CON NEWS: Three Classic Guests Join (Re)Gen in Baltimore!

We promised you more guests “soon” — and we meant it! We’re always excited to welcome new people to the Onezumi Events family, and our next group of guests is a trio of Classic series companions from two eras of the show! And if you’re looking forward to this Christmas’s Twice Upon a Time, you’ll definitely be interested in our new additions.

First up, please welcome Sarah Sutton to (Re)Gen! Sarah appeared as Nyssa of Traken during the Fifth Doctor’s run and again in Big Finish’s run of audio dramas, and will be reunited with Peter Davison at our event!

Next, William Russell, known to fans as First Doctor companion Ian Chesterton! William has also popped in on An Adventure in Space and Time, and continues to be beloved by the fandom. We can’t wait to reminisce with him about the early days of the show! And speaking of the First Doctor…

We’ll also be joined by Carole Ann Ford, Susan Foreman and the Doctor’s very first companion! We’ve been looking forward to bringing her to (Re)Gen for quite a while now, and are happy to say that she’ll be on hand for our fourth year.

Sarah, William, and Carole will be joining Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Michelle Gomez, and many more Doctor Who creatives from in front of and behind the camera this March. Register now to join us (and them!) for a weekend of panels, interviews, shows, parties, and a few things even we can’t predict! Registering now ensures the best price for you and your family.

And, as always, keep your ear to the ground. We have plenty more surprises coming between now and the event!


CON NEWS: Director Rachel Talalay Comes to (Re)Gen 4!

Fantastic (and timely!) news for Whovians — director Rachel Talalay will officially be returning to Onezumi Events for an appearance at (Re)Gen 4!

Rachel was first with us for Intervention 7, and we couldn’t be more excited to have her back. She’s directed all of the Twelfth Doctor’s finale stories — Dark Water/Death in Heaven, Heaven Sent/Hell Bent, and World Enough and Time/The Doctor Falls — and will be seeing out Capaldi’s run as the director of this Christmas’s Twice Upon a Time.

Her work extends well beyond the Whoniverse, with work on Sherlock, Supernatural, Riverdale, The Flash, Haven, and many others — including cult classic Tank Girl. There will be plenty of opportunities to discuss her varied career at our panels!

Want to meet Rachel this spring? Register now to get the best price for (Re)Gen! Other guests include Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Michelle Gomez, and many more still to be announced.


Happy Birthday, Doctor Who! A Few 54th Anniversary Celebrations

As (Re)Gen is based in the US, several of our team (and most of our attendees) were a bit preoccupied with, er, “Christmas rehearsal” yesterday. While November 23 marked Thanksgiving this year, it was also the 54th anniversary of Doctor Who! There’s nothing wrong with a belated celebration… so here are a few of our favorite dedications, writings, and gifts from guests past and future:


Tom Baker’s Doctor Who Day Video

The self-proclaimed “happiest Doctor” sends the fans a cheerful message. Attendees of our first year will remember that Tom tuned in via Skype to answer attendee questions. We’re always happy to see his smiling face!


Oh, Doctor Who – Paul Magrs

Writer and artist Paul Magrs looks back on his time with the show, and how it’s changed from childhood to adulthood. Like many of us, his life has changed hugely because of this little sci-fi series. And he looks backs on discussions with Tom Baker, Katy Manning, and many others who have been a part of that journey.


Peri’s Birthday Tweet – Nicola Bryant

One of our first ever guests, Nicola gives thanks from our side of the pond for Who and the lovely people surrounding it. The feeling is mutual!


A Double Birthday! – Michelle Gomez

We’re wondering how the Doctor would feel to know that his greatest frenemy shares a birthday with his big show. Regardless, November 23 was a day of many celebrations for Michelle Gomez, being her birthday as well! Happy birthday, Michelle!


And, of course, it bears mentioning that November 23 is canonically the birthday of Clara Oswald — whose actress, Jenna Coleman, sadly couldn’t join us this year due to queenly duties on the Victoria set. We hope we’ll be able to welcome her in future years.

We’d love to hear how you celebrated your Doctor Who Day! Be sure to hit us up on our official Twitter or Facebook to get chatting.

Want to meet some of these awesome people and chat with fellow fans? Come to (Re)Generation 4 next March in Baltimore! We’ll be hosting Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Michelle Gomez, and many more to be announced. Register now to get the best prices for you and your family!


BONUS Guest Announcement: The Return of Paul Magrs!

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s announcement of John Leeson and the return of Colin Baker, we have one more guest to announce. Writer Paul Magrs will be joining us again for year 4!

Paul has made his mark all around the Whoniverse, from tie-ins to related media like Iris Wildthyme and Baker’s End. Most recently, he’s had stories in Doctor Who – Tales of Terror and the upcoming Missy Chronicles. And, together with returning guest Terry Molloy, he’s just released the picture book Montmorency Montgomery Bear: The Bear with the Ginormous Heart!

Those of you yet to pick up a copy will be able to find out more and perhaps get your own book at ReGen. And, of course, you’ll be able to find out about Paul’s recent projects and learn from him what it takes to bring your creations to life!

Register now to join us in March — and keep an eye out for more (yes, more!) guest announcements in future!


GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT: John Leeson (K9) and the Return of the Sixth Doctor!

(Re)Gen is excited to announce two more guests joining us for our 2018 event!

Firstly, we’re welcoming Ol’ Sixie himself, Colin Baker, back to Baltimore! Colin was one of our very first guests at our inaugural event, and it’s always a pleasure to have him join us. We can’t wait to show him around the new venue and introduce him to our growing family of attendees!


And new to our event is John Leeson, who was been the voice of K9 throughout multiple series and spinoffs of Doctor Who!

Colin and John will be joining Peter Davison, Michelle Gomez, Terry Molloy, and more still waiting in the wings to be announced! Want to meet them this March? Register now to get the best price for you and your family!


Happy Who-Loween! New branding, new guest, and new contest!

Is everyone having a super spooky Halloween? Stay safe today, whether you’re out partying, trick-or-treating, or staying in to watch BBC America’s Doctor Who marathon! They’re airing some of the series’s spookiest episodes, so be sure to tune in.

Oh, and if you’ve got any Who-ish costumes or decor tonight, show us! From now until Friday night, we’re asking for photos of your family’s Who-inspired Halloween costumes, pumpkins, snacks, decorations, or what have you. We’ll run our favorites in next week’s blog post!

If you want to share, you can hop over to our Facebook group or tag @ReGenerationWho on Twitter. We can’t wait to see what you’ve made!

But we’re not going to leave you without one last treat!

We’re very happy to announce a returning guest: Davros himself, Terry Molloy!

Terry has appeared at (Re)Gen since the beginning, bringing us everything from Classic era talk to workshops for aspiring actors to his, erm, “Dave Ross” Variety Hour. We can’t wait to welcome him back to Baltimore for more fun and entertainment… and, of course, he’ll be bringing along his cohort Monty to talk about their new book!

Stay tuned in the coming weeks: we have more guests to announce and more fun surprises to share! Don’t miss out — register now and get your ticket to the mid-Atlantic’s premiere Doctor Who party!


A Journey to Devil’s End

Fans of Classic Who will remember the Third Doctor episode The Dæmons, which featured the Time Lord and his old foe the Master in a small town called Devil’s End. But did you know you can actually visit Devil’s End? It exists — under another name, of course — and they’re very welcoming to Doctor Who fans who journey there.

It’s not actually called “Devil’s End,” of course, but Aldbourne. The village in Wiltshire has a population of less than 2,000, and is a beautiful place to visit in its own right. There are two pubs, one with a friendly old dog named Kali who keeps an eye on visitors. The same pub has a familiar-looking customer out front.

Press the button, and you’ll hear an impressive tirade about the Daleks’ plan to conquer Aldbourne. Don’t worry, though, it won’t actually do anything. It is, however, a functioning rubbish bin with a plate for stubbing out cigarettes on top.

Go farther into the village and you’ll see many more spots of note from the story. But the most notable is likely the other pub — the Blue Boar, renamed in the story as the Cloven Hoof.

And yes, that sign is really outside (albeit off to the side) in case you want a photo op!

The interior of the Blue Boar is a cozy place for food and drinks. Go into the back, and you’ll see some flyers from the early days of Doctor Who fandom. Unsurprisingly, it became a gathering spot for fans, and occasionally for the actors themselves!

If you’d like to learn more about the village, be sure to visit The Aldbourne Net, or look up The Aldbourne Archive on Facebook for photos of the village’s history!

Want to learn more about the history of Doctor Who and cool sightseeing locations? Our guests and panelists have you covered! Register now to join us this March and meet Who faves Peter Davison, Michelle Gomez, and many more to be announced soon!


WRITER SPOTLIGHT: Grab the Latest from (Re)Gen Guests!

If you’ve loved seeing our guests at (Re)Gens past, why not continue to support them throughout the year? Many of our fans’ faves have big books coming out soon. Here’s a quick run-down of a few and where you can get them!


Doctor Who: The Missy Chronicles

If you’ve not gotten your fill of Michelle Gomez’s Missy, never fear: a new collection of short stories is on its way! (Re)Gen 3 guest Paul Magrs pens a story, alongside James Goss, Jacqueline Raynor, Cavan Scott, and many others! Preorder your copy now for release in February 2018!


Doctor Who: Tales of Terror

Speaking of Paul, he also shows up in this spooky collection, available just in time for Halloween! Mike Tucker, Scott Handcock, and more also throw in on the twelve creepy stories, each starring a different incarnation of the Doctor. Buy your copy now!



A spooky new release from George Mann, this book combines detective fiction with the occult. The UK printing appears to already be sold out — but good news, Americans! You can still grab yours (with a different cover design) from Amazon.com. Pick up your copy now!


Seasons of War: Gallifrey

Not by our guests… but featuring two of (Re)Gen’s own staff! A new addition to the charity anthology series Seasons of War, this stand-alone book features four new characters connected (and disconnected) by the Time War. WhatCulture and Black Archive contributor Paul Driscoll teams up with (Re)Gen social media director Kara Dennison to pen the work, with cover art by our own graphic designer Ginger Hoesly. Visit the Seasons of War Facebook page to preorder!


Montmorency Montgomery Bear: The Bear with the Ginormous Heart

We’d be remiss if we didn’t remind our fans about Terry, Paul, and Monty’s new picture book! (And we’ll admit a tiny bit of pride, as Terry and Paul met at ReGen 3, so that makes us — godparent to the book, perhaps?) The book is now on sale, so order your copy!


We’ll be announcing writer and creative guests before long! Are there some favorites you’d like to see return? Any writers, directors, or others you’d like to see welcomed to the (Re)Gen family? Use our suggestion form to let us know! Many of our guests were invited because of suggestions from fans like you.

And don’t forget to register and reserve your room ASAP so you’re assured a spot at Baltimore’s favorite Doctor Who party!


GUEST NEWS: Pearl Mackie to Miss (Re)Gen, Appear at the West End

We at Onezumi Events always have mixed feelings when a guest has to step down. On the one hand, we’re obviously quite disappointed we won’t get to welcome them to Baltimore with our usual (Re)Gen hospitality, and we know how disappointed our attendees will be. On the other, the cancellations are often for a career move that’s going to be good news for the actor — which we, of course, always support.

Those of you following actor news probably noticed already that Pearl Mackie is signed on to appear in Harold Pinter’s The Birthday Party during (Re)Gen’s 2018 dates. Despite working with her agents to clear some free time during the run, we’re sad to say that the conflict cannot be gotten around, and thus Pearl will not be appearing for year 4.

Refunds will be offered for any pre-purchased autographs/photo-ops, and we hope to be announcing more guests in future.

In the meantime, we’re hoping to be able to tell you more about Pearl’s upcoming appearance as it approaches! She’ll be appearing alongside fellow Doctor Who alums Zoe Wanamaker and Toby Jones, as well as Episodes star Stephen Mangan, at the Harold Pinter Theater (appropriately enough).  For now, check out this BBC interview where she talks about the play, her future career plans, and her opinions of Doctor Who going forward.


Love (Re)Gen? Join Our Street Team!

Going to a con (besides ReGen) this year? Want to help spread the word about our big Doctor Who party? Join our street team!

A good portion of our attendance comes from word of mouth — fans like you telling other fans about what a great time you had. But you don’t have to go out and paper the town to help us (you totally can, but you don’t have to). If you’re going to a convention this year before ReGen, especially (but not only) if it’s in the mid-Atlantic area, let us know and we’ll mail you a box of flyers! Drop them on the flyer/giveaway table

Just send an email to contact @ regenerationwho . com with your mailing address to get started. And if you take a photo of yourself putting out the flyers, we might share it on our social media!

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