WRITER SPOTLIGHT: Grab the Latest from (Re)Gen Guests!

If you’ve loved seeing our guests at (Re)Gens past, why not continue to support them throughout the year? Many of our fans’ faves have big books coming out soon. Here’s a quick run-down of a few and where you can get them!


Doctor Who: The Missy Chronicles

If you’ve not gotten your fill of Michelle Gomez’s Missy, never fear: a new collection of short stories is on its way! (Re)Gen 3 guest Paul Magrs pens a story, alongside James Goss, Jacqueline Raynor, Cavan Scott, and many others! Preorder your copy now for release in February 2018!


Doctor Who: Tales of Terror

Speaking of Paul, he also shows up in this spooky collection, available just in time for Halloween! Mike Tucker, Scott Handcock, and more also throw in on the twelve creepy stories, each starring a different incarnation of the Doctor. Buy your copy now!



A spooky new release from George Mann, this book combines detective fiction with the occult. The UK printing appears to already be sold out — but good news, Americans! You can still grab yours (with a different cover design) from Amazon.com. Pick up your copy now!


Seasons of War: Gallifrey

Not by our guests… but featuring two of (Re)Gen’s own staff! A new addition to the charity anthology series Seasons of War, this stand-alone book features four new characters connected (and disconnected) by the Time War. WhatCulture and Black Archive contributor Paul Driscoll teams up with (Re)Gen social media director Kara Dennison to pen the work, with cover art by our own graphic designer Ginger Hoesly. Visit the Seasons of War Facebook page to preorder!


Montmorency Montgomery Bear: The Bear with the Ginormous Heart

We’d be remiss if we didn’t remind our fans about Terry, Paul, and Monty’s new picture book! (And we’ll admit a tiny bit of pride, as Terry and Paul met at ReGen 3, so that makes us — godparent to the book, perhaps?) The book is now on sale, so order your copy!


We’ll be announcing writer and creative guests before long! Are there some favorites you’d like to see return? Any writers, directors, or others you’d like to see welcomed to the (Re)Gen family? Use our suggestion form to let us know! Many of our guests were invited because of suggestions from fans like you.

And don’t forget to register and reserve your room ASAP so you’re assured a spot at Baltimore’s favorite Doctor Who party!


GUEST NEWS: Pearl Mackie to Miss (Re)Gen, Appear at the West End

We at Onezumi Events always have mixed feelings when a guest has to step down. On the one hand, we’re obviously quite disappointed we won’t get to welcome them to Baltimore with our usual (Re)Gen hospitality, and we know how disappointed our attendees will be. On the other, the cancellations are often for a career move that’s going to be good news for the actor — which we, of course, always support.

Those of you following actor news probably noticed already that Pearl Mackie is signed on to appear in Harold Pinter’s The Birthday Party during (Re)Gen’s 2018 dates. Despite working with her agents to clear some free time during the run, we’re sad to say that the conflict cannot be gotten around, and thus Pearl will not be appearing for year 4.

Refunds will be offered for any pre-purchased autographs/photo-ops, and we hope to be announcing more guests in future.

In the meantime, we’re hoping to be able to tell you more about Pearl’s upcoming appearance as it approaches! She’ll be appearing alongside fellow Doctor Who alums Zoe Wanamaker and Toby Jones, as well as Episodes star Stephen Mangan, at the Harold Pinter Theater (appropriately enough).  For now, check out this BBC interview where she talks about the play, her future career plans, and her opinions of Doctor Who going forward.


Love (Re)Gen? Join Our Street Team!

Going to a con (besides ReGen) this year? Want to help spread the word about our big Doctor Who party? Join our street team!

A good portion of our attendance comes from word of mouth — fans like you telling other fans about what a great time you had. But you don’t have to go out and paper the town to help us (you totally can, but you don’t have to). If you’re going to a convention this year before ReGen, especially (but not only) if it’s in the mid-Atlantic area, let us know and we’ll mail you a box of flyers! Drop them on the flyer/giveaway table

Just send an email to contact @ regenerationwho . com with your mailing address to get started. And if you take a photo of yourself putting out the flyers, we might share it on our social media!


Photo and Autograph Preorders Are Live!

Ready to start your (Re)Gen planning? Of course you are! It’s never too soon!

One of the best ways to plan in advance is to pay early for autographs and photo ops. No shuffling around for cash at the ATM (which — as we all know — will end up empty at some point), and no worrying you won’t get there in time. Paying in advance means you will get your chance to get an autograph from or photo with Peter Davison, Michelle Gomez, or Pearl Mackie!

Add autographs and photo ops on our registration page — if you’ve already registered, you can log in and add them on! Prices are listed for all three guests so far.

More prices will be added as we announce more guests, as well as prices for group photo shoots once groups have been established.



There’s only one person who could eclipse an eclipse… and she’s here! After a last-minute cancellation to appear on the show this year, Michelle Gomez is signed back on for (Re)Gen 4! We can’t wait to welcome Missy and Bill to the event together for an amazing Series 10 team-up like no other!

Michelle will be joining Peter Davison, Pearl Mackie, and other soon-to-be-announced guests for our fourth year in March 2018. Register now and be ready for all the guests, panels, and special events!


GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT: Pearl Mackie comes to ReGen 2018!

We are thrilled and excited to announce that Bill Potts herself, Pearl Mackie, will be joining us at (Re)Generation Who 4! The Series 10 companion will be making one final appearance in the Christmas special Twice Upon a Time, and then will be on her way to hang out with us in Baltimore in the spring! Please join us this March in offering Pearl some American Whovian hospitality as a new member of the (Re)Gen family!

Presales for photos and autographs will be up in the next handful of days, as will information on our Guest page. In the meantime, be sure to register now for a spot at our Doctor Who party!

And be sure to keep an eye on the blog for more guest announcements in the near future!


Monty (and Terry) Release New Book!

Regular (Re)Gen attendees are familiar with the sight of actor Terry Molloy, be it in his capacity as a Classic Doctor Who actor, a teacher, or a variety show host. And everyone knows his faithful companion Monty Bear, too, and the story of how he’s been at Terry’s side all through his life.

That story is soon to be in print, courtesy of FBS PublishingMontmorency Montgomery Bear: The Bear with the Ginormous Heart.

The book features beautiful illustrations by another ReGen family member: Paul Magrs. Paul is, of course, an amazing writer in his own right. But attendees of ReGen 3 may remember his beautiful watercolors painted throughout the weekend. Paul and Terry have teamed up to make a book children and adults will both love — especially if they’re already fans of the globetrotting bear and his faithful actor companion.

Preorders are now open on the FBS website. And while you’re there, be sure to pick up a copy of Sixth Sense, a compilation of Colin Baker’s weekly columns from the Bucks Free Press!


Artist Alley and Vendor Applications Opening Soon!

Got some sweet Whovian creations you’re looking to sell? Our Artist Alley and Vendor applications will be opening this weekend!

For those who’ve never exhibited at our event before, a few quick notes:

First off, applying for a space isn’t a land grab. You don’t have to be first in to ensure a space. We look over all applicants to make sure we have a good variety of creators and vendors without too much overlap. Of course we definitely want vendors who are going to sell the “usual” so our attendees can find it… but if you’re a dealer of unique and hard-to-find items, we absolutely want to hear from you.

And a few specifics:

Vendors: Spaces are $450 each (which includes two badges) in a space that is locked and secured every night. This is a good spot for comic book stores, retailers, and creators with bigger or more expensive merchandise. Read our FAQ and Terms and Conditions here.

Artist Alley: Spaces are $150 each (which includes one badge). These tables are in an open area, so you will be asked to secure your own belongings after the alley closes each night. This is a great spot for self-employed creators who don’t have as much big stock to secure. Read our FAQ and Terms and Conditions here.

We’ll be sharing links to the forms as soon as they go up!


Remembering Deborah Watling (2 January 1948 – 21 July 2017)

This is the hardest thing I have ever had to write.

What you probably know already is that Deborah Watling played Patrick Troughton’s Companion, Victoria Waterfield from 1967-1968. She passed away today.

What you may not know if you haven’t met her is that she was one of the most kind and sweet people you could ever meet. The best thing about Deborah is that she was so tiny and so sweet but she could totally zing you if you needed to be scolded. She was our (Re)Generation Who Mom. She wasn’t just a person that got hired for a con – she was FAMILY. She was the second person we ever hired to appear at (Re)Generation Who 1. She actually liked to fly into the con the Wednesday before and stay until a day or so after the event, so Harknell and I spent a lot of time with her.

I took this photo of Harknell and her after (Re)Generation Who 1. I have never been good at getting photos with anyone since I’m so busy being behind the camera:

Right after we announced (Re)Gen 1, Harknell’s Mom passed away. It made that first year even harder. We had some minor email reply delays because of this. Some folks would just scream at us totally not understanding that we couldn’t reply to emails as fast as usual because of this tragedy. But we pulled it together and made magic as always.

Deborah came into the con first – on her Wednesday early arrival day. We had several meals and drinks with her. I recall one amazing one where she drank Harknell – a man 2x her size at least – under the table, daintily hopped off of her seat, kissed him on the cheek, said “Naughty, Naughty! Good night, then!” and walked off to her room. It was HILARIOUS and SO Deborah. She knew about the loss of his Mom.

We worked with Deborah twice. The second time she flew in I recall a moment when Harknell said to her, “If you were my Mom I would have been very happy.”

Deborah started crying, gave him a hug and told him that she would have loved to be his Mom and hugged him and then he started crying. Everyone was crying. We always made sure to come to the con early and stay late to be there with Deborah. Anything she needed – we made sure she got. Family.

That’s really the magic of cons. You can know someone for a very short time and feel a deep connection to them. She was supposed to return to the con this year. Harknell, myself, and the staff are completely heartbroken. We can only imagine how her family and friends must be feeling today. Our condolences to everyone who knew her. It takes a truly beautiful soul to inspire so much love throughout the entire globe.

I guess you can make magic like this and still be reduced to crying in your car in a strip mall in front of a Starbucks.

She would want us to continue.

I can hear her voice now. “Naughty, naughty! Oni! What ARE you on about now?”

And that’s when I finally was able to get out of my car and order my coffee.

Oni Hartstein, (Re)Generation Who Founder and Showrunner


(Re)Generation Who 4 Dates and Information

(Re)Generation Who is happy to announce our dates for 2018: March 23-25th 2018 at the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace 202 E Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21202.

Registration for the Full Weekend is currently $80 and can be done through our online registration page.

Hotel rooms can be reserved at our con rate of $135 a night by using our specialized Hotel reservation link.

Our first announced guest is Peter Davison, the 5th Doctor. Peter will be at the event all 3 days and will be available for autographs, photo ops, book purchases (his new book “Is There Life Outside The Box: An Actor Despairs”), and appear on panels.

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