Full Weekend Early Bird Price Discount Ending Friday Feb 3rd

Our “Early Bird” Full Weekend registration discount price of $80 will be ending this Friday, February 3rd at midnight. Due to high demand, we’ve extended the original time frame from February 1st to the 3rd. On the 4th the price will increase to $85, and then change to $90 when purchased at-door.

Register now, and with the savings you can easily add on a pre-purchase of an autograph or photo op with Karen Gillan, Sylvester McCoy, Ingrid Oliver, or many of our other guests (remember, these items are cash only when purchased at the event, so this is the time to use a credit card if that’s more convenient for you).

Details on all of the options, including available VIP levels and regen related items are all on our Registration page.

Harknell is the Co-Con Chair for (Re)Generation Who, PotterVerse, and Intervention.


New Guests and a Cancellation


(Re)Generation Who is happy to announce the addition of 2 new guests to the event this year: actor Terry Molloy, who played the Dalek creator ‘Davros” for the Classic era opposite Doctors 5 though 7 and Big Finish, and actor Richard Franklin who played ‘UNIT Captain Mike Yates’ during the Classic seasons and Big Finish. Both actors will be at the event for all three days and will be available for Photo Ops, Autographs, and appear on panels.

We also have the unfortunate news to report that we’ve been notified by Michelle Gomez (‘Missy / The Master’) that due to work commitments she will not be able to attend the event this year. We are evaluating our options and will reach out to all pre-order purchasers of Photo Ops and Autographs soon to give some options on refunds or switching their purchase(s) to other guests.

Harknell is the Co-Con Chair for (Re)Generation Who, PotterVerse, and Intervention.


Hotel Con Block Extension Coming Soon

Wow, you guys have been booking rooms like crazy since we posted the link just 2 days ago. We are working with the hotel to add more rooms into our con block–especially Thursday March 23rd. We expect to be able to get them into the system within the next few days–so keep checking back. Please note that the other days are all generally still available, so if you aren’t able to reserve your full duration it’s probably because of Thursday. It is possible to edit your reservation later to add extra days–so you may want to reserve the rest of your stay and then add on the 23rd when it comes available. The hotel has huge capacity, so we expect you’ll all be able to get space if you want it–it just might take a few rounds of extensions to get that all set.

We’ll announce on the site here and though social media when the additional rooms are available.

I guess we underestimated things a bit :)

Harknell is the Co-Con Chair for (Re)Generation Who, PotterVerse, and Intervention.


Daily Registrations Now Available

Daily Registrations are now available for (Re)Generation Who 2. The prices for daily registrations this year are:

Friday: $40
Saturday: $55
Sunday: $45

In addition you can still purchase VIP levels and Con T-shirts until March 5th, so grab them now from our registration page.

Harknell is the Co-Con Chair for (Re)Generation Who, PotterVerse, and Intervention.


Unique Badge Name / Artwork Registration Option Now Available

We have added in a new option for registration this year: Unique Badge Names / Artwork. We received some requests last year for special printed badge names with unique artwork. This is similar to our VIP badges, but each being a one-off version produced specially for the attendee. We’ve gone ahead and added this as an option this year–with an additional list of preset Doctor Who entities you can also select from. For the preset list, each option can only be bought once–so when it’s gone, it’s no longer available. For instance, “The Doctor (IV)” represents Tom Baker’s Doctor, and will have unique artwork related to his Doctor. While you can submit your own name–you can’t try to circumvent this limit on preset badges by asking to be “The Fourth Doctor”, or any variation therein. If you have any questions or want to find out if a particular name is already taken please contact us in advance. There is one exception to this preset list unique rule–“Another Clara Echo” can be selected by multiple people, since of course, there can be many of her floating around :)

If you are asking for a truly unique name, we will contact you to see if you’d like to supply artwork for the badge as well. This is limited to the size and configuration of our badges–but we’ll work with you in all cases to make it to your liking. We can also supply some artwork in case you don’t have any you can give us.

The cost for reserving your Unique badge is $150. Please note that these badges are *NOT* VIP levels. To get the benefits of any VIP level you will have to add that option in as well.

Also note that regular registration badges do not come with pre-printed names, so if all you want to do is write in your name, or even write in “The Doctor” on your badge, you can still do so–this option is for an event supplied and created official badge keepsake to show off your unique name or designation for this year.

We will eventually set up a page on the site listing all taken Unique Names. We couldn’t add into our list every possible Doctor Who entity or name, so you can request ones not listed–just contact us first to make sure it’s available before ordering (or have multiple options you’d be happy with in case it is).

Harknell is the Co-Con Chair for (Re)Generation Who, PotterVerse, and Intervention.

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