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Onezumi Events Autograph Shop now open, Cosplay Badges now Available for ReGeneration Who 5

Onezumi Events is happy to announce that we’ve opened our Autograph and Item shop located on our (Re)Generation Who website: https://regenerationwho.com/registration/autograph-and-item-shop/. Over the years of running events we’ve been able to secure a limited number of pre-signed photos and items from many of the guests who’ve attended our events. While we’ve sold many of these items at our events, we’ve now expanded to sales online with a shipping option (as well as pick up at the event).

Guest autographs currently available are from Peter Capaldi, Dan Fogler, Miriam Margolyes, Colin Baker, Dwight Schultz, Trevor Butterfield, Tom Baker, and our Super Fan signings with a large number of Doctor Who guests from specific years of (Re)Generation Who. We will be placing more options online over time, and removing some as they sell out (keep in mind these are limited in quantity and will not be available again after they sell out–so get yours today).

In addition to this new shop, we’ve enabled this years Cosplay Badge options on the regular (Re)Generation Who 5 registration form. This year artist Kelsey Wailes will be supplying the artwork for these unique badges, so they will be amazing interpretations of the characters and items from the series. These badges are only available for pre-order, so make sure to get yours reserved now–and remember each badge is unique and will only have one copy made–so once it’s reserved it’s gone as an option. Show off your favorite character or item and be our “representative” of it at the event this year.


(Re)Generation Who Hotel News: Sunday Sold Out at Convention Rate

The hotel room block at the convention rate at for Sunday March 31st is currently sold out. Rooms are still available for Thursday March 28th, Friday March 29, and Saturday March 30th. Rooms are still available for Sunday night at the regular hotel rate though.

If you require a room for Sunday night in addition to other nights, you must presently reserve Sunday night separately from the remainder of your stay booked at the convention rate (using our link below or on the sidebar of the main website). At this time, we don’t know if more availability can be added for Sunday night until we are closer to the event. An update will be made should more Sunday availability at the convention rate open.

We suggest registering for your room now using our hotel registration link: https://book.passkey.com/e/49687969 since we can’t be sure how long the rooms for the other nights will still be available.

It’s also a good idea to register for the con as well, if you haven’t done so yet: https://regenerationwho.com/registration/register-for-the-event/


New Creative and Performer Guests Added to (Re)Generation Who 5

Onezumi Events is happy to announce a new group of Creative and Performer guests for (Re)Generation Who 5:

Darren Watts is a writer for the Doctor Who RPG system (as well as many other gaming systems), and joins already announced guest Walt Ciechanowski as part of our Doctor Who extended universe group of guests. Both Darren and Walt will be a part of our board gaming series of panels, and will be involved with our new dedicated gaming room at the event.

Robert Smith? is a writer of many books about Doctor Who, and in tandem with our other returning guest Dr. Arnold Blumberg, are editors on the “Outside In” series of books released by ATB Publishing about the series.

We are happy to announce that writer John Peel will be returning to the event this year–and will be talking about his book series of Doctor Who adaptions (primarily involving the Daleks, which he is one of the few authorized writers allowed to do so) as well as his own new series of books based around the exploits of a certain white haired crotchety old inventor of a time/space vehicle by the name of Doctor Omega….

And rounding out our performers for this year are musician Cat Smith, and stand up comedian Hannah Harkness–who will both be a major part of our returning Davros Variety Hour helmed by guest Montmorency Montgomery Bear (accompanied by his handler/wrangler Terry Molloy).

You can read up on all of our new guests, as well as our already large list of actor guest, on our main guest page.

We are still working on adding more actors and creators to the event, so keep checking back here, or on our Facebook page. If you haven’t already registered for the event, it’s a good time to do so (and it’s always a great holiday gift to give to a Doctor Who fan–especially along with pre-orders for autographs and photo ops). Some rooms are still available at our event hotel, so you’ll want to reserve one soon as well.


New Guests Added for (Re)Generation Who 5: Sylvester McCoy, Wendy Padbury, Terry Molloy, and more

We are happy to announce that Sylvester McCoy, the 7th Doctor in the Classic Series, will be a guest at (Re)Generation Who 5.

Joining him as new guests to the event are Wendy Padbury, who played companion Zoe Heriot opposite the 2nd Doctor (and alongside our other guest Frazer Hines), as well as Terry Molloy, who played Davros in the Classic series.

They, along with our other announced guests, will all be available for autographs, photo ops, and be on panels all three days of the event (March 29-31st).

We’ve also added some creator guests to the list: Simon Fraser, comic artist for the 11th Doctor comic book series, and Walt Ciechanowski, author of many of the sourcebooks for the Doctor Who Role Playing Game. Both will be at the event for all three days.

If you want to meet any of the above guests at one of our Special Events, we still have some spots available, so you can add them to your registration (along with pre-orders for autographs and photo ops).

We are working on even more great programming–to keep up with the announcements please keep checking back here on our website, or on our Facebook page, Facebook fan page (Regenerators), Twitter, or request to join our email list.


(Re)Generation Who Guest Announcement: Frazer Hines

(Re)Generation Who is happy to announce that Frazer Hines will be a guest at the event this year. Frazer played Jamie McCrimmon opposite Second Doctor Patrick Troughton in Doctor Who. As Jamie, he appeared in 117 TV episodes – more than any other companion in the history of the show (and more than most Doctors!). He has gone on to reprise the role for Big Finish in recent years, as well as voicing the Second Doctor on occasion.

Frazer will be at the event all three days and be available for Autographs, Photo Ops, and will appear on Panels and Special Events. His items are now available for pre-order from our registration system.


(Re)Generation Who Guest Announcement: 8th Doctor TARDIS Team

(Re)Generation Who is very happy to announce the following guests for (Re)Generation Who 5:

The 8th Doctor Paul McGann will be joining us for the first time at (Re)Generation Who 5. Paul starred in the 1996 American Doctor Who film, and has reprised the role of the 8th Doctor in numerous Big Finish audio dramas, as well as returning for the 50th anniversary mini-episode “The Night of the Doctor”.

Daphne Ashbrook starred opposite Paul McGann in the 1996 Doctor Who movie as his companion Dr. Grace Holloway. In addition to the film Daphne has appeared in Big Finish audio dramas, and also appeared as Melora in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, amongst a wide range of other film and TV work.

Yee Jee Tso starred opposite Paul McGann in the 1996 Doctor Who movie as his companion Chang Lee. Yee Jee has appeared in a wide range of other shows, including spots on Smallville, Stargate: Atlantis, Sliders, Arrow, Continuum, and many more.

We’re very happy to have the full 8th Doctor TARDIS team at the event this year, and will be announcing more guests over the next few months.

Quick Links:

Register for (Re)Generation Who 5
Reserve Your Room for (Re)Generation Who 5
Apply for Vendor Room
Apply for Artist Alley
Submit a Panel or Request a Guest


ReGeneration Who 5 Registration opening June 8th 2018 at Noon EST

We wanted to let everyone know that we will be opening registration for (Re)Generation Who 5 on June 8th at noon EST. This will include all special events, VIP levels, and registration types.

We will also be opening applications for Artist Alley, Vendor Room, Programming Submissions, and Hotel Registration for our Con Rate of $159 a night on that date.

Registration Costs will be:

Full Weekend Pre-Reg Discount: $85 (At-door cost for full weekend will be $105.)
Child (5-12) – $ 30.00
Child (under 5) – $ 0.00
Friday Only Adult (13+) – $ 55.00
Saturday Only Adult (13+) – $ 70.00
Sunday Only Adult (13+) – $ 60.00

We also have add-on VIP levels available that cost $60, $90, and $150 and convey extra perks or items to the attendee. For the faction name on the badge (example, UNIT or Judoon) you can choose either one when you pick up your badge at the event.

tier 1: cost $60, Choices: UNIT or Judoon
perks: Special badge, early access to dealer room, special limited edition artwork, Special VIP Only T-Shirt (different design from Con T-shirt), Invite to our VIP “Regenerator Party”

tier 2: cost $90, Choices: Torchwood or Silence
perks: tier 1 perks and a listing online as part of the evil or good coalition forces for this year, and a special Limited Edition 3d printed charm.

Tier 3: cost $150, Choices: Companion or Cyberman
Perks: tiers 1 and 2 perks and Main Event Room Reserved Seating Area Access.

Special Event Costs:

Tea With The Doctor $150

TARDIS (Talking And Relaxing Drinks Including Snacks) $150

Coffee With The Creators $60

We look forward to seeing you all there again this year!

Quick Links:
Register for (Re)Generation Who 5 https://regenerationwho.com/registration/register-for-the-event/
Reserve Your Room for (Re)Generation Who 5 https://regenerationwho.com/registration/reserve-your-room/
Apply for Vendor Room https://regenerationwho.com/vendors/
Apply for Artist Alley https://regenerationwho.com/artist-alley/
Submit a Panel or Request a Guest https://regenerationwho.com/programming/submit-your-programming-suggestions


-Oni and Harknell, and the entire (Re)Generation Who Team


Time to Play the Music: The Dave Ross Variety Hour Returns!

Friday nights at (Re)Generation Who are a night of entertainment: a time to put on makeup, dress up right, and hand over the big stage to the creator of the Daleks himself. That’s right — the “Dave Ross Variety Hour” was back again for (Re)Gen 4!

Fans were treated to an evening of music, comedy, dance, and surprises led by master of ceremonies Dave Ross (who is absolutely not Davros actor Terry Molloy and also absolutely not Davros himself). This year’s show included performances from some of our veteran attendees, too!

As always, Dave Ross and the Dalettes got things started, warming the crowd up for an evening of fun. But there was a new challenge on the horizon: the show had its very own Statler and Waldorf!

However, the performers were unswayed, and created an amazing evening for all. Returning guest Hannah Harkness brought the laughs:

Our open mic performers showed their fellow attendees what they got:

And Team Shenanigans did what Team Shenanigans does:

Con chair Oni Hartstein took the stage to perform with Cat Smith:

And Andy Hicks appeared throughout the show with musical tributes to every single Doctor:

No matter how smoothly a show goes, though, Dave Ross still aims to misbehave. Whether he’s going full Heisenberg with his sidekick Monty Bear:

Or auditioning for a spot in Antipode Geek Bellydance!

Couldn’t make it? We’ve got you covered — ukulele star and Head of Press Angela Pritchett brings us the show’s opening number:

And something tells us we’ll be seeing many, many more moments from this amazing evening as the year goes on!

If you’d like to share your memories of the event, sign up for the ReGenerators group on Facebook! And if you’d like to see more from any of our performers, check out the links below:

Terry Molloy
Official Website
Twitter: @tuckerspatch
Instagram: @montmorencybear

Antipode Geek Bellydance
Facebook: @AntipodeBellyDance
YouTube: Antipode Bellydance
Instagram: @antipodedance
Twitter: @antipodedance

Clay Dockery
Coal Hill Website
Facebook: @coalhillinc
Twitter: @coalhillcon

Dustin Hausner
Instagram: @dust111
Twitter: @dhausner10

Andy Hicks
YouTube channel: SycoraxRock
Twitter: @Dystopiandy

Oni Hartstein
Official Website
Twitter: @onezumi
Instagram: @theonezumi
Facebook: @onezumi

Angela Pritchett
YouTube: Angela Plays Ukulele
Facebook: @angelaplaysukulele
Instagram: @angalese

Cat Smith
Official Website
Instagram: @missnerdstiles
Twitter: @deadlightsgirl
Bandcamp: “Who”-riginals
YouTube Channel
Facebook: @deadlightsgirls


(Re)Gen Day 2: The Doctors Have Landed!

We made history yesterday in the Inner Harbor! The Doctor Who stars who joined us yesterday in Baltimore brought some of the biggest crowds (Re)Generation Who has ever seen!

Peter Capaldi arrived via TARDIS for his first interview since leaving Doctor Who. The standing-room-only crowd heard Peter chat about everything from his early art career to his dream episode where Jimi Hendrix meets the Twelfth Doctor.

Michelle Gomez took the mainstage directly after to chat about her work on the show — and potentially let a few surprises about Missy’s future slip! (Spoilers…)

Fans of the Classic era also had a chance to see actors and writers interact — like Colin Baker and Michael Jayston facing off as the Sixth Doctor and the Valeyard again!

Evening entertainment launched with game shows, the Greatest Cosplay Show in the Galaxy, and a late-night dance party.

The party is going on today! There are still tickets available for our event at the Baltimore Inner Harbor. Join us on the fifth floor for a day of panels, interviews, and fun!


(Re)Gen 4, Day 1: Music and Mayhem in Baltimore!

The big weekend is underway, and we hit the ground running here at (Re)Generation Who 4! Our guests are all excited to be on hand, and the panels and workshops have had a great turnout!

The Fifth Doctor and his companions reunited on the mainstage!

Our mainstage events included interviews with TARDIS teams, face-offs between heroes and villains, and the Friday night Companions panel! In the side panel rooms we kicked off with the annual “We Are (Re)Generation Who” panel, followed by fan-designed events and tribute panels.

The Friday night Companions panel featuring Mark Strickson, John Leeson, and William Russell.

Fans of Who writers experienced part 1 of an exclusive writing workshop with Paul Magrs, and attendees up late sat in on writer guests reading some of their short stories.

Late night was also the time to party! The Davros Variety Hour was back with music, dancing, and a performance by our own Oni Hartstein!


Oni poses with Antipode Geek Bellydance

And DJ Kangal kept attendees dancing into the night with (Re)Gen 4’s Time and Space Jam.

Don’t want to miss out on the rest of the fun? We still have day and weekend passes! Join us tomorrow in the Baltimore Inner Harbor — reg is available at the door. Tomorrow will feature a giant cosplay contest, mainstage interviews with actors and creators, fan panels and meet-ups, and at 1 pm on the big stage, our interview with Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi!

We can’t wait to see you there!

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