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Would you like to write about (Re)Generation Who or interview the
team behind it all? Please direct all inquires to James Harknell at contact@regenerationwho.com.

Quick Take on the Event: (Re)Generation Who is the Doctor Who celebration for EVERY generation! Join (Re)Generation Who for its Fifth year March 29-31, 2019 at the Bethesda North Marriott in Rockville, MD! Guests spanning both the New series (Catherine Tate), and the Classic series (Doctors Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann, and many Companions), plus writers, artists, and more. The main website is located at https://ReGenerationWho.com


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Catherine Tate Joins (Re)Generation Who 5 Guest List

Media Contact:

What: Fifth annual (Re)Generation Who Doctor Who Convention
When: March 29-31, 2019 (exact daily times at website link below)
Where: Bethesda North Marriott 5701 Marinelli Road Rockville, Maryland 20852 USA
Who: Stars and fans of long running television show Doctor Who
Why: Doctor Who Convention for news coverage and/or events calendar listing

More info: https://regenerationwho.com/

Rockville, MD January 23, 2019: Catherine Tate joins the already great guest list of the 5th year of the event (Re)Generation Who.

(Re)Generation Who is one of the most popular Doctor Who conventions in the United States. Repeatedly honored by The Baltimore Sun as one of the hottest things to do in the city, (Re)Generation Who is set to break records again for the fifth time this March, 2019. The all-star guest list features creatives from all aspects of the long-running science fiction series, engaging in the innovative and entertaining style of programming for which Onezumi Events has become known.

Attendees of the family-friendly event can expect all the usual photo ops, autograph signings, and Q&A sessions of popular conventions. In addition, they’ll be able to show off their costume creations, engage in discussions in our fan-run panels, and head down to Children’s Programming for crafts and story time. The event’s headliner guests will also be holding their own classes and workshops to inspire and educate creative minded attendees.

Year 5 will also see the return of “The Davros Variety Hour,” an evening event hosted by returning guest Terry Molloy featuring music, comedy, and other shenanigans.

Among the guests scheduled to appear are: Sylvester McCoy (Seventh Doctor), Paul McGann (Eight Doctor), Catherine Tate (Companion Donna Noble), Frazer Hines (Companion Jamie McCrimmon), Wendy Padbury (Companion Zoe Heriot), Comics and book author Peter David, and many more. A full guest list is available at https://regenerationwho.com/guests/. 

Media interested in attending and covering the event or in a preview are welcome to contact media relations coordinator Angela Pritchett. The form to request media access is online at:

Tickets for (Re)Generation Who can be bought at ReGenerationWho.com and may be purchased in advance online at $85 for adults and $30 for children 12 and under for the full weekend. At door cost is $105 for adults and $35 for children 12 and under. Pre-Reg daily tickets are Friday Only – $ 50.00, Saturday Only – $ 65.00, Sunday Only – $ 55.00, and all go up by $5 at the door. Select autographs and photo ops may also be purchased in advance online.


Community manager Kara Dennison interviews Tom Baker via Skype.


Sylvester McCoy taking a different sort of time machine for a spin!


Sophie Aldred gives a practical demonstration of Ace.


Here is a print-res logo (click to download larger version):


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What People Are Saying About Onezumi Events:

– “Match made in geek heaven! :D It looks like you guys worked really hard. We appreciate it!” @thinkgeek Twitter

– “I have to say as a rookie with a brand new Webcomic…Intervention
was the most intense and perfect education a newbie could EVER hope to
get. The panels…incredibly informative. Lots of direct access to the
pros…This event was a game changing/life changing event for me. Thank
you to all of you who had any hand in this Con!! – Craig Cobalt”

– “I’ve already booked a room for every weekend in 2011 from early
September to late October! OK I haven’t yet, but I SHOULD! – Pete

– “Is it gonna be in January? I really don’t feel like waiting a whole year for the next one. -Shane McCarthy”

– “Intervention was epic, and the second one can only be better from
the sounds of it. Definitely the most fun I’ve had at a con in quite a
while. – Phil Gorski”

– “Thank you Oni – this is a very thoughtful and helpful follow-up! I
can see why the event was a success, you are very good at what you do!
Looking forward to being involved again next year – please stay in touch
and keep me posted on the happenings! – Kevin Lyons-Tarr, CEO –

– One attendee even wrote a song about us: http://www.hello-the-future.net/?p=274

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