table: 10
Website: www.arsenalmodels.com

Name: Barry Sachs
Table: 14
Website: www.etsy.comshop/BarrySachsBarryGood

Name: Benaequee Creations
Table: 16
Website: www.benaequee.etsy.com

Name: Corsair’s Boutique
Table: 20
Website: www.corsairsboutique.com

Name: Foam Brain Games
Table: 21
Website: www.foambrain.com

Name: Geek Girls Castle
Table: 15
Website: geekgirlscastle.com

Name: Hairy Kiri Design
Table: 24
Website: www.hairykiridesigns.com

Name: Jordandene
Table: 17
Website: www.jordandene.com

Name: MarfDaze
Table: 11
Website: marfdazegeek.storenvy.com

Name: Mayfaire Moon Corsets and Costumes
Table: 25
Website: mayfairemoon.com

Name: Pendragon Chainmail
Table: 23
Website: www.pendragonchainmail.com

Name: Science Fiction Continuum
Table: 8 & 9
Website: www.sfcontinuum.com

Name: The Colorful Geek
Table: 18
Website: www.colorfulgeekiness.etsy.com

Name: Walt’s Cards
Table: 12

Name: Wibbily Wobbly Timey Wimey
Table: 19
Website: www.wibbilywobblytimeywimey.com

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