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Lots of new developments!


We have had some cancellations, but not to worry! We’ve added many more folks to offset this. Jenna Coleman, Neve McIntosh, Catrin Stewart, and many more have joined our guest lineup! If you haven’t checked our guest page now is the time to do so to see the large array of both Classic and New Who guests who will be coming to Baltimore this year!


NEW Cosplay Events!

Also new this year is The Greatest Show in the Galaxy and our non-competitive Tiny-Wimey Children’s Cosplay show!

They are still looking for entrants, so go here and give it a look! All of our events are done in a friendly, approachable way. We look forward to seeing you this year and THANK YOU so much for your support! :D

(Re)Generation Who is a 3 day Doctor Who convention in Baltimore, MD this March 24-26, 2017.

Guests include Sylvester McCoy, Karen Gillan, Michelle Gomez, Katy Manning, Ingrid Oliver, Peter Purves, Nick Briggs, and many more whom you can see listed here.

Early bird tickets are $80. Ticket increase to $85 on Feb. 1, 2017 and are $90 at the door for adults. Children 12 and under are $20. Children 5 and under are free. Click here to get more info.


Six Reasons We Love Ingrid Oliver!

Osgood was the unexpected fan heroine of Day of the Doctor, going from fellow fangirl (and cosplayer!) to an essential part of the Whoniverse. And while there are plenty of things to love about Osgood — from her cool outfit choices to her strength under pressure — there’s just as much to love about her actress, Ingrid Oliver! Here are just a few things that we think are awesome about one of the newest additions to UNIT:

Watson-and-Oliver[1] Continue Reading »




We’re very happy to be welcoming Keith R.A. DeCandido back to (Re)Gen for a third year! Keith writes in a variety of worlds — not only Doctor Who, but also Star Trek, Leverage, Warcraft, and (recently announced) Orphan Black! If you’re not familiar with his work yet, let us introduce you to him… or rather, let’s have him introduce himself!

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Romance in “Doctor Who”: Six Amazing Couples!

Ever since 1996, the Doctor has been getting a bit more… “involved,” let’s say… with his companions. And while there are companions, rulers, and the occasional Aztec with whom the Doctor has been known to have chemistry (or get married or awkwardly disavow interest in), some of the strongest relationships in the show are between other characters. So, putting the Time Lord himself aside (for now), let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day with some of our favorite couples from Doctor Who, both Classic and New!

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REVIEW: “Baker’s End” Episode 2 – “Gobbleknoll Hall”


(Re)Gen is pleased to be inviting both actress Katy Manning and writer Paul Magrs to our 2017 event, and we’ll never forget how delightful it was having Tom Baker join us in 2015 via Skype. So Baker’s End has a special place in our hearts here at Onezumi Events, even outside of it being a weird and wonderful listen.

The fact that there’s a second episode of this frabjous series does set a few things straight about the plot: Tom Baker is not dead (though he has, according to himself, reincarnated as the King of Cats and goes about stealing gravestones), his former costar Suzy Goshawk is still at Baker’s End five months after the ‘funeral,’ and there’s definitely something murksome and swervish going on with a group of goblins and Tom’s dream diary. In the midst of the madness, we’re beginning to be able to grab at a few of the supernatural threads holding this story together — but for Episode 2, there’s an entirely different creepy venue to explore.

The eponymous Gobbleknoll Hall was once owned by a renowned glam rocker, and has captured the interest of the ghost hunters of Manifest Yourself. But Tom knows that no one should be poking around in there. Unfortunately, trying to warn them off embroils him, Suzy, and his housekeeper Mrs. Frimbly in the house’s madness… leading to Suzy saying some shocking things while possessed by a ghost.

It was interesting, in retrospect, to discover that some (not very good) paintings done by the late David Bowie inspired what eventually became the core of this piece. The vibe was most definitely there, with plenty of glam-rock anthems bleeding through the walls and a series of creepy, not-very-good paintings becoming a part of the narrative.

Most pleasing was the fact that Tom’s dialogue stays as Wonderlandian as ever, sometimes descending into near-gibberish that somehow still manages to make sense. It’s all weirdly believable, from the eldritch diary to the boozy ghosts — things that would normally be firmly in the realm of paranormal surrealism, but by virtue of the presence of Tom Baker somehow make you think ‘Yeah, I could see this.’


For me, as a fan of Charlie Brooker, easily the happiest addition to this particular episode was comedienne Diane Morgan (baffling vox-popper Philomena Cunk from Brooker’s Weekly Wipe series). It was refreshing to hear her play against type as ghost hunter Marcella, and she sounded right at home with all the rest.

Having now heard two episodes, it strikes me that Baker’s End must be difficult on many levels — they’re intricate scripts with mad plots, all held together at its core by a Team TARDIS gone equally mad. Suzy is not a stationary character: it may have been five months for her, but it’s been a single episode for us, and already we’re seeing her immerse herself as deep as possible in the mysteries of her former costar’s life. The dynamic is already Who-ish in so many ways, and deliberately so. And Katy Manning as Suzy seems to be playing very much a New Who style companion: one who becomes infected, weirdly joyously, with the old madman’s life and adventures, and finds herself becoming so central to them that she’s attracting some very real, very personal danger down on herself. The question now is, how central will Suzy become, and how changed will she be when (or if) she eventually leaves Baker’s End?

Bafflegab Productions has a real gem on their hands here, and I can only hope it continues to get made so we can hear the story through to completion. In conclusion, I’ll simply reiterate what the story itself already states quite pointedly: Buy the next fudgeknocking episode.

Buy Baker’s End episode 2 on CD or as a direct download.

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