(Re)Generation Who 5 Guests:

See all of our Guests on our Full Guest listing page

The Autograph and Item shop is now open with items from Peter Capaldi, Alex Kingston, Tom Baker, Colin Baker, and many more: https://regenerationwho.com/registration/autograph-and-item-shop/


(Re)Gen Day 2: The Doctors Have Landed!

We made history yesterday in the Inner Harbor! The Doctor Who stars who joined us yesterday in Baltimore brought some of the biggest crowds (Re)Generation Who has ever seen!

Peter Capaldi arrived via TARDIS for his first interview since leaving Doctor Who. The standing-room-only crowd heard Peter chat about everything from his early art career to his dream episode where Jimi Hendrix meets the Twelfth Doctor.

Michelle Gomez took the mainstage directly after to chat about her work on the show — and potentially let a few surprises about Missy’s future slip! (Spoilers…)

Fans of the Classic era also had a chance to see actors and writers interact — like Colin Baker and Michael Jayston facing off as the Sixth Doctor and the Valeyard again!

Evening entertainment launched with game shows, the Greatest Cosplay Show in the Galaxy, and a late-night dance party.

The party is going on today! There are still tickets available for our event at the Baltimore Inner Harbor. Join us on the fifth floor for a day of panels, interviews, and fun!


(Re)Gen 4, Day 1: Music and Mayhem in Baltimore!

The big weekend is underway, and we hit the ground running here at (Re)Generation Who 4! Our guests are all excited to be on hand, and the panels and workshops have had a great turnout!

The Fifth Doctor and his companions reunited on the mainstage!

Our mainstage events included interviews with TARDIS teams, face-offs between heroes and villains, and the Friday night Companions panel! In the side panel rooms we kicked off with the annual “We Are (Re)Generation Who” panel, followed by fan-designed events and tribute panels.

The Friday night Companions panel featuring Mark Strickson, John Leeson, and William Russell.

Fans of Who writers experienced part 1 of an exclusive writing workshop with Paul Magrs, and attendees up late sat in on writer guests reading some of their short stories.

Late night was also the time to party! The Davros Variety Hour was back with music, dancing, and a performance by our own Oni Hartstein!


Oni poses with Antipode Geek Bellydance

And DJ Kangal kept attendees dancing into the night with (Re)Gen 4’s Time and Space Jam.

Don’t want to miss out on the rest of the fun? We still have day and weekend passes! Join us tomorrow in the Baltimore Inner Harbor — reg is available at the door. Tomorrow will feature a giant cosplay contest, mainstage interviews with actors and creators, fan panels and meet-ups, and at 1 pm on the big stage, our interview with Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi!

We can’t wait to see you there!


Today’s the day! Make history with us at ReGen 4!

Didn’t make it under the wire for pre-registration? We got you covered — we’ve got full weekend and single-day spaces still available at the door! Three-day passes are now $100 each, which gets you full access to our panels and vendors!

Autograph and photo-op spots are also still available. Transaction will be cash-only so make sure you come prepared. Check out our full price list so you can plan ahead.

Want to plan you panel schedule? Reference our programming grid for times and locations, and get more info on our programming descriptions page. All panels in the main space and three smaller panel rooms are accessible to all attendees without a special VIP package — but you might want to line up in advance for some of them!

Bringing kids? We have an amazing children’s programming track for parents and kids to share. Enjoy coloring pages, crafts, and a children’s cosplay contest. Some surprise guests may even drop in throughout the weekend!

And, as mentioned by the Radio Times, this Saturday will feature Peter Capaldi’s first interview since leaving Doctor Who! Don’t miss out on being a part of Who history!

The event space is on the fifth floor — so when you arrive, take the elevator up to find us. We’ll see you this weekend!


Facebook Frames and Custom Banners: Let the world know you’re at (Re)Gen!

Want to spice up your selfies this weekend? We’ve created some cool frames for your Facebook pics, stories, and profiles to help show your friends where you are this weekend!

The frames will be available from Thursday to Monday. How do you get them? Just be at the event! The frames are location-targeted to be usable by anyone currently at the Renaissance. The above example is just one of five we’ll have available. Come to the con to unlock the rest!

And if you want a cool custom image to show off on your social media, click to download this customizable PNG! Drop your pic in to let everyone know you’ll be with us this weekend.

Oh, and if you haven’t pre-registered, make sure to do so ASAP — time is running out!


CON NEWS: ConTag WarGames Cancelled for (Re)Gen 4

Its is with heavy heart that we are unable to enable the WarGames for this RegenerationWho 4.  The Matrix Data Slice we were using to run the environment was recently re-acquired by the Time Lords to help with some frivolous Time Lordian project dealing with amending Time Paradoxes or some other silly thing.

We have what we need and will rebuild, hopefully better and stronger in time for the next RegenerationWho 5.


CON NEWS: Reg changes, badge pick-up, and photo op changes

We’re just a few days away from the con! And, of course, this means we’ll be keeping you updated to any last-minute changes going on. If you want to stay updated quickly, be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


Registration Changes

All pre-convention sales, including pre-registration, will now be closing Wednesday, March 21 at noon EDT. During the event, registration will be available at-door, with full weekend badges available for $100. At this point, autographs and photo ops will be cash only.

If you want to use a credit card to pay for autographs or photo ops, please add them to your registration before Wednesday!


Thursday Night Badge Pick-Up

Early badge pickup for pre-registered attendees will be taking place from 8-10 pm on Thursday, March 22 at the coat check outside Panel Room 2 on the fifth floor of the the Renaissance (which is also the convention event space). Please be sure to bring your receipt and/or a photo ID to speed the process.

Note that this is for pre-registered attendees only. No sales of badges, merchandise, autographs, photo ops, or VIP levels will be taking place at the Thursday night badge pick-up. VIPs will also receive their corresponding VIP badge; other merchandise can be picked up the following day.

Also note that this will not serve as an early check-in for vendors or artists — please follow the check-in procedures sent to you.

To ensure our attendees’ security, badges may only be picked up by the badge holder or a family member.


Friday Night Michelle Gomez Photo Op

Due to popular demand, we’ve added a Friday evening photo op with Michelle Gomez! The ops start at 7:45 pm. And, in conjunction with our first bit of news, you can pay in advance on our registration page! But again, you only have until this Wednesday — after that, the transaction will be cash only.


That’s all the con news that’s fit to print (for now) — keep an eye on our social media for further updates!


ONE WEEK TO (RE)GEN! Pre-reg dates and special events!

It’s just one week to (Re)Generation Who 4! We’re all preparing for the big day — as we’re sure you are! So we’ll have a few notes and announcements over the course of the next few days to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy the weekend.

First off, autograph and photo-op presales end this Wednesday at noon EDT! This is new information, and overrides any previously-made announcements. Con registration should be available past then and through the event weekend. However, if you want to purchase photos and autographs in advance and use your credit card, this will be your last chance to do so. On site, transactions will be done primarily (if not solely) in cash. So if you don’t want to hit the ATM or carry a bunch of $20s around with you all weekend, pre-purchase your autographs and photos now!

Also, don’t forget to grab a spot at one of our special events! These limited-seating events are a separate charge from the badge itself, and are a great way to add a unique experience to your weekend:

Talking And Relaxing Drinks Including Snacks ($125): A hotel-catered get-together Friday evening with hot appetizers. If you missed out on a spot at Tea with the Doctor, this is a great chance to meet some of our guests in a relaxed setting!

Quantum Hypnosis with Nicola Bryant ($50): Classic-era companion Nicola Bryant is a registered hypnotherapist, and is bringing her unique self-help method to (Re)Gen! This will be the very first time Nicola has held this session with anyone but private clients. Bring a notepad and pencil, a blanket, and a cushion and something to lie on.

Both events have limited space — so add them to your registration now so you can be assured of a spot! We cannot guarantee that there will be room at either on the day of.

Stay tuned for more announcements in the coming days!



We are sad to announce that, due to personal circumstances, Carole Ann Ford has had to cancel her appearance at (Re)Gen 4. We wish her all the best, and are sure our attendees join us in doing so.

If you have purchased autographs or photo ops for Ms. Ford, you will not need to notify us; we are currently processing refunds, and you will be notified soon concerning that.

Once again, we wish Ms. Ford all the best, and we will all miss her at the event next week.


REMINDER: You Can Still Purchase Autographs and Photo Ops in Advance!

Got a big weekend of panels planned and don’t want to miss a moment? Worried about having enough cash on you during the con weekend? We’ve got you covered!

You’ve still got time to preorder autographs and photo ops before the event — which has plenty of advantages when it comes to planning out your weekend.

1. You can use your credit card! Due to how our autographs and photo ops work, most of our guests will only be taking cash if you purchase on-site. Ordering in advance means that you can put it on your credit card and not have to make a trip to the nearest ATM or bring lots of cash to the event.

2. You know you’ll get what you’re there for! We keep (Re)Gen deliberately smaller than many events, but there’s always a chance lines will run long. If you purchase ahead of time, you won’t have to sweat your dream photo op or autograph moment getting sold out at the last minute.

3. Your weekend will be easier to plan! We have a few pre-reg only sessions early in the day, which means fans who purchase online can get their photo done first thing, then see the rest of the event! And even if there’s no pre-reg only option for your guest of choice, you’re still guaranteed your spot — which means more time to explore our panels and events!

Even if you’ve already registered, you can still add autographs and photos in advance. Just go to our registration page, choose “None” under Event Fee, then click the boxes for your preferred ops.

Don’t forget to come over to our ReGenerators Facebook group and let us know which of our guests you’re most excited to meet!


CON NEWS: LAST DAY for Con Shirts and VIP Tiers 2+!

If you’re still on the fence about picking up VIP merch, you don’t have long left… shirt sales for both our regular and VIP shirts end today at 11:59 PM Eastern time! After that, the order goes off to our printer.

VIP Tiers 2 and up will get this year’s adorable “Doctor Hoot” shirt, featuring the First and Twelfth Doctors. Show off your ReGen pride, and your love for all eras of Doctor Who, with this cute three-color design! Buying this VIP tier will also get you a gorgeous art print featuring our three Doctors, early entry to the Vendors Room, and entry to our ReGenerators party.


This year’s standard con tee features a throwback design and icons for each of our three attending Doctors. Both shirts (as well as our Tier 1 art) were designed by our staff artist and graphic designer, Ginger Hoesly.

You’ve only got a few hours left to pick up these designs, so add them to your registration now! (If you’re already registered, just choose “none” under the Event Fee heading.)

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