(Re)Generation Who is happy to announce the following guests for this year (guests will be at the event all three event days unless specially noted):

Paul McGann – 8th Doctor

Paul McGann first came to prominence for portraying Percy Toplis in the 1986 BBC television serial The Monocled Mutineer, and later starred in the 1987 dark comedy Withnail and I. He then became the eighth incarnation of The Doctor in the American 1996 Doctor Who television film–a role he has reprised in more than 70 Big Finish audio dramas and in the 2013 mini-episode “The Night of the Doctor”. He also made an appearance in Peter Davison’s Doctor Who 50th anniversary comedy homage “The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot”.

Daphne Ashbrook – Dr. Grace Holloway

Daphne Ashbrook starred opposite the 8th Doctor Paul McGann as his companion Dr. Grace Holloway in the 1996 American Doctor Who film. She has also appeared in a number of Big Finish Audio Dramas, and played the part of Melora in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Daphne’s career started early at the age of six. At seven, Daphne played Suzanna in A CRY OF PLAYERS at Grossmont College, and ended up winning an American College Theatre Festival Award. She appeared in many plays in San Diego, California including ‘Louisa’ in THE FANTASTIKS and the title roles in GYPSY and SWEET CHARITY.

With $200.00 in her pocket she left for L. A. in 1983. Her first series was the critically acclaimed OUR FAMILY HONOR. The cast included Eli Wallach, Kenneth McMillan and Ray Liotta. She went on to play leading roles in many movies of the week including, THAT SECRET SUNDAY, PERRY MASON, LONGARM, 14 GOING ON 30, DAUGHTERS OF PRIVILEGE, POISONED BY LOVE, with Harry Hamlin, DEAD MAN’S REVENGE, with Bruce Dern JAKE LASSITER, with Gerald McRainey, THE LOVE LETTER, with Campbell Scott. She also played leading roles in the Mini-Series’, ROCK HUDSON and INTRUDERS. Her recurring roles were HOOPERMAN with John Ritter, JAG, PACIFIC PALISADES and THE O.C.

Her films include QUIET COOL, SUNSET HEAT and DUMBARTON BRIDGE, for which she won best supporting actress in the Methodfest Independent Film Festival.

When she finds the time she returns to her first love; theatre. She won a Drama Logue Award for her performance in the world premiere of HEARTS, was an Ovation Award nominee for her role in John Guare’s LANDSCAPE OF THE BODY and played a leading role in the world premiere of DELIA’S SONG.

Yee Jee Tso – Chang Lee

Yee Jee (pronounced “yē-jē”) starred opposite the 8th Doctor Paul McGann as his (and The Master’s) Companion Chang Lee in the 1996 American Doctor Who film. Yee Jee was born in Hong Kong and emigrated to Canada when he was 6 months old. He began his acting career at the age of fifteen, with a recurring role in the TV series “Hillside” starring Ryan Reynolds. Over the years, Yee Jee has accumulated over 70 professional film, TV, voice-over and stage credits including spots on Smallville, Stargate: Atlantis, Sliders, Arrow, Continuum, and many more.

Yee Jee recently had the honour of working alongside Oscar winner Anjelica Huston and Joseph Gordon Levitt in “50/50”.

Yee Jee also has a myriad of professional endeavours, including web development, photography, writing, and much more.

Guests subject to cancellation or schedule change, due to professional commitments or other reasons.

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